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My Polish LUV - Poem to my Polish girlfriend - Atlanta, GA

profcloser 1 | 2
27 Jul 2012 #1

Her constant peculiar glance to the side when she speaks made me initially wonder that she was unsure
of herself but later that she was full of half truths.

Oh what a daze her soul-piercing eyes accented by her cheek bones will put you in at just a glimpse; when words spoken
are heard but not understood.

Pleasing is the scent of this Polska kobieta. The part of her that evaporates produce a smell that is has pleasing as the scent
of Jasmine and Champaka.

Ahhhhhh although pleasing is her presence; guarded, fierce, and combative still is my polish luv; much like
Henryk DÄ…browski's Polish Legions.

In-depth tales of past experiences for the good, the bad, or the indifferent with family, past lovers, and friends are kept hidden in the recesses of her heart, mind, and soul - only the initiated possesses the key.

When anger gets the best of her; distance away is wise to find shelter from her lightning storm because destruction and devastion
is nigh.

And let not your ideals of verbal victory mislead you, for to quarrel with her is as fraying with Ancient Sparta with no
martial training - harmony is not on the horizon.

Ohhhhhhhh but i fall short if I speak of her peculiar glance, pleasing scent, guarded, fierce, and combative nature and not talk of her
passion - for running through her veins is the blood of Maria Konopnicka

Intimacy with my Polish luv is volcanic, as if she scribed the secret diaries of Venus and the Sexual rites of Tantra with her own feather and ink.

Yazid King (Summer of 2012)
Kowalski 7 | 621
27 Jul 2012 #2
no wonder dude is in this relationship for her body.
OP profcloser 1 | 2
27 Jul 2012 #3
not sure I quite understand your post. Are you asking is this relationship for her body? If so, not solely.
Kowalski 7 | 621
27 Jul 2012 #4
I like the poem. Maybe was harsh and judgmental. Pleasing woman saying half truths is not my kind of thing unless of course it would be ...positive pleasing and half truths were consciously expressed.

Oh well ...poetry. Every time you read a good one discoveries are made
OP profcloser 1 | 2
1 Aug 2012 #5
The reason I have said half truths because she has a thing she does when she talks sometimes her eyes will look down to the left. Some ppl have said when ppl do that is they are creating something in their minds. Hence i said "half-truths". t m l However, I love her idiosyncrasies and everything about her.

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