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Polish guys who have never had girlfriends

f stop 25 | 2,513
23 Jan 2010 #61
i am polish and i feel like i never had a girlfriend before

You have to wait your turn, you poor, poor dear.
childwithin 8 | 136
23 Jan 2010 #62
you poor, poor dear

haha, thank you, i appreciate your compassion

where do i get the number?
nicszlu - | 9
28 Jan 2010 #63
ok i got a different problem... I like a polish girl that ive met several times but dont know too very well. From what I know about her and how she looks to me, shes amazing but i dont know how to go about her -

1. ive known her for a while
2. i dont speak fluently and writing is almost out of the question
3. i dont know if it is even worth it with me knowing such little polish and her so little english

basically, i dont know how to communicate my feelings for her with the little polish I know without sounding like a creep.

I was born in the usa, lived in poland for one year (kindergarten), then moved back parents split and live with a mother who doesnt really know/speak polish. My language is poor and writing is bad.

anyone let me hear your opinions/advice. thanks
clerynka - | 45
28 Jan 2010 #64
i dont know if it is even worth it with me knowing such little polish and her so little english

My boyfriend spoke very little english, I spoke very little Polish when we first got together. At first I had similar doubts to you, but you'll be suprised how quickly you pick it up when you're together- I've learnt more from spending time with him and his friends, and he's learnt alot from spending time with me and my friends. Its much more helpful than a phrasebook to learn real Polish.

Practically, It can be hard, but ususally not something that a dicitonary/sign language ;) can't solve.
If it feels right, go with it ;)
nicszlu - | 9
29 Jan 2010 #65
clerynka you give me hope and thanks for you help.
I failed to mention that she lives in Poland and I live in the Chicago.
We arent bf/gf yet either but I feel something might be there from the last time I saw her over the holiday.
ever since then she and I chat on facebook but thats it...

with that in mind, is there any more advice or opinions. thanks.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
29 Jan 2010 #66
PolishLover2009 - are you very outgoing, popular, etc.? Just read your second post so it sounds like he's known you for a looong time thus he knows your past and every guy you've dated, etc.

I think he's simply very intimidated by you. We, the guys, like to pretend that we're "in charge" every now and then (most of us know better and have no illusion anymore lol) and I think that somehow he feels intimidated around you...

Many moons ago there was this girl I really liked. She smiled at me every now and then but she was always surrounded by other guys, she was pretty and popular. We went to movies a few times and had a great time but I never viewed it as "real dates" - I thought she went out with me just because we were neighbors.

Later I moved to the US, she got married, etc. Then a few years later she had a really tough divorce (abusive husband) and when my sister tried to console her she asked her how come I never wanted her as a girlfriend! Huh? There you have it - they say we are from Mars and you're from Venus but I think we're separated by many Galaxies.

Nicszlu - honesty is always best. Since writing doesn't seem to work for you how about Skype? Remember it's free computer to computer... If there's camera on both ends you could always draw a flower for her if you lack words... ;)

Also, write a simple, to the point letter and email it or send it to her facebook account (NOT her Wall that everyone can see :) etc.

Have someone translate your letter into Polish and email it to her along with a 'virtual' flower. ;)

Something like,

Hi ...

My Polish is not good enough to explain this so asked someone else for help with this letter. I find you absolutely fascinating. I'd love to get to know you some more. I hope you'll be coming back to the States really soon and if you do maybe you and I could get together sometime where you could teach me Polish while practicing your English with me? I think you'd enjoy getting to know me.

In the meantime I hope we can stay in touch via email, phone, etc.

Please let me know what you think,


Bueno Fortuna! (good luck)
clerynka - | 45
1 Feb 2010 #67
with that in mind, is there any more advice or opinions. thanks.

I understand how hard it is not seeing her. I know its nowhere near the same scale, but i only see my boyfriend at weekends becasue he works nights and I work days. Now although this is still more than you see her, it does encourage you to learn more and more...

I text my boyfriend in polish, using the internet, :) polishforums :) my dictionary, phrasebook etc to help me. By doing that I learn more and more, and he texts back in Polish. If I dont know how to say something, i will write it in english and he has to work out what im saying.

That way, we both learn. Try that with email, or skype as others have suggested.
Of course, you also have to think about the practical side. Could the relationship work with you so far apart? Your best bet is to try and talk to her, and if you still feel the same, try and approach her about it. If she agrees with you, it might be worth a trip over there.

Good luck :)
Exiled 2 | 425
1 Feb 2010 #68
I find it literary impossible not to get laid in Poland especially if you have two legs.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
1 Feb 2010 #69
Exactly, the mind boggles....
Hyacinthus 1 | 20
11 Mar 2010 #70
I have one polish friend who is 20 have never got a girl.
He is a workholic,perfect nice guy,even there is no one can compete with him in my view.
I thougt he is home at the beginning.But then I realised he is a heter
Exiled 2 | 425
11 Mar 2010 #71
If you manage to stay away from polish girls you are really lucky.But if you are common mortal it is likely that you will get laid by one of them.

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