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Confuse about how friendship works in Poland

Leny 1 | -
11 Dec 2018 #1
I'm from the US and i has visited Poland twice and i became really good friends with this girl and we call each other sisters.

My confusion is: she would ask me how are you but when I ask her how is she she never replies. She always Let me hanging.

And now for example she asked me how am I spending Christmas. I answered her and then asked how was she spending Christmas and let me hanging.

Is that a polish thing or maybe she doesn't wanna answer, or she doesn't trust me or maybe just being rude. I don't wanna judge. I know is a different culture. I just wanna get more insight on friendship.
Ironside 50 | 10,934
12 Dec 2018 #2
or maybe

Your guess is as good as the next person. Nah, you guess would be better, you know her after all. Nothing cultural about her behavior, just a weird gal.
Lyzko 29 | 7,263
12 Dec 2018 #3
Relationships can often be tricky, international "friendships"/dating and this sort if thing, magnify said by at least four-fold, if not more!!
Foreign women relating to American men who show interest in getting closer than merely "hello","Dzien dobry" etc. will frequently encounter this
dilatory, almost cat-and-mouse game of "Let's see who's (playing) harder to get." Might also be not too shabby an idea to learn a little of HER language, and not

to solely rely on her English. European women especially find it "cute" when US guys make an attempt to speak some their language, but will usually grow tired of dudes who almost insist without asking is the woman in question even speaks or understands English, although the answer will most of the time be yes:-)

Don't take it personally, Leny!

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