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I need your opinion ladies - Polish girl very friendly with her ex.

LAGirl 9 | 496
11 Apr 2009 #31
Yeah she isnt relationship material I would be spokked out about her and her ex. dump her and go find someone better I hope you are wise.
anakanka 2 | 36
11 Apr 2009 #32
Man i tell you what to do, have fun with her for a week o couple weeks, go party, have a lot sex, and than walk away, like this you got at least something, because is clear she trick you...

to be honest this is not a solution... it will not resolve the problem...and i am not saying that because i am a woman so i suppose to keep her side of something.. i do agree tha her behaviour is at least strange..maybe at the beginning just try to talk to her and tell her how do you feel ...if you already did it and there is no improvement than start to consider the option of breaking up/.. if she cen not break the relationship with her ex.. maybe she is not worh your attention...but first talk:) i learnt frommy life that honest conversation cour be a medicine for many illnes;)
eangel 1 | 10
11 Apr 2009 #33
I had almost same situation like you... My polish husband is friend with his ex girlfriend behind me. He is even telling me this is normal... We already had manytimes arguements about this.. It doesn't help at all. He said he will never drop her. It's a very annoying and unconfortable situation...
13 Apr 2009 #34
why waste your time with someone with emotional baggage??

i steer wide and clear of that craap. and if there is any tension, i've made it crystal clear that i walk.

I agree with what Randal had to say.

move on....find someone with no BF issues.
LAGirl 9 | 496
14 Apr 2009 #35
**** these ex ******* I wouldnt want a man with his ****en ex around no way.
foxtrot1213 2 | 43
14 Apr 2009 #36
start talking with your ex and have a close contact with her :)
moe - | 6
18 Apr 2009 #37
**** that dont trast her on this one meeting with your ex it gives easy connection for sex becuse they all ready had sex before you2 meet !!!!! ones i fund out about my girl friend that her ex was calling her and meeting her ohhh boy belive me it pises me off ,,how ever all i hade to doo is tell my girl friend to call him next to me and ask him nicely to stop calling because i dont like that or elsess! for me ex stays ex !!! and she did that and now my relation it safe :0 good luck and dont be soft with your heart:)
f stop 25 | 2,507
15 Apr 2010 #38
I disagree.
I am friends will all of my ex's. After the romantic relationship is over, I simply don't stop caring about a person, especially one that had a piece of my heart. They become more like a family member, sometimes very much like a child to me. I care, I'll listen, maybe even help, but any sexual relationship is completely out of the question.
Arien 3 | 719
15 Apr 2010 #39
I am friends will all of my ex's.

I wish all the ladies and gentlemen would think like you, because it would save us all a lot of drama. To be honest I wouldn't want to get too close with my ex's though, I'd just leave them to their lives, because if the relationship really was deep, I prefer not to be around too much. (I mean, it's not very considerate to get all fluffy with your newly found love infront of a person who once loved you to bits?) Just a message or a few words every now and then would be nice, but that's it. If we happen to share mutual friends, then that wouldn't bother me in the slightest either.

**** these ex ******* I wouldnt want a man with his ****en ex around no way.

Hey, most men don't like having all the ex-boyfriends of their women around either, so I can understand that perfectly.
ThePotatoe 2 | 38
15 Apr 2010 #40
maybe they still are in love with each they say..girls never forget their first love..
hey look at the other side...dont feel upset because u left her..feel happy that she has a better soulmate than you :)
theres no such price a true lover cant pay to see his/her love happy
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
15 Apr 2010 #41
girls never forget their first love

Ah, nonsense. If I can forget my first love, so can women.


M-G (tsk, potatoe!)
garnerbel 1 | 2
29 Jun 2013 #42
a ilittle game player covering all her needs and not giving a **** about yours or his as he prob feels the same about you. GET RID I went to poland met the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen and guess what shes french wierd the way things pan out. but hey did have some fun with the young polish beauties before we met and i must say forward is the word and if you dont agree then its f u and f off. bit on the difficult side to understand and handle for us poor paddys. cest la vie
Honest Pole
9 May 2016 #43
Ladies is this normal?

Yes polish women are known to often have sex with their exes especially if they get something from them in return.
Addi - | 1
15 Oct 2016 #44
Hello everyone,
i want to make a friend from Poland.i don't have any girl friend......
I am living in Norway and i noticed that Polish girls, they are very friendly and shy.
any tips or idea?
please help me....
Denisf - | 1
16 Oct 2016 #46
Are you ******* her
noreenb 7 | 557
29 Oct 2016 #47
Hey Addi.

Try to register on one of the date sites like "badoo". Many people found there a second half. The good thing is there are really many people from different sides of the world, and it is quite popular among Polish girls and women.

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