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Do Polish guys tend to take things slow with regards to sex?

gumishu 11 | 5,629
29 Jan 2016 #31
In countries like Poland, very few people use contraception

I honestly don't know where you get it from - ever seen commercials in Poland
Roger5 1 | 1,458
29 Jan 2016 #32
he refuses to see anyone about and is disgusted with me for talking to him about it

You have a right to expect a normal and fulfilled life. If his attitude is so intractable and repressed, you might be doing both of you a favour by cooling the relationship. You might end up feeling great resentment and anger towards him, and that's no way to live.
29 Jan 2016 #33
" it creates a deeper connection that you keep yourself loyal to just one" So true my wife and I of an age where, lets put it, the hormones don't rush around as much as they did when we met in our early twenties, having the deeper connection is truly a wonderful thing, a good relationship is a whole lot more important than just the sex.

The condoms are at the supermarket checkout, usually next to the sweets chocolates and headache pills, enjoy!
Roger5 1 | 1,458
29 Jan 2016 #34
usually next to the sweets chocolates and headache pills,

And chewing gum. Don't forget your glasses.
29 Jan 2016 #35
"And chewing gum. Don't forget your glasses" I get too embarrassed to buy em, the wife does the deed.

She did chuckle about Poland being a catholic country when she first saw them, must be some kind of Polish stereotyping that we lock them up and you need a note from the priest to buy them.
Cas Milosz 3 | 6
21 Apr 2016 #36
i meant to say the deal breaker is whether to stay and suffer or leave. i wouldnt cheat on him like his ex wife did.

YOU clearly do not understand this hhuman being.

If you equate suffering with not being able to have sexual intercourse with this man, that is a derranged thought and needs to be eradicated if you truly want to love this man.

if you think not cheating on my bracia is somehow granting us a generous favor or anything besides tepid ******** and sleanderous ideals of love, i my dear have something to say to you and you will learn a lot from it. here it goes:
nothanks - | 640
21 Apr 2016 #37
IMO biggest difference is when you meet the parents. Polish/Eastern culture it occurs fairly soon and this results in having less sexual partners
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
5 Jul 2016 #38
They definitely don't take it slow in my experience lol
terri 1 | 1,665
7 Jul 2016 #39
I was surprised too at the variety of 'creams' available in a well-known German chemist. I never thought that I would see the day when 'gels' (and we all know what they are used for) are so freely available. This suggests to me that there is a market for these products, people must be getting more adventurous.
7 Jul 2016 #40
Ugh, maybe they treat women different on what class they set them in. <_< and by what class they hail.

Pretty sure a married guy on the sly is gonna be for getting it all , now now now. Same with some fetisher metrosexual, "sex is my human right" sort.

My guy was slow and shy in approach but is a passionate and considerate as committed partne;. without having a madonna complex (whew to that!)

He is very conservative and traditional in most things. Though he has moderate progressive politics.

But I'm not sure if that stems from his status. He is from family of intelligentsia; educators and white collar career paths. Upper middle class, or maybe in Poland considered upper class? His parents are the black sheep >_<
25 Apr 2017 #42
With a couple of notable exceptions, sex is not so important with Polish men. Only done while married, under the covers, with the lights out, once or twice a month, and he'll immediately be snoring afterwards.
13 Aug 2018 #43
im dating a polish guy im talking to... havent had sex its been 4 months...
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
13 Aug 2018 #44
Is he a guy? To find out, take a crowded bus, stand close face-to-face and see - I mean, feel - what happens.

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