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Advice needed... Canadian guy to meet a Polish woman in Poland

matysma 1 | 1
10 Jun 2017 #1
Greetings and dzien dobry,

I am a second generation Polish guy living in rural Canada, about one hour from Toronto. Truth be told, I am losing faith in my way of life here being a straight, white, Catholic male. In fact, I have already been called a "white piece of sh*t" twice in the past couple of years by visible minorities, and this was only due to road rage incidents. This does not sit well with me. I am very aware of the 'unbiased' news stories of North America and also those of Poland. Without a doubt, Poland seems more and more appealing to me with each passing day.

The other issue in Canada is that a lot of people seem very complacent with the way things are going here. This makes it difficult to find a mate who will hold the same morals and values as me. So I would like to know just how much of this North American influence there really is in daily life in Poland. From what I have seen and have read about, Polish people hold their values close to their hearts and there doesn't seem to be nearly as much degeneration over there. I hope this is truly the case.

Ideally, I would like to meet a Polish woman here in Canada with traditional values and with a dual citizenship so that the option of moving to Poland is on the table. However, that has proven to be very difficult as anyone who has been here for a while has already adopted this way of life or finds it appealing. Therefore, my question is how easy is it for a guy from Canada to meet a traditional Polish woman in Poland, fall in love, relocate to Poland and make a decent living financially with limited knowledge of the language (at first)? Has anyone here experienced a similar story or know of someone who has? Are Polish women generally open to the idea of meeting someone in this sort of way?

Dziękuję bardzo,

DominicB - | 2,707
10 Jun 2017 #2

If you are educated, qualified and a high earner, ideally independently wealthy, and have leadership potential and credibility in the conservative/traditionalist Catholic community, probably the easiest and fastest way to achieve your goals would be to join Opus Dei. They have a small, but tight community in Poland, as well.

Recommend bringing your Polish up to snuff and also learning Spanish and/or French. Both would help you advance in this rather closed society.
OP matysma 1 | 1
10 Jun 2017 #3
Thank you for the response, DominicB. I should clarify that although I have been raised as a Catholic, I am not extremely religious in practice. I do however hold the values very high and am looking for someone traditional and in touch with her heritage, culture, etc.
DominicB - | 2,707
10 Jun 2017 #4
Your going to have a bit of a problem then, because "traditional values" are highly associated with religious conservatism in Poland, even more so than in the US or Canada. I don't think there are many Polish girls who have a traditional outlook that are not fervently practicing and fully engaged conservative/traditionalist Roman Catholics, and looking for same in potential spouses.
Lyzko 42 | 9,502
10 Jun 2017 #5
'Scuse yours truly sticking his two zloty into this discussion, but in my experience, Polish women/young ladies are becoming more than a little sick and tired of foreign men coming to their country under the guise of "serious, spiritual relationship", merely to further the unfortunate stereotype of Poland as THE country in Europe of loose women who merrily romp about having promiscuous sex (a la James Bond) with any male being they can lay their hands on:-)
Sparks11 - | 333
10 Jun 2017 #6
indeed łyzko. two freaks on here today posting about finding traditional and/or conservative polish women. why polish? why would you single them out? why not german or ukrainian or czech or swedish? probably psychos
Lyzko 42 | 9,502
11 Jun 2017 #7
...or trolls,.... or both, probably:-)
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
12 Jun 2017 #8

I think OP would have a hard time dating German or Swede given his views.

As for Ukrainian or Czech, this is the Polish forum is it not?

OP trolling or not your best bet is to move here first, integrate and then find a woman naturally. Girls will be very skeptical of any guy claiming he wants a long term relationship yet hasn't developed any roots in the country.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
12 Jun 2017 #9
Are Polish women generally open to the idea of meeting someone in this sort of way?

Nope. Polish women are not particularly interested in cavemen, which is why they marry foreigners.

Try Russia. It's much more what you're looking for.
Joker 2 | 2,250
15 Jun 2017 #10
A new poster joins PF to ask a question... He seems polite not really bothering anyone, right?

Greetings and dzien dobry,

Then the typical response from the resident troll
No wonder why membership is down, would you stick around here?

being a straight, white, Catholic male.

Thats why he attacked you buddy!
mafketis 37 | 10,941
15 Jun 2017 #11
Try Russia. It's much more what you're looking for.

No it isn't, a Russian (or Ukrainian) woman would likely eat him alive. Polish women rarely enter relationships with the goal of asset stripping, they almost always really want to make a go of things (though if things go south they will adopt a take no prisoners attitude).

Women from further east are more likely to see men as giant wallets from which money is to be extracted.

It's partly communism which had a terrifcally corrosive and degrading influence on human relationships (the longer and more sincerely followed, the worse the results).
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
19 Jun 2017 #12
Lol polish women aren't gold diggers

Bwahahahah omg I'm almost crying..

But ya there is good and bad but still there's a lot of man eaters in pl. Ukranian even more. Russia idk I like Russian and cZech girls more than polish personally. If the girls from a good family though regardless of her nationality has an education perhaps speaks good English go for it. Id stillrecommend tho going for a polish girl living in Canada us or uk n if you guys have a serious relationship u can consider travelling there or even establish a vacation apartment house whatever
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
19 Jun 2017 #13

How could you call him and polish men general cavemen? Many polish women are with foreigners of all colors and countries but nonetheless polish women generally marry polish men. Only a small portion of marriages in Poland are interracial - the vast majority are not. There are many polish women though with American guys, canadian, british, german, even with Indian guys as well as men from former French African colonies. Quite frankly I'm happy that Poland is now more on the world stage and guys from all over love polish girls because they're (in general of course) not only beautiful but well educated smart and family oriented. Nonetheless though the majority of marriages in Poland are between two poles... Just as in almost any other country - koreans marry koreans, Mexicans marry Mexicans etc. Idk why you'd classify roughly half the polish population as cavemen that's very rude. Just try to lay off the insults please so we can get some more new people around here
nothanks - | 630
20 Jun 2017 #14

Your experience is quite common and only increasing in numbers

- how much of this North American influence there really is in daily life in Poland In my experience it still exists but actually dropped since the 1990's. Just like in the West - girls between the ages of 14 to 24 are most into Western music, TV shows, fashion and all that comes with that. At that point they will immigrate to the West OR they set their sight on starting a Polish life.

- how easy is it for a guy from Canada to meet a traditional Polish woman in Poland, fall in love, relocate to Poland and make a decent living financially with limited knowledge of the language (at first) - Low language skills would require working in Art or I.T (information technology). Improved language skills would allow you to work in financial sector or in language (translator). Beyond that I would not recommend immigrating without a college degree (at-least). In your scenario the women is the final piece so I wouldn't make such a dive without first visiting and spending time with the locals. You obviously line up and even enjoy Polish culture so that is a big part of the equation. There are plenty of Polish women and their preference is obvious: straight Polish male. So with a Polish background you will be fine (even a plus in other girls eyes because of your international experience). This isn't like the West where bisexuality, racial taboos and gender confusion clouds the dating scene.

As long as you have the credentials - degree or job experience: you should be fine. It is easy to return to the West and rebound if it doesn't work out for you. Do you have any immediate family in Poland that you can communicate with or even rely on in the early stages? Regardless you need to visit Poland A.S.A.P before making such a decision. Also connect with your local (Toronto) Polish community. You need to network.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
20 Jun 2017 #15
Ya def don't go to Poland without a degree. IT is a hot paying good career option atm in Poland. Even people who simply know how to program code provide security etc are in great demand too even if they don't have a 4 6 8 year degree. However youd need to know locals to squeeze yourself into a job like that. Its way better working for foreign corps though esp American British Scandinavian German etc. Not sure about Canadian but there is a lot of American ones.

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