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I live in Holland and i never meet a good polish guy.

Amathyst 19 | 2,702
23 Oct 2012 #31
Ofcourse i am not Dutch they are ugly and they have no charme.

Oh the irony!.....
Zukeross - | 4
28 Oct 2012 #32
Because all guys from our country drive to holland for weed and ***** ;) I`m thinking about all this bald guys xD
OP classygirl 1 | 10
1 Nov 2012 #33
so what i have to do now.... al really dont now because i am very atractive ... and i don't want to have a loser whi thinks i am easy... you know guys what... i meet sombody 4 days agoo en he is such a loser.. he sayd that he wil do everting for me en that he have a mercedes... but to me he was not atractive thats the problem with polish men or they are very ugly but nice (not my type) or they are normal but somthing is wrong.....

gish i have really a big problem because i want a polish guy beacause i am polish.... i dont like dutch man they dont have a sense of humor and veryy boring you can make them believe erverting haha...

(agains sorry my eglish is not very good) but i dont care

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