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The age of consent in Poland is only 15

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
26 Oct 2017 #91
I cant get a young girl anywhere on esrth anyway

like Iron said, you are probably giving out a creepy vibe which is making girls run a mile.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
26 Oct 2017 #92
Gives me the willies in cyberspace.
26 Oct 2017 #93
The only place where you can even meet a 15-16 yr old is where they hang out in big groups like McDonalds or newr the vistula river and they are very apprehensive to outsiders and esp older ones and youll pobably be ignored or treated like crpa just for saying czesc or hi to them. In fact when I was in Berlin recently I had multiple situations, where they looked like they were or one of them but in group liked me or wanted me to approach her only to be either rejected, or had one of their male friends axt stupid and come on to me and I al ost wanted to right them once because he said why are you salivsting over the girl when clearly she kept turning to look at me herself but for whatever reason informed her group about me. I didnt even smile or anything just made eye contact a few times. Another time in the Berlin tower these girls were newr me and me and one of them kept making e ye contact she was about 15 and later she just kept ealking with her friends giggling (but she was part of school group and even aome male little boys were looking baxk at me to see if zi was looking so she outsted me fuk her) and nothing happened at all. how the fuk is anything going to happen though and why do these laws matter if I or anyone over 20 has no chance anyway? unless you make a model agency and like polanski get one one on one for a photoshoot which Ia actually am almost desperate enough to use as a pretext to get one to talk to me. Ukrianians did it why cant we?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
26 Oct 2017 #94
I didnt even smile or anything just made eye contact a few times.

eww creepy
26 Oct 2017 #95
No its not true, I smile a lot and they give me cold stares here in Poland. I am not far, ugly or anything. I only even have motivation or get liked by girls when I was living in u.s. and just came for visits and even in the u.s. only when traveling away from where ai lived. I cant and couldnt even get girls or women in 20s 30s 40s even many of them would smile and talk to me and all of a sudden would say youre not getting any or would be all of a sudden not willing to trade contact.
26 Oct 2017 #96
No, actually I did smile but maybe once and if I didnt get a smile baxk which if I remember right I did, or her being shy look, then I stopped. But after the slight smile I looked at her a couple of times thats all, either way fuk her and all fems. fuk them. I will be a hooligan and get my sesual frustration out that way, the cops have been checknf me for wearing legia wear near nowy swiat anyway so Im already profiled.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
26 Oct 2017 #97
I looked at her a couple of times thats all, either way fuk her and all fems. fuk them

if you dont like women, why are you spending so much time chasing them and writing about it.
If you prefer men, don't be ashamed.
26 Oct 2017 #98
Oh and I did meet a young girl two actually within that trip to Berlin, and this was separate form the stuff I already mentioned, but it also ended in failure both times despite the aoc being so low there and despite both really being attracted to me. One was a student with her school from the Netherlands (dont know the aoc there but she was in Germany and I never asked her age nor sh min but knew she was above 14 maybe at 14).

But here is what happened, when I was waiting for the trip inside the Reichstag, she and her school trip were going up the elevator. she smiled a couple of times when we made ey contact and most girls just ignore you or dont look back but are busy with their little lives. Well, eventually after finding the balls, I made some small conversation asking where she was from and what sort of field trip it was while we were standing close.

Later, I stood near her looking at the view from dome and she asked me to take pic of her and her friend. I did but left I dient even know what to do or say. Later I asked her to take some of me and she did. I thanked and left. I thought the whole thing was done, waste of time again and I failed again with anything like always but god smiled on me a bit.

As I was waiting for the lift down, she and her group followed right before I got in the elevator and went too. I was heck of shy at this point and felt nervous. But after a while I said this is my last chance in my head so as we were walking parallell outside and she smiled back when zi looked, I started my donvo again and I ended up exchanging instagrams with her but I only got hers when I luckily ran i to her at Alexanderplatz the following day because I gave it to her in word of mouth she didnt have time to write it so i guess she forgot.

Anyway, she was liking many of my mages, and I totally thought this was it. at least a virtual romance with a younger chick barely above germany's aoc. But again same **** as always. I called her seksi in one of her pics then the following day she no longer was friend or following m on my instagram and later I got a text from some other person asking how old I am. Wtf? I dont even look old at all. and even if I did what does it matter when the aoc there is so low? I really dont get it.

Her Instagram named is this I guess real name Josphj Cox. Why is it my whole life I never had a girl who was young or even below 20 despite looking like a kid or teen most of my life and still up to this day being treated like one often by older males or people in stores etc. (hence for my bar fight case where I finally did something about it in the usa and they went to cops as a group) Somehow they all smell or know I am older and everyone else like adult males dont consider me my age at all.
johnny reb 31 | 6,374
26 Oct 2017 #99
and all of a sudden would say youre not getting any

Let me explain it to you Mate:
See once a guy reaches 25 years old they become invisible to teenage girls.
Insecure guys over 25 that are still hitting on teenage girls are called "Creepers" by these young girls.
You now are forced to move up to the 20-30 year old girls which are smart about loser Creepers so that will limit you too.

Any at that age who are the 'race horse type' that you are looking for are going to cost you some serious squid for their efforts.

Time for a reality check and that is that you are a "has been" Creeper for teenage girls.
And when Creepers get desperate to fulfill their sick desires they often force the issue which is called rape.
Sexual predators are then sent to prison and you know what that is like.
If you were back in the U.S.of A. and a cyber cop picked up on your vile posts he/she most likely would track you down, set you up with a 14 year old girl who looked like she was 18 and when you took the bait arrest you for statutory rape just to get the threat that you pose off the streets.

Four questions for you Mate,
1. Are you still living with your mother ?
2. Have you obtained full time job yet ?
3. Have you thought of getting some professional psychiatric help ?
4. Is part of your probation to work with law enforcement as a all I can smell is an undercover cop fishing to see if he/she can get any sexual predators to take your bait.
26 Oct 2017 #100
no trust me dumbfuk I wouldnt go for no 14 unless I am in Germany, I really would be co pletely satisfied with a 15-19 yr old like that perverted belle ***** from the duke university who got spat on, degraded and choked on a cock all legally in umerica. and she later said she liked it. I wouldnt mind thst at all.
26 Oct 2017 #101
trust me there are plenty of ****** who go to porn from nor al families who arent pathology and just because I dont get it forsnt mean some tatood drug addict running some porn site they go to doesnt.would you rather have me be with one or if you were the dad of that duke university porn syar would you rather have her be choked and spat on by some ugly dude on facial abuse?
26 Oct 2017 #102
and again, if that is the case what is the point of these laws anyway, its not like anyone older can get them anywya no matter whay country or what the law is since they know what they want and reject everyone, so why even do the laws matter?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
26 Oct 2017 #103
they know what they want and reject everyone

obviously they don't 'reject everyone' they just reject you.
the law is there to prevent young people being exploited by older predators like yourself.
johnny reb 31 | 6,374
26 Oct 2017 #104
Four questions for you Mate,

trust me dumbfuk

Did dumbfuk hit your little nut nerve that embarrassed you to the point you evaded answering his questions ?
26 Oct 2017 #105
I dont exploit, if ai did I would get it constantly as ai used to actually be attracted to them. secondly I never said anything about breaking the law. I said trying to get one as close to above the aoc law as possible. thirdly, my mom was 18 when she had me and 17 when she started going out with my dad back then who was my age, her friend married some old american guy who does rebirth sessions named leonard orr and started having sex with him when she was only 16 with her moms blessing in 80s poland. so why if these old guys and polanski can get a 15-16 yr old is it bad if i want one when I am only 33 and look really young?
26 Oct 2017 #106
And you people are dumbfucks, because I didnt ask why the law was there (which again I never broke nor intention of going below 25 in poland or probably even germany where it is lower, in fact i probably wouldnt even or ever will get 16) but I asked if they are so assertive and know what they want and I have such a hard time even twlking to one, there is no need for laws. secondly, i was talking about the discrepencies in the laws from countyr to country. I was pointing out that just because germany or poland is low doesnt mena me or any guy older will get one at that aoc anyway. so its a moot point and doesnt matter.who do they not reject, some old ***** instead of mez. please explain who they dont reject if youre so worried about low aoc laws?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
26 Oct 2017 #107
I dont exploit,

you would if you had the chance that is why your in Poland.
33? really?
26 Oct 2017 #108
Also, its funny how you people think me wanting to hit the lowest I can or close to aoc as possible and sya fuk you to umerica and their laws, but still respect the law here, is bad when in umerica they have rape sites like facial abuse that keep going even after the girls say stop or put their arms out and that is perfectly legal and acceptable there and they had at least one 18 yr old on there they did this too (the duke porn star) yet me is worse than that? me wantingto hit the european aoc and say fuk you to your country is worse than your rape sites you condone?
26 Oct 2017 #109
no I am in Poland for fighting your cowards and doing this to some of them just like in Poland they would do for being gypsyes america is best patriot ignorant cowards, and good ole boys from crap towns and with crap jobs who strat ****:
26 Oct 2017 #110
You half brain people still havent explained how me wanting to hit the aoc, but not below in countries where it is below usa and say fuk you to that country and their morality is bad. I said hitting the aoc in here or germany I never said below you fukwits.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
26 Oct 2017 #112
Judging by the photos you posted here you look like someone in their late 30s or early 40s who has had too much booze or drugs.

Your posts about young girls are creepy.
Do Poland a favour and tell no one you're Polish.
Do the world a favour and get castrated.

Do I get a warning now for abuse at pedo forums ?
26 Oct 2017 #113
look like someone in their lat 30s or early 40s

I think he mentioned somewhere that he is in his 30's. Normal men of that age are not interested in children.
I remember him posting here under the name 'Wariat' a few years ago. His posts haven't changed in that time.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
26 Oct 2017 #114
Do I get a warning now for abuse at pedo forums ?

I wouldn't be at all surprised. The punishments meted out here are as arbitrarily given as at the Colosseum.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
26 Oct 2017 #115
He's totally sick.

I'm aware of it :(
26 Oct 2017 #116
Im not sick, youre sick and shes sick:

Lol at smerican ternage gitls even from duje universities (and you call me perverted when sicko female sex addicts at 18 exist there?):

Read the autor where she said she liked it:
But since a frat boy at Duke outed Knox, 18, to his bros from the school's notoriously sexist Greek scene and the campus drama escalated into full-blown internet scandal, Knox's story has shed light, once more, on a double-standard-the person we jerk off to is not supposed to be the same person we take exams with. (Or do anything else with for that matter.)

at 18 maybe Darkiem she liked old cock and rape:

KNOX: My main concern is I want to make sure that I'm working with somebody who treats its performers ethically. Yeah, sex-positive pornography is great, but I also love rough sex. I've gotten a lot of criticism because, literally, the first thing I ever did was this rough, blow-job thing-and everybody's gotten super mad at me, calling it "rape porn" and stuff like that. But I enjoyed doing it, because I really like **** like that.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
26 Oct 2017 #117
calling it "rape porn" and stuff like that. But I enjoyed doing it, because I really like **** like that.

do you think women enjoy being hurt during sex then? or is it just for your own pleasure?
26 Oct 2017 #118
Is part of your probation to work with law enforcement as a all I can smell is an undercover cop fishing to see if he/she can get any sexual predators to take your bait.

What a strange reaction. Everybody else thinks the bloke either needs help or locking up, or both, but you want to know if he's a cop on a sting operation.

I remember him posting here under the name 'Wariat' a few years ago. His posts haven't changed in that time.

The only things which would stop him are either guest posters being prevented from starting threads (not happening) or a change in policy where any post from a 'guest' poster which would currently be binned is instead permanently deleted (could happen but most probably won't).
johnny reb 31 | 6,374
26 Oct 2017 #119
He's totally sick.

Do ya think, a 33 year old mama's boy, still living at home with Mom, no job, Mom still supporting and enabling him and him still fantasizing about little girls that are not even fully developed yet !

They call that a very dysfunctional family from the little crap town where I come from.

The punishments meted out here are as arbitrarily given as at the Colosseum.

I have to agree, go look at post #56 in Random Chat that has been reported twice without any relief.

but you want to know if he's a cop on a sting operation.

Here we go again......"things he wished you would have said to make his argument better, but which isn't close to anything you actually said,"

Harry, put a sock in it.
Paulina 13 | 2,226
26 Oct 2017 #120
Thats all I want in life, one 15 or 16 yr old girl as a romance and I will be satisfied with life. just one time.

You wrote you made out with a 12-13-year-old and had sex with a 16 year old girl so what more do you want? And, anyway, why not some older girl? Does it have to be a 15-16 year old?

follow the ukrainians from late 90s and early 2000s ls studios and bd company and ukrainian angels

What are you talking about?

making a model site with naked or revealing girls 15-17 from poland

That would be considered as making child pornography according to the Polish law - you could get from 8 to 12 years in prison for that. You think it would be worth the risk?

DaExxpat, men also tell me that I look younger than my actual age, maybe it's because I'm petite or maybe it's the genes (my mum is also told by people that she looks younger) but I doubt they mean that I look 10 years younger lol More like 5 years I imagine. It's probably the same with you. If you're 33, you won't look like 21-24 years old. I think that's rather impossible. Who tells you that you look 21-24? Other men?

Also, I don't know how you behave in real life, but Ironside may be right about sending out "creepy waves". I had an encounter with a pervert on a bus once who was giving such vibes. The moment he entered a bus I could see that there's something wrong with him - judging only by the way he moved. I was worried that he'll sit next to me and I was right - he sat next to me despite there were plenty of empty seats in front of me and behind me. I was coming back from work and my eyes were tired so I closed them and leaned somewhat against a wall in order to be as far from him as possible. Despite that I had less and less space on my seat and at some point I felt something lying on my thigh. I opened my eyes and saw that it was his hand hidden in the pocket of his jacket. I jumped up, moved out of there, I gave a young woman who was sitting not far away a warning look and went to the other end of the bus.

I think he was probably in his 40's, generally he looked normal, he could be a teacher or a clerk. But he seemed dirty. Not physically, because he had clean clothes, was clean in general, he didn't smell or anything. I can't explain it, but it felt like his soul was dirty, sick. I remember that I thought that he probably is addicted to porn. The way he moved made me think this, I don't know why.

So, my advice would be to cleanse your soul, mind, heart. A therapy could help you to deal with this. It could also help you to develop or enhance your social skills. If you don't have a job and money then register as an unemployed person and you could go to a psychologist free of charge in Poland. I think having a hobby would help too. And exercise, jogging. It would take your mind off sex, because as it often is with men who aren't getting sex you're probably thinking about it too much and you're probably addicted to porn too.

DaExxpat, the aoc laws, including those in Poland, exist to protect children and young people from sexual predators, among others, and from a pregnancy at an age that could damage a girl's body. Also, starting sex life at a young age can have psychological repercussions - people are unable to fall in love in later life, they have problems with creating a relationship, they are unable to connect sex with feelings for another person.

Where did Knox say that she likes "rape"?

Harry, actually I also had moments when I thought that maybe it's someone trying to fish out peadophiles because it seemed almost unreal.

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