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Mexican girl in love with a Polish guy

ari cookie
13 Jun 2012 #1
i went to london in last vacations and i met one really sweet polish guy
we met like a soup i met him in the underground and instantly we feel something more than only fancy. we lived a really shortest

relationship experience cuz i must to came back my country
we still talking by skype but it isn't the same i DO love him and he said he will come to mexico but he dont have passport.

i don't want to lose him, he is my better half i have a explosive mood and i don't want take him apart someone can help me please.

i want to know how is the Polish guy what they want in a girl, probably i'm looking like Polish girl that's why he looked at me in the underground :D

i want to know how i can make him feel love :'(.
i don't want to lose him!!! pls :'( help!!!
13 Jun 2012 #2
This has got tragedy in the making written all over it. Let me tell you, my dear, as one who has won and lost in loves more times than I'd care to admit, that TRUE, LASTING relationships are based more on mutual respect than out of untamed passion. Most of our grandparents were married a lot longer than contemporary couples, and it wasn't because they MADE each other feel anything. Romance is the icing on the cake. Respect and understanding are the bedrock of a love that lasts, and the moment you try to mold anyone, including yourself to fit a preconceived notion of hot, burning passion, you are living on borrowed time. And let me warn you, again from experience, long distance relationships are doomed. I know there are thousands of people who will deny this, vehemently and with their own tales of success, but eventually it falls apart. Like I said earlier, passion is not enough. Relationships are about shared experiences, good and bad. You can't float by on steamy emails and vows of lovelorn longing forever.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
13 Jun 2012 #3
There are exceptions, I married my wife after a two year long distance relationship became living together in Poland. She was determined.

It isn't going to work for ever, long distance. But if you do come to Poland, bring some decent Mexican cooking because Europe and Poland in particular, is crap for it.
13 Jun 2012 #4
and Poland in particular, is crap for it.

He's not kidding. You won't find even a semblance of authentic mexican cuisine at any restaurant, and ordering something "burrito-sytle" simply means it's served with red beans. It's not too hard to find pickled jalapenos, and there's some cruddy cheddar knock-offs that will do in a pinch, but if you wanna make anything more sophisticated than nachos, you're up the creek. I know this sounds tangentially superfluous to what your post is actually about, but anything that makes you miss home is gonna make everything else that much harder.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
13 Jun 2012 #5
The solution, of course, is to cook it yourself. Genuine ingredients are available on line.

I brought a Tamale press with me from the UK, never used it here and threw away my Mexican food ingredients. I prefer making India and Thai food.
15 Jun 2012 #6
Hey guys, I was curious on this post.

I am Mexican and fell in love with this Polish girl :)

We have been going out for almost one year, between distance and me traveling to Poland we are planning to get married in about a year and I will go to live to Poland in 2 months. Definitely it's worth it, distance can be crappy sometimes but, at the end, when you trust and love, you can overcome those barriers.

Oh, and I always take mexican ingredients to prepare in Poland, I actually prepared some Mexican food to my Polish family and they were amazed, I also learned hot to prepare Pierogi, Polish cuisine is amazing!

Amiga mexicana, los polacos no son tan diferentes a los mexicanos, son un poco mas frios pero realmente eso es relativo, cuando el amor llega, haces lo imposible.
15 Jun 2012 #7
I agree. Have never been to Mexico, but to Tex/Mex cuisine in Dallas I had been exposed. I so totally miss it! :-) The only good guacamole ever prepared in PL was here, in my kitchen. I have shunned all those quasi-mexican restaurants in Warsaw, for at least 5 years :-(. But food is here abundant, and lots of it tasty. The weather will be a greater challenge for any Mexican than the lack of proper taco or chimichanga. :)
MoOli 9 | 480
15 Jun 2012 #8
But if you do come to Poland, bring some decent Mexican cooking because Europe and Poland in particular, is crap for it.

and no tacos pls...maybe rice and beens wot I miss a lot in Poland:)

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