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vm500 2 | 39
14 Nov 2007 #121
pack ur bags and run

mm would they dated them if their tits are drooping and playing yoyo with the floor hehe
butterfield8 - | 1
14 Nov 2007 #122
I think that there are plenty of Polish men who would definetly date a desirabe cougarrr At least I hope theres one for me.
krysia 23 | 3,058
14 Nov 2007 #123
My friend is married to a guy 8 years younger and she is at times insecure about him finding a younger woman. But she's "smoking hot" to him!
beckski 12 | 1,612
14 Nov 2007 #124
80% of men surveyed, revealed they are open to the idea of dating a much older woman.
16 Nov 2007 #125
My experiences in dating older women:
1. I stripped nude for a 15 years woman older
2. I had an intercourse with a 10 years older woman but I did not see her nude (but she saw me)
3. I had intercourses with several 7 years older women, in daylight and full nudity.
27 Nov 2007 #127
why does it matter to any of you all the age differences?it is a personal and private choice between two people it dosnt matter what all of you all think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553
28 Nov 2007 #128
why does it matter to any of you all the age differences

There needs to be some sort of limit. Would you allow your 14 yr old daughter to date a 30 yr old man? Didn't think so.
28 Nov 2007 #129
Lucynda 4 | 70
29 Nov 2007 #130
Well I'm old and a Polish man is dating me :)
OP LATINA 3 | 73
29 Nov 2007 #131
How old is "old" 30, 40, 50??? How old is the Polish "young" man?
poshnpink - | 13
29 Nov 2007 #132
When I was in my younger years, I always wanted an older BF. I guess I like the feeling of being pampered and treated like a baby. But now that I'm in my almost mid 20s, most of the guys getting involved with me are 2 or more years younger. Even my Polish BF is 3 years younger than me. And well, considering our situation, we kinda manage to make this work. So, I guess it doesn't matter what's the age of the girl that a guy (even non Polish) prefers to date... as long as he understands what he is getting into.
1 Dec 2007 #133
it is all a bunch of non sense to me again it just really bothers me that people have nothing better to do than talk about older women or what ever ,cant everybody just keep there own chioces private and everyone else just respect their chioce ,who is it hurting as long as we are all consenting adults , i am not talking of the under age topic ,because i know someone will just say something about that ,i am stricly talking about of age adults......... and by the way i am polish woman and engaged to a muslim man who happens to be younger then me i will not say any thing more than that,because the rest is nobodies business,
Halloween - | 30
1 Dec 2007 #134
that what forum is for, to share opinions and experiences. If its not our business so what the f**k are u doing here??
Softsong 5 | 493
1 Dec 2007 #135
Yes, people are curious about how other people live and what they think. You still do what you believe is best for you.

I had a serious relationship with a Polish man who was 28 years younger than myself. If you had told either of us before this that such would happen, we would have laughed.

But we met online and did not know our ages to begin with and enjoyed writing to each other.

I began to have feelings for him, and he for me but we both were quiet. Then one day, he told me. After eight months of writing, I went to Poland for three weeks and met his family. They thought it was nice their son met a lady from the USA, but they did not understand till later.

Amazingly, they came to like me and accept the situation. He got his visa and came to the USA for a year, and then went back to finish his MA. We were together almost three years, and it was a wonderful relationship for us both.

However, with such a big age difference, I felt we had the best of what we could have and that it was best to love him enough to set him free to be with a woman his age and have children. But we came close to marrying because we were just two people who loved. So, I hate the word boy/toy because he was never this to me. Nor was I a cougar. We are still close, he's married a great Polish young lady and it now makes me happy to see them happy.

No relationship regardless of ages comes with a guarantee. Some men leave same age women to marry younger. Some men who marry older women stay with them. It all depends on the people. I took a chance on love and believe in the old adage it is better to love than not at all.
southern 74 | 7,074
1 Dec 2007 #136
Advantages of older women.
1.More patient
2.More tolerant
3.Know men better
4.Good technique,experience in sex

Disadvantages of older women
1.Very depressive(they cry,are sad more often than younger girls)
3.Lot of complaining
OP LATINA 3 | 73
13 Dec 2007 #137
serious relationship with a Polish man who was 28 years younger than myself

Wow, what a story. I am glad that you had such a great experience in your life. But isn't that what life is all about .... a whole bunch of experiences. You guys could have been the same age and 3 years later FOR WHATEVER reason you guys might have broken up. Thanks to all you guys for your input. So, my conclusion is that AGE DOES NOT MATTER and life is a whole bunch of experiences and you move on with your head held high.
Softsong 5 | 493
15 Dec 2007 #138
Yes, Latina, that is it precisely. Love never hands out guarantees regardless of how close in age we are. Look for the person. If anyone is in an age gap relationship and needs support there is a great site called "Agless Love." It is not a place to find a younger or older partner, but support for those who need it and those who have been together awhile and can give it. The site is for OW/YM or OM/YW
15 Dec 2007 #139
My mother was 25 years younger than my father. The best marriage I have ever seen. Lasted their lifeline
OP LATINA 3 | 73
16 Dec 2007 #140
This is truly amazing. I didn't think that it would work for the long haul. How long were they married for or are they still married?
leeann 1 | 29
17 Dec 2007 #141
Hi everyone, im new to the game. I gave a gorgeous guy i like a christmas card and put my number inside and asked him to call me to wish me a merry christmas.When should I expect his call? Also I really like him and how do I let him know or have I done enough for now? He is a polish hunk.
southern 74 | 7,074
17 Dec 2007 #142
Women always approach guys n the wrong way.
leeann 1 | 29
17 Dec 2007 #143
What is that supposed to mean, what do u know anyway?
OP LATINA 3 | 73
17 Dec 2007 #144
I think you did enough for now. If he likes you he will call you. Just wait a little and let us know what happened? Are you older than him? Good luck Leeann.
southern 74 | 7,074
17 Dec 2007 #145
What is that supposed to mean, what do u know anyway?

You should talk to him straight and arrange a date.If you gave him the phone number without him asking for it,he may not call you because he may think it is blackmail.
leeann 1 | 29
18 Dec 2007 #146
Blackmail! What do you mean by that? I gave him my number because he works in my local shop and I have liked him for a month even though he has been working there for a year. I moved into the area 8 months ago and now I am moving again so I decided to give him a a card and in there I wrote my number. I asked him to call to wish me a merry christmas but so far he has not called. Do you think I should wait untill Christmas Eve. I have not been back to the shop yet. I am 24 and he is 19 but he such a handsome polish guy. When he sees me in the shop, he smiles and winks at me but I am desperately waiting for his call. When he calls me I will arrange a date.

Thankyou Latina, us girls understand each other unlike Mr. Southern who doesnt have a clue. Blackmail, what rubbish!
OP LATINA 3 | 73
18 Dec 2007 #147
Do you know if he is available? Maybe he has a girlfriend. Maybe you should have started a conversation with him first. Like getting to know him a little and he could get to know you. There isn't too much of an age difference. Get to know him first through conversation. I made the same mistake of wanting more than friendship from the start and I think that is a mistake.
leeann 1 | 29
18 Dec 2007 #148
Well we have spoken yes but because Im moving from the area where he works, I had to let him know somehow. No I dont know if he has a girlfriend but I guess I will find out. When should I expect his call cos I asked him 2 call to wish me merry christmas.
southern 74 | 7,074
18 Dec 2007 #149
He will not call.You should have asked for his number and called him.(Mistake I give advice to women.They gave me nothing on purpose).
leeann 1 | 29
18 Dec 2007 #150
I know him, you dont and he will call. He is waiting because he doesnt want to appear too eager. U havent got a clue about women and how could I ask him for his number? Im not that confident and that would have been too desperate.