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Polish Girls vs Russian Girls

18 Jan 2006 #31
Oh, I see... so you are a mathematician then...

I'm a professional heartbreaker who prefers Polish women to Russian women :). Seriously though, I'm in IT so from time to time have time to be online.
Marzena 2 | 122
18 Jan 2006 #32
professional heartbreaker... so why exactly did you choose to hurt Polish women and not Russian? :)
18 Jan 2006 #33
Well, I met a couple of Russian girls and they are nice but it was hard for me to have an intellectual conversation like I can have with Polish girls :).
Marzena 2 | 122
18 Jan 2006 #34
now that I think about it, I'm wondering why do you spend time breaking people's hearts? did someone break yours so badly that you're still taking revenge for it?
18 Jan 2006 #35
I think you didn't notice a wink after I wrote about "breaking hearts", did you? :)

Well, there were a couple or even a few ladies who broke my heart, but I'm in no position to revenge for that. One of them - the last one I met - simply chose to stay with her "old" boyfriend after having spent several weeks with me! I fell in love with her and was silly enough to think she would stay with me forever :). But all in all I'm happy she didn't choose me; I was too young and didn't know that for quite a few very young girls a long-term relationship was not the way to go. I didn't have a lot of girlfriends; I've always tried to focus on the quality, not the quantity. Today, though, I can say it was worth it.

What about you? Do you have a boyfriend? Have you had many? (Please don't treat it as "monkey questions" though :).
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #36
Technically the wink was after "Russian girls", so I can't be sure which part of it was a joke :).

I would say learn your lesson and don't let people break your heart so easily, which would probably mean not falling in love with the wrong people and learning what it takes to build a good relationship. It may sound like something difficult to do, but in reality it's a great journey.

Yes, I have a boyfriend and I had one before him. I've tried to make sure I don't make the same mistakes twice, but every person is different so you can never know the formula... therefore all the work has to be done on ourselves, it's so exciting! :).
OP Guest
19 Jan 2006 #37
Which are the best at cooking and in bed?
Do you have to chain them to the kitchen sink or can you trust them to stay put?
19 Jan 2006 #38
I like your tongue.

Well, it's easy to say "learn your lesson"; it's harder to do when you meet a gorgeous Polish woman who surprisingly is sort of interested in you too (at least in my dreams :). It's like love at first sight (from my point of view, of course).

You're right - you never know the formula; however, it's not that exiting when you are left alone again :}.
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #39
Which are the best at cooking and in bed?
Do you have to chain them to the kitchen sink or can you trust them to stay put?

what kind of caveman wrote this message? :) (women, beware, don't talk with this guy!)

Rfx - don't let yourself be easily seduced (hard to do if you're looking at women as sex objects, react to them automatically and can "know" if you like them or not just by looking at them though).

It doesn't look to me as 'love at first sight' but infatuation based on sexual attraction (was she really that gorgeous...?) - how could you have thought that a relationship based on that will be long-term and fulfilling?

You are left alone again? Means that you never learnt your lesson, maybe you never thought that there is more for you to learn, or that your assumptions might not have been right... It is easy, the only hard part is to realize that YOU must change your attitude... or expectations.
19 Jan 2006 #40
You are so nice to give me this piece of advice. Technically, I'm not alone, but my heart still misses something...

Your boyfriend must be a lucky guy (is he Polish too?).
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #41
my boyfriend is a lucky guy? but you don't even know how I look... but he's definitely a great guy (as far as I got to know him).
19 Jan 2006 #42
Lol! I love your being sarcastic, you got me there :).
Since you chose a very nice avatar I assume you have a sense of beauty and style and that's enough for me (initially at least). Besides, as we are all getting older and older, sense of humor and ability to have a nice conversation is meaningful. If your boyfriend doesn't think he's a lucky guy, there must be something wrong or I'm missing something (as I usually do :).
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #43
He definitely thinks he's a lucky guy as well as I know that I am a lucky girl :). But you - should learn NOT to miss things! :). Maybe it's a rude way to say this, but I hope you don't expect your genitals to satisfy your heart.

As long as my avatar goes... don't make too many assumptions, although I definitely have a sense of beauty and style :). It's sad that you think that our youth can be shallow and empty... :(.
19 Jan 2006 #44
"Lucky the guy who can think his genitals"...:). Since he's happy it means you know how to make him happy, which constituates a good girlfriend or wife. I won't ask again about any tricks you may be using to make him happy as I don't want to be called "monkey" again...

Youth can be shallow and empty indeed. When you turn 64, you'll know what it means.

// I'd like to know what it means too :)
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #45
did you mean "healthy the guy..."?

It's not that I "know how to make him happy" - he's not my son or I'm not his slave. We are happy because we can understand each other and want the same things. Neither of us is using any tricks to do that, we are just ourselves which is so amazing that you would never want anything else!
19 Jan 2006 #46
When the guy is healthy too, he's even more lucky.... :}.

So does it mean you are similar to each other or completely different, supplementary? I think both partners should share a lot in common in order to be able to stay in a long relationship. My old girlfriend liked it that I was quiet (and she was not), but in the end she said she preferred crazy guys like herself...
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #47
of course we are similar. and in the 'different' parts we are learning from each other.
19 Jan 2006 #48
You don't mean body parts, do you? (kidding).
Anyway, if there was only one guy (me) on a desert island, would you go out with me? Why not? :)
Marzena 2 | 122
19 Jan 2006 #49
Take care and good luck to you.
19 Jan 2006 #50
Thanks. I new I must have said something stupid.. I'll learn some day I hope.
19 Jan 2006 #51
If I may chime in here... Don't confuse the difference between human sexuality and human intellect. Beauty is truely in the eye of the beholder (I think Rfx just wants to beheld :) ). I have met both Polish and Russian women, I honestly found the women from both nationalities to be physically attractive. Now the thing that sets poeple apart from each other is thier indivualism. Polish women seem to have a litle more personality than Russian women, but it may have just been the ones I met. My vote is... Polish women are the best!
OP Guest
20 Jan 2006 #52
Don't confuse the difference between human sexuality and human intellect.

Jesus Christ, sexuality is sexuality but sexual behavior is a LEARNED behavior, could there possibly be your mind involved in it then? :) (but again, if you learned it in an unthinking passive way, you get the illusion that it's "your nature", but once again, consciousness is a requirement)
20 Jan 2006 #53
Sexual behaviour has been learned/inborn by nature. Just give me a girl and I will know what to do with her even though my parents had never talked about me about sex :).
Marzena 2 | 122
20 Jan 2006 #54
did you by any chance try to make these two - learned and inborn - equal? :)

did your parents teach you the grammar rules of english or polish before you learnt how to speak it? next time please try to think a little deeper before you write something. I think I've explained it a couple times by now, have you read it? if you have problems understanding, ask me questions instead of repeating the same phrase over and over like a broken record. but then again, if you choose not to use your brain because of your laziness, keep being a caveman but don't talk to me.
OP Guest
20 Jan 2006 #55
I think it's a tought subject and it's hard to determine who's right or not. Men and women are different and they tend to think and act in a different way. It results in misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
OP Guest
20 Jan 2006 #56
how touching, do you really have to act like 15 year olds.
Marzena 2 | 122
20 Jan 2006 #57
well, yeah, men mature later, but we both have similar brain capacities, don't we. there are many examples of healthy and mature men.
yes - men and women are different in many ways, but after we both mature, there are some values and ideas we both are supposed to come to understanding of. problem is that some (many) men don't have the desire to ever grow up.

please understand that I'm not trying to make "my truths" sound right to you, I'm trying to challenge you to think and ask yourself questions you might have not thought of before (maybe because it was convenient this way :( , no matter the reason, you are still responsible for your level of awareness).

I'm not going to continue a conversation with you (whoever posted the last message).
OP Guest
21 Jan 2006 #58
I don't see anything that America has in common with Poland. Poland has a lot to offer to the world. A multicultural society like England has a lot in common with Poland. That is why Polish girls feel welcome here. They are beautiful, well mannered, polite, considerate and kind.
OP Guest
21 Jan 2006 #59
I think the answer to why Polish or Russian and not UK is that women from these countries see marriage as important and have a more traditional view of it.

Women from the UK now seem to have a view that it is easy to get marriage and equally easy to get divorced and do.

They are not prepared to work at their marriage as a partnership (equal) and make it work.

I only wish I could meet a real nice Polish women who wanted a man like me (60) who don't have a lot of money but has a lot of love to share.

Oh well we live in hop ....

Just one added thought why compare by looks anyway. Thats not what any one should want - its a soul mate, best friend who is honest a faithful and there for eternity.
18 Aug 2006 #60
I know that all this Russian shit has opened huge doors to scammers from yoshkar-ola,they infest dating sites like worm's sucking on wallet's of men from all over the world except Russia.

And Russia don't care,so why would anyone want a women from a country where it's law system is not just?Fuck the pretty bullshit,russian women look more like Mexican women!There are plenty of them here and alot closer!They make the real good wive's!So save a bundle and time,haul your Russian loving as to Mexico and find you a nice lady,It's even cheaper.Russian is fucking booming off this Russian women bullshit,the Russian Mafia run's most of it!So it's all about money,NOT LOVE or GOOD WOMEN!period end of story!!!And fuck you very much!!!

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