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How many Polish men are Violent how much is domestic abuse reported.

cipkathcheetah 1 | 9
8 Mar 2015 #121
Sorry to burst your bubble but i am black and i am British. Pakistani? Thats a joke
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
8 Mar 2015 #122
gumishu 13 | 6,134
9 Mar 2015 #123
Im living in fear all the time because most of his friends here in london are against me.

I grew up in similar circumstances - if you care for a psychological health of your daughter seriously consider leaving him - I don't think he can be changed by any outer influence including yours
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
10 Mar 2015 #124
The current Kurator system is laughable.


I feel sorry for the people who do this job. They ask stupid, questions, which are clearly stipulated by law, such as reference to alcohol and drugs, often unconnected to the "crime" they are sent to probate - in my case a car collision...

God knows how pedantic or inefficient the system is with things which really matter, like the topic in hand.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
10 Mar 2015 #125
but i still love him and i can see he loves me too cause he works very hard to give me everything i want., we have a two year old daughter together.

no he does NOT love you or your daughter if he thinks it is OK to 'beat' you.
YOu do not have to put up with this, you can contact the police or women's aid and go to a refuge.
My Polish ex also thought I should stay in the house for good once I had children, he beat me once and the Polish woman next door thought it was reasonable as she had seen me 'give him a dirty look', and told me proudly that her husband had beat her and she 'deserved' it. fecking idiot woman, totally brainwashed.

Get out now cipkah for the sake of your daughter. If you want practical advice go to Mumsnet.
10 Mar 2015 #126
If you want practical advice go to Mumsnet.

That's a excellent place to get real advice in this situation.
The problem that cipkah has is not that her partner is Polish, I personally know lots of Polish men and (as far I know) none of them beat their partners; the problem is that he's an arsehole.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
10 Mar 2015 #127
Get out while you can. He will never change. My cousin was in a similar position, but her husband was one of those who drink, beat, apologise, and then start all over again. Your guy doesn't even apologise because he thinks his behaviour is normal. It isn't, it's criminal. The social services are waiting to help you get out of this toxic situation. He doesn't love you, he loves to own you. Good luck.
8 Nov 2016 #128
I have been dating a polish man for four years on and off.and i say on and off because he was very charming, however once he got me where he wanted me....which was beaten, broke and alone........he beat the **** out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO BACK TO POLAND!!!!!!!We dont need you in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Jan 2017 #129
Polish men tend to be more "frigid" than most. It's only under the covers, lights out. So if you're looking for a hot "Mediterranean-style" lover hubby, Polish men are less likely to please you. Polish women, however, seem to be willing to please, no matter what. The only abusive Polish husbands I've seen were drunks or a rare post-WW II or post Vietnam veteran who was suffering from a traumatic episode. Otherwise Polish men are very sedate and make especially trouble-free husbands, hard working if need be.

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