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Getting married in Poland. Lenght of a pre-marriage course in Poland?

edwardmulhern 3 | 7
14 Feb 2013 #1
I'm an Irishman getting married here in Poland in June of this year and was looking for any info/tips that people might have. Does anyone know of a normal length pre-marriage course (through English) in the Warsaw/Lodz area? Also any info on certs & documents which are needed would be great. I've heard it's a long and complicated process....

14 Feb 2013 #2
my advice, have a civil marriage in Ireland to dodge all the paperwork. then you can still give ur catholic girl the church wedding she always dreamed of without the Polish paperwork side to worry about. otherwise, you could be looking at 6 months. oh, and don't forget to tip your priest when you choose a church (paid upfront) because they can turn you down for any reason. the going rate when i did it was i think 500-600.
14 Feb 2013 #3
Have a look here at this blog dding/
skibum1964 - | 2
14 Feb 2013 #4
I got married in Poland 3 1/2 years ago, it's not that difficult. from the UK I needed a certificate of no impediment and In Poland I had to sacrifice a rain forest to supply all the paper they required.

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