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Dating Polish ladies on a serious note.. How to find a girl from Poland in the UK?

Ragingrover 1 | 2
4 Dec 2017 #1
Hi there, I'm sure this has been done to death already but I'm genuine in my words. I'm 48 now and up till last year I had a 26 year old Polish girlfriend. She was a wonderful person and it was only distance that let it end, my failing not hers and since then I've regretted it. We travelled to Poland and saw friends and family, I love Poland, its such a great country and great people, that my experience to date anyway...

So my question is how do I find another Polish girl to date and hopefully marry ? "The same as last time !" would be your reply, but she found me, not me her and it was on a mainstream UK dating site. She liked older men, that was obvious from history and I'm certainly not suggesting I'm looking for such a big age gap again, girls aren't stupid !! lol

What I'm getting at is it seems difficult to find Polish women here in UK ! Yes there are dating sites but they all seem to be Polish / Russian based and the people are generally still in those countries and fakes !. I'd like to meet Polish woman who are already here in UK.

Stupid question ?? Educate me please, thanks Karl
Stunner - | 4
6 Dec 2017 #2
I recommend going to cities with a lot of eastern europeans living there. E.g Boston, Grantham and surrounding areas.

Go for a night out or for a drink.
Joker 2 | 2,592
7 Dec 2017 #3
Out of curiosity I went to and seen quite of few hot looking women.

Then you scroll down and theres all these dudes, zahmidi, mahesh and aknod that are seemingly so desperately to connect with a Polish chick.

These women cant be that stupid.

I'd like to meet Polish woman who are already here in UK.

Do they have any Polish night clubs by you?
I would learn some Polish phrases, they think its cute when you try speaking to them and mispronounce words.
SigSauer 4 | 378
7 Dec 2017 #4
They don't actually really want a Polish wife. She is just a trophy to them, they want a "white *****" as they'd call them, to show off to their other friends. She is a prize, an object, and NOTHING more to those people. It's disgusting.
OP Ragingrover 1 | 2
7 Dec 2017 #5
Thanks for the replies, I'll find out what is around me, Hereford has quite a few Polish and other Europeans so maybe worth a look, although its not exactly close lol

The "So Called" Polish dating sites are just a waste of time, unless anyone knows of a real and decent one with real women and not all these fraudsters !!
kaprys 3 | 2,249
7 Dec 2017 #6
If you really miss her, let her know. Who knows?
As for looking for another Polish girlfriend because you were happy with her, well ... it's like looking for a girl called Mary because that was your ex's name.
OP Ragingrover 1 | 2
8 Dec 2017 #7
I'm not looking to replace her ! lol She's met someone else and is getting married. I want another Polish woman because I like them, like the Polish girls I'd known before her. I like the country, I've even considered buying a house there and thinking about the future.
Ella30 - | 11
1 Feb 2018 #8
You could hang around the Polish embassy in UK, or visit museums and tourist areas in UK where foreign girls are likely to visit. You might even meet a Ukrainian or Russian girl. Those ones are also very pretty.
David555 1 | 19
1 Feb 2018 #9
Well, people like Karl want to get educated about how to get Polish woman so he can satisfy his needs.

Karl if you're from London there's place called soho, full of an English cheap chicks they will give you whatever you want for £20 an hour.

Your names says you aren't English are you Muslim Karl?

In England males females call males a "sperm donors" and males call females "slappers"
That's what relationships between males and females in England are.
Educating local morons on how to find Polish woman who came to England from some small village in Poland thinking of earning just enough to buy her dream flat in Poland is really helping pricks harm her as they don't marry here, there are no families in England just sex, and land of single mums with babies from different males.
wredotka 5 | 297
3 Feb 2018 #10
Try local gym, clubs and bars. These are the places where English (or British) blokes were asking me to go out. Gym/ swimming pool is quite good place, as it creates opportunity to get to know ppl first and to see their real intentions. Sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, places to socialize, where ppl talk and show who they really are.

I met my bloke in a snooker club. 14 yrs age gap between us, he is younger; )

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