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I was late and this Polish girl flipped out

OP whtstisalbout 1 | 4
8 Jun 2011 #31
actually she told me that being 30 mins late was very disrespectful. and i notified her too through text right at meeting time. ah, oh well. well i been told i was beautiful before and have been approached by attractive european and other girls. but who the heck know? has been said girls has a wider attraction than guys. maybe she just not into the look.

well she told me she was highly educated but whatever. i ask her for the truth and thats what i got, well dunno if she was being honest but whatever.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
8 Jun 2011 #32
she told me that being 30 mins late was very disrespectful.

Sometimes people are late - it seems like she's an awkward person and really one to avoid.

If it's about punctuality, Poles sometimes expect things to be on time and you should take that into acount when inviting Poles to dinner. I prefer the French habit of being 20 minutes late.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
8 Jun 2011 #33
It was a very strange reaction for sure. Poles are not punctual people for the most part. Some will even turn up late, not apologise or give any notification and assume that all is well. Some even carry on as if nothing happened and expect you to devote more time to them.

I can only imagine that she was, as is often the case with online exchanges, running a fantasy through her head but she bottled it when push came to shove and she met you in real life. Her reaction was childish, assuming she understood your text.
OP whtstisalbout 1 | 4
9 Jun 2011 #34
i like how the french are lax especially with regard to sexuality. hahaha.
McFly 1 | 14
24 Jun 2011 #35
Well if i am even 1 min late my phone goes into meltdown and my polish girlfriend will be waiting there with a look that could kill.

5mins later though she is all happy again, just got used to it now and try and not laugh (too much) at the polish sulk as i call it.
southern 75 | 7,096
24 Jun 2011 #36
I am always late on appointments especially when another girl obstructs my punctuality.However Polki can come earlier or more late but seldom complain.Russkaye on the other hand come one hour late since they have to put on loads of make-up.

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