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Polish ladies in Poland not interested in US men?

garnerbel 1 | 2
21 Sep 2012 #1
Im visiting Krakow soon and have been told that the women are beautiful there but not to get my hopes up as polish girls dont date tourists. please tell me this isnt true. I live in Ireland and the polish ladies who come here to live and work are by in large stunning and so much sexier than our homegrown lasses. But I may add they dont show much intrest. in us men. would any ladies like to pespond to this.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
21 Sep 2012 #2
I think it's more a case of the fact Polish people get married younger than Britons or perhaps Irish people. I think I saw a stat which suggested Polish women wed at an average 24, that's 5 years or more before Brits.

Of course, if you're the right age then it's not too late - some Polish women are indeed very easy on the eye. However, they do usually have a boyfriend, and I don't think they're short of men here although I know some women protest that they are. Every time I'm out shopping and see a good looking woman she's pushing a trolley with obviously a family shop in it, or a man built like a Marine is not far behind her and is usually her bloke, rather than her macho but gay room-mate. Yes, maybe that's just my experience or just the large supermarkets of Wrocław but that's honestly what I've noticed when I look around every time. I don't even get the impression there's a singles' scene here - nobody past their early 20s seems single, it's sort of old fashioned like that. despite the obvious modernity and all the rest of it. Perhaps singles' events are more subtly advertised or held than in the UK.

Here, seems to me the unaccompanied women in the city centre are usually visitors or on business trips - from Germany or Italy or wherever else.

But, Krakow could be overflowing with single women for all I know, in which case I hope you meet someone special and all goes well.
OP garnerbel 1 | 2
21 Sep 2012 #3
thanks .some intresting observations there and yes i know the marine usually attatched they are here in Ireland. Well im a friendly sorta guy so who knows what Krakow will bring. Looking forward to my visit not specifically for the beautiful women but for the whole cultural experience. it certainly looks a beautiful city.
Wroclaw Boy
21 Sep 2012 #4
would any ladies like to pespond to this.

I doubt it.

Just be a man who any woman may think would be a good potential mate and you may be in luck, in Poland, Ireland or tim buk too. Do that not and suffer the consequences. Its all a game at the end of the day.
21 Sep 2012 #5
or tim buk too.

It's Timbuktu my man and contrary to what some believe in, it's a actual place located in Mali.

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