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Contents of the interview at Urzad/Church in Poland (pre-wedding)

5 Apr 2016 #1

I'm about to get married in Poland and I would like to know a little about the interview which I will have to do in Urzad, as well as in church.

I plan to do it in Polish. I talk Polish with friends on a daily basis but I fear the kind of vocabulary I could face in these interviews. It doesn't have to be too complicated, but simple things (as... "requirement", "objection", "application form" np) can be out of my scope. Because of that I would be grateful if you could tell me some key words or key sentences in this kind of procedure, or what are they asking about more or less.

(pd: I'm a European Union citizen)

istannbullu34 1 | 105
5 Apr 2016 #2
just to make a note for you, if you get married in Poland , you should have with you a sworn translator during (assuming your Polish is not good) the application in Urzad (city hall) and during the wedding (I dont have much info about the things you have asked for : )


you should get international birth certificate along with marrital status certificatie from your country or consulate in Poland and translations.

Telling these in case you have not checked yet.
OP warholxx
5 Apr 2016 #3
I've been told in the Urzad that if I can communicate in Polish there is no need of it. My doubt/fear is that not being native, I'm not used to all kinds of vocabulary, such as justice/technical terms. That's what I'm asking for here, for being able to prepare such vocabulary in the next weeks.

istannbullu34 1 | 105
5 Apr 2016 #4
I see, they have told me the similar that I need to understand and speak well if not there is a need of translator in my native language or English. I would try with English translator if I were you, no need to risk it :)

Hope Polish fellas will help with the vocabulary
OP warholxx
5 Apr 2016 #5
dzieki istannbullu34,

Polish or international fellas, I'm happy just with the words/questions/topics (in English or Polish) and I will prepare them in Polish. Maybe I'm overreacting, I already did the interview in my country and the truth is that vocabulary is not that difficult finally, in fact it is normal. But as I said, some common terms such as "requirement", "objection", "application form", well.. that's not the vocabulary I'm learning yet :-)

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