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Polish Girls vs Russian Girls

Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
26 Nov 2007 #421
i don't know but if another pole asks me "what do you think of our women?" i 'm gonna go bananas.
gaaawwwd, i can't even decide where to begin with how stupid a question that is and all the crap sentiments that are loaded in it.

Agree. I have a similar thing but with foreigners saying "so how are your women?" What do you want me to tell you for faks sake? That they love to cook, are very religious, family oriented and although very hard to get they just dream to have a very promiscuous and uncommitted sexual intercourse with a foreigner... Not just any foreigner, but only with you of course!

Although I really have a great admiration for polish women, when someone says that he loves Poland and is only able to come out with one argument to back this claim up, that polish women are hot, I find it very offensive. there's zillions times more to Poland and especially to POLISH WOMEN than just their peace of ass. :/
26 Nov 2007 #422
I agree. Thanks for bringing it on. Also, to say anything similar about any group of women is just treating them like commodity.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768
27 Nov 2007 #423
i'll admit it, i pressed "play" but c'mon what's with the crap bubblegum noise she's passing off as background music. Miss. watermelons (heavy on the water it seems) is just screaming tacky on this take.

Not just any foreigner, but only with you of course!

that is sublime sarcasm man.
southern 74 | 7,074
30 Dec 2007 #424
Another difference between Russian and Polish girls.Russian girls prefer thongs.

Russian girls also tend to exercise more often.

Russian girls like to walk.

And to dance in the open.
30 Dec 2007 #426
boys too hah just look here: hot huh?
vodka 1 | 38
30 Dec 2007 #427
I think Germnas have their losters as well in funy green hats and beer and English in football t-shirts and epty heads everybody have their loosters ...

Russian Girls are hot (Polish are hot as well)
30 Dec 2007 #428
there is almost no differance between polish and russian people
Polson 5 | 1,768
30 Dec 2007 #429
Cause you know both...?
30 Dec 2007 #430
nope, cos hes sitting all life in front of his pc and blabbing shyts...
Polson 5 | 1,768
30 Dec 2007 #431
Yeah, probably ;) But maybe his computer screen was made in Poland...

30 Dec 2007 #432
And chair in Russia. He doesn't like Poland cos screen is 15 years old and he doesn''t like Russia cos his chair is already too small for his a*ss after years of sitting there.
Michal - | 1,865
31 Dec 2007 #433
Russian women look different to Polish women but both will work at gaining an overseas passport. There are more pretty Polish women than Russian but then, on the other hand, when the Poles hit forty they start to fall apart, rather like a Polish Polonez motor car. Have you ever seen a polish car that has been around the clock and is still in one piece?!!.
McCoy 27 | 1,269
10 Feb 2009 #434
russian girls are the best
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
10 Feb 2009 #435
Where is Southern? We havent seen him for a while.

russian girls are the best

Dirty boy! behave!
Seanus 15 | 19,674
10 Feb 2009 #436
Russian girls were largely prozzies in Shimane where I worked. Whenever I was in Matsue, I saw them. Lord Only Knows how they got into the country. Do Russians get into Japan for free??
Kalika - | 1
26 Mar 2009 #437
I think polish and russian girls are very different although they share some characteristics not common in Western girls.In general Russian girls are more feminine.They are dressed in skirts,colorfull,diverse dresses,wear heels etc while polish girls tend to wear jeans and casual clothes.Russian girls behave more weak and expect a lot from men,while polish are more powerfull and determined.Polish girls are more honest and have more trust,russians doubt about everything.Polish girls seem to be more dominant and demanding.They get quickly into sex although many remain virgins till marriage.Both polish and russian girls like to play with men and can have many boyfriends simultaneously.Probably polish girls are more faithfull.They do not expect so many presents etc as russian girls.They show their real intentions and do not try so hard to improve their appearance or seem ideal.

Many polish girls are rude compared to russian ones since they tell what they have in mind.Some are lesbians but they take this more seriously than russian girls.

In terms of physical appearance when not taking into account personality features or dressing,I think polish girls are superior although they can be a little overweight.

Most beautiful girls are in Krakow,Poznan,North Poland.
Polish girls dance very energetically like dancers in MTV,they are impressive.Russian girls dance more feminine.
Polish girls speak very simply,russian girls are more complicated.Polish girls have a tendency towards hippy attitude,lacking in Russia where girls try to be more sophisticated even if they have mediocre income.

Catholic culture and mentality is very different from orthodox and this makes polish girls more trustworthy than russian ones but on the other hand russian girls have this russian soul(forgiving,offering etc) which polish girls seem to lack.

In general polish girls have workers mentality while russian girls appear like dolls.

By the way ,indeed I think Russian girls are more sophisticated ,classy,femenine but much more expections ,isn't them. However ,they are much more intellectual and smater that most of the Polish girls , polish girls (not every of them) are much more rude and perhaps their behaviour could be considered as straightforward and easy-going .

I would like some of your responds ,which type of girl you prefer?

As a matter of fact ,I prefer Russian in the end of the analysis ,although ,the girls are much more abstract minded and complicated also,with high expectations but they are a better lover , smart,sensual and they can catch your eyes and your love easily ,myst,and we need to admit very beautiful.

Polish girls do have a nice physical appearence but well ,this is a fact ,they are less educated and they are too ordinary and average , only small amount of them are special.

But ,Americans do love them ,yes ,their characteristic are suitable to be a average man's girlfriends and also ,perhaps a really nice sex partner +girlfriend .


!! Polish & Russians !!
eloy 1 | 3
27 Mar 2009 #438
Simply Polish girls more polite :)
Filios1 8 | 1,336
27 Mar 2009 #439

Wow, and you wasted your time with such a long post? Crap!

You couldn't squeeze a bit more generalisations in there?
Seanus 15 | 19,674
28 Mar 2009 #440
Give him credit tho, Filios. He created food for thought and tried to discuss. It's not like he is some outsider with no clue about either of the 2.
heilschenker - | 2
2 Apr 2009 #441
Kalika, I think u right
but i live in russia all my life and i think "abstract minded and complicated" mean instinctive
very hard to live with instinctive woman
and maybe most russian girls have less orgasm than polish girls but i dont try polish girls)
Moscow girls are very impudent("money bitches")
Most of american-russians marriages is ended
But if u want brilliant girl u must go in russia
its russian roulette:)
ksawery 1 | 9
5 Apr 2009 #442
its russian roulette:)

How about YOU play some Russian Roulette.
freebird 3 | 532
7 Apr 2009 #444
I was wondering what is the difference between Russian and Polish women?

The difference is that Polish girls have 2 legs, especially the left leg. Some Polish guy told me this joke at some party.
Ike - | 1
7 Apr 2009 #445
Polish girls are much more classy, dressed in style and overall good-looking then russian girls imho.
tedek - | 3
8 Apr 2009 #446
I definitely prefer Polish girls
ksawery 1 | 9
13 Apr 2009 #447
heilschenker ha perty funny u lost.
Lmmozeleski 1 | 4
16 Nov 2009 #448
Among Polish women, I see many unbelievably strong females who zealously strive for their goals. It possibly is a long process whose results emerge in the late retirement age. I dare to think though that morally acceptable means of pursuing goals fulfill a lifetime. In general, Polish women posses all predispositions to succeed on the public and professional arena as well as to fulfill the domestic mission. That's why Polish women become famous, just to mention Wislawa Szymborska who captured not only Polish hearts with her poetry. Another example can be Maria Curie-Sklodowska who transformed from a housewife into a scientist and a Noble Prize winner. An authority, without prizes was Polish Queen Jadwiga, who being royal was able to show kindness of a woman.

Russian women reach their fame in a different way. In Russia, there is not much heard about caring mothers and wives, not to mention female personalities on the global scale. It could be a result of a slower social development and the attempts to get wealth at any cost. Although Russia is a colossal country with many natural resources, it is not capable of using them to the fullest. Possibly, due to the lack of money, education, and moral codes (which are still highly valued in the small Polish towns), Russian females give up the natural inhibitions just to achieve the western lifestyle.
BrutalButcher - | 389
16 Nov 2009 #449
Man, I would never ever ever ever date a Russian girl.

A russian girl has 30 boyfriends or sexual partners in average.

Plus, they are ugly and have terrible teeth.
southern 74 | 7,074
16 Nov 2009 #450
A russian girl has 30 boyfriends or sexual partners in average.

Not always at the same time.

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