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Civil Wedding in Poland - can I write my own vows?

StevieJay 1 | -
15 Jun 2018 #1
Hello my name is Steve and I live in Rzeszow.

I am going to be getting married soon and I was curious to know if I can write my own vows at a civil wedding or I will need to repeat the polish vows that are being said?

My polish is "below par" so I am worried I might make some mistakes repeating the words in Polish.

Any clarification would be appreciated!

Thank you!
MIPK - | 69
15 Jun 2018 #2
Steve, my understanding is the ceremony is all in Polish and that if you don't speak Polish you'll need to have a translator, as per the information provided here

If you wanted to say something specific to your bride to be in English I'm sure they wouldn't mind this. A quick visit to the marriage office in plac ofiar getta would answer your question. I'm also in Rzeszow and when my misses and I went to enquire about the ceremony we were greeted by a non too friendly lady, ended up eloping and getting married in Gibraltar as it was much easier.

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