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Do Polish girls like playing with men's feelings on internet?

gaiska 1 | 2
11 Sep 2010 #1
hey people you know I met a polish girl on internet and of course she's pretty , tall, blue eyed etc and well,and it was easy to talk with her to have a good conversation etc and i fall in love with her and she seemed okay with it we used to talked like every day in skype her mom knew about me and etc she seemed interested in me and we were together for about 2 months as a couple but then i dont know what happened but to her it was just a game and she didn't mean that with me but she told me many times that she loved me and she wanted to meet each other and those things you know and now okay we are still friends but i have been seeing that she's doing something like what she used to with me but with another guy so tell me guys, is this common?s i feel like a stupid now...
f stop 25 | 2,507
11 Sep 2010 #2
This might sound harsh, but it's my honest opinion, so maybe it will help. She probably got tired of you. Do something differently, but whatever you do, don't whine.
beckski 12 | 1,617
11 Sep 2010 #3
we were together for about 2 months as a couple


and she wanted to meet each other

You're not making much sense. How could the two of you possibly be a couple without meeting each other first?

Also, use some punctuation. Your paragraph is one confusing, long sentence..
Seanus 15 | 19,674
11 Sep 2010 #4
He's maybe from Hungary where it's one long sentence ;) ;) Seriously though, I've heard many stories from Polish guys on this one. It's one long headf*ck if you excuse my French. Many Polish women can flip or lose interest at the drop of a hat and they make Syd Barrett (RIP) look positively stable. I thought girls were supposed to mature quicker but it just remains to be said that some play those games and some don't. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
flissiebell 1 | 13
11 Sep 2010 #5
to be honest everyone plays head games at some point in life, no matter if you a woman playing with mens feelings or a man playing with a womans feelings.

just rememeber that there is always someone better out there that hopefully wont play with your feelings :-)
OP gaiska 1 | 2
11 Sep 2010 #6
well sorry guys if you didn't understand ,i'm not a english speaker as you saw haha, i wouldn't play with somebody on internet .. i dont find it funny ..she just played with my mind , and now i have to act like nothing has happened that i'm happy cuz we are good friends and **** no , and yes i told her about what i felt about this situation and it's always very complicated when we talk about it.i hope she doesn't know about this site hahaha, anyway thanks for answering this
strycz - | 3
11 Sep 2010 #7
You are all mistaken. Everybody knows men don't have feelings.

As far as Polish women are concerned, of course they will turn on a dime, they come from a nation based on survival of the prettiest. You have to look out for your own best interest, nobody else will.
Allison 5 | 118
11 Sep 2010 #8
hey people you know I met a polish girl on internet and of course she's pretty

This is so common, its not because she's polish or because she's a woman. The exact same thing happened to me with this German/Ukrainian/American guy. He seemed to be gay though. He played with my feelings for a year and I gave him my loyalty. It turns out he had done this with a lot of other women on the internet. But later I figured he was gay because of the way he acts, has beauty habits (lol he would use this shampoo that dyed his hair blonde and he told me exactly how to wear my makeup), and he seemed to really want to show me off to his parents I guess so they didn't suspect he was turning gay. My dad also thought he was gay in the beginning but I didn't listen to him. He was a decent looking guy, so I didn't really suspect.

The people that do this type of stuff are probably just very manipulative and have some kind of insecurity in their lives. Playing with someone's feelings distracts them from whatever is bothering them.
CRACOVIA1906 - | 25
11 Sep 2010 #9
Thats what happens when you look for your love online LOL
Allison 5 | 118
11 Sep 2010 #10
Right, I've learned my lesson I think.
southern 74 | 7,074
11 Sep 2010 #11
Never fuckk or kiss a girl online.
McCoy 27 | 1,269
11 Sep 2010 #13
hey people you know I met a polish girl on internet and of course she's pretty

of course. on internet everyone is pretty and sexy
polishmeknob 5 | 154
11 Sep 2010 #14
Not true, kind sir. You have never heard of lemon party.
southern 74 | 7,074
11 Sep 2010 #15
Some Polki on the Internet are from Lechistan and some are from Kurwistan.
wildrover 98 | 4,441
11 Sep 2010 #16
And some are straight from Hell..
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
12 Sep 2010 #17
we used to talked like every day in skype her mom knew about me and etc she seemed interested in me and we were together for about 2 months as a couple

No.... you were not a couple, you were some little fantasy on the internet..Get over it...

of course. on internet everyone is pretty and sexy

And all men have 6 packs and earn a 6 figure sum :D
OP gaiska 1 | 2
12 Sep 2010 #18
you were some little fantasy on the internet

yeah you're right i was on a little fantasy but i thought it was real hahaha
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
12 Sep 2010 #19
Real is when you are sat next to a person having a coffee and looking in to their eyes..body language tells you all you need to know...long distance romance over the internet is just like visiting Disney world..its not real...
PlasticPole 7 | 2,648
12 Sep 2010 #20
If she is seeing other guys, she wants to play the field and might not want to be with you exclusively. There's not much you can do about it except find another girl.
artur1974 - | 3
18 Sep 2010 #21
You just have to be very careful and expect the worst when you meet someone on line because you never know who is on the other site. It may be some fat and ugly guy making fun of you:)

There's many sites currently and there's more and more of them. Some are better some are worse.
I meet a lot of interesting girls on (English version) (Polish version).
Thy this maybe it will work for you if your current girl is gonna dump you completely:)
guesswho 4 | 1,278
18 Sep 2010 #22
do polish girls like playing with men's feelings on internet?

I guess it happens anywhere in the world and it's not only Polish females who do it.
Besides, it takes two to tango, smart guys don't fall for it.
A J 4 | 1,081
18 Sep 2010 #23
Besides, it takes two to tango, smart guys don't fall for it.

Or maybe some guys play along and learn every trick in the book.

24 Sep 2010 #24
"gaiska" hmm sounds like my ex, I also dont want to give my name incase she sees this!! I didnt meet on the internet though I met her in Poland. It took her months for her decide she wanted to go out with me, I used to stay in all the time to travel over too see her. We got along great until she told her dad after a year she had english boyfriend, he went mad and we stopped seeing each other cos of this. Anyway after 3 years she met someone else, so I thought its time I met someone else so everytime I did she went crazy!! I wouldnt mind she stayed with new boyfriend but didnt want me to be with anyone else! doesnt make sense but still wanted to chat with me loads of times everyday.

Girls say they want to meet a good man but when they do.... they dont treat them right even though you give them million chances. I have no problem getting very attractive girls here not too sound big headed (I think I must bore them too death until they give up ha ha) but she loved her self way too much and I hate that in girl.

You cant fall in love properly on internet without meeting someone for real. Most Polish girls I have met are usually pretty friendly and like my bad Polish (I learnt abit for 2 years). So go Poland and meet them but just to warn you, Polish newspapers dont write good stuff about foreigners especially english which is crazy as not everyone is same, they also cant tell difference between Irish, Scottish, Welsh and blame us english for what rest of Britain does!! Krakow girls aint that friendly though
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
24 Sep 2010 #25
you don't sound 'english' to me appleuser. anyway, untill you meet for real and decide to see each other you are NOT a couple, talking through skype everyday doesn't mean you're in a relationship. why are you guys so naive? get out there and make real friends and meet real partners, or at least use a dating site and find local people. but of course, why would an asian guy look online for a girl who lives near him, he'll search somewhere he can never go for a girl he will obsess about and hope she'll be his ticket out. throw the computer away and good luck living in the real world if the online stuff affects you so much.
f stop 25 | 2,507
24 Sep 2010 #26
There is a popular study that claims that today one in five couples meet on internet. I find that amazing! Granted, the study comes from, so it may be skewed, but still, it's an eye opener.

ok, another caveat:
"sampled those over 18 with Internet access and an income of over $30,000 annually"
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
24 Sep 2010 #27
i used a couple of dating sites and met some nice people, including my current boyfriend of 7 months. i suppose i got tired of meeting the same kind of men in town or through work. it's nothing to be ashamed of and they were local, not far far away like in the OP's case.
f stop 25 | 2,507
24 Sep 2010 #28
Some personal statistics:
*At least 5 engineers I know, all awkward nerdy types, found their wives and loves of their lives online, in China, Korea, India and Vietnam. All wives are highly educated now and everyone seem blissfully happy. Lots of respect there.

*My best friend got involved with a local man she met on free online dating site, he turned out to be a paranoid schizophrenic control freak, lots of high drama, how she wishes she never met him.

*Another good friend routinely uses online dating service. She thinks these men should wine and dine her, but the sex should be off the table - she's not a *hore, she says (I have some strong opinions on that - if you don't want the guy feel like he's been taken, pay your own way).

*I personally met two men after chatting with them online (years ago). Each left me astounded how wrong my judgement and the virtual reality, can be.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
24 Sep 2010 #29
back in the days when i used to be a geeky manga fan lol i used to go online and meet likeminded people, both girls and guys. i'm still friends with those people today after 10 years. yeah i had a few crushes and yes i had an online bf ha ha but my mother never let me meet him cos she said i was too young and when he called to plead with her she just hung up on him and that pretty much killed it :/ lol. found him on nasza klasa years later and he turned out to be pretty weird and hitting on my taken sister ha ha...

then i met this other guy and i invited him to go to my studniowka with me. BIG mistake, the picture i had of him was flattering but in person he was a lanky creepy thing with monster teeth! i spent the night dancing with my friends and he slept on a chair ;D. i know it was cruel but i was so disappointed that he tricked me like that!

then last year i used a free dating site for a laugh and gone on quite a lot of dates, even ran away from one when the guy went to the toilet (he was an idiot) ;D. after the novelty wore off i could see why those men were single so long... was quite good, more serious people there (cos you gotta pay). met this one guy and i thought we had a good thing going but i got burned there, sad story. and then after a few months i got back on match again and the only guy i met up with was my current boyfriend who is seriously the best thing that's ever happened to me :).

one of my friends from work met her husband online a couple of years ago and they seem happy. a lot of people i know tried internet dating and even though there are a lot of horror stories there are quite a few happy endings as well. my best advice is not to talk online too long so that you don't imagine the other person to be something they are not and avoid the disappointment when they turn out to be not so perfect. and most importantly whether you like it or not looks are important so be honest and don't photoshop your pics lol...
f stop 25 | 2,507
24 Sep 2010 #30
you are right, it's very important to meet in person as soon as possible.
I just realized that all my serious relationships were with men I met at work! Except for the neighbors, and few through family, all my friends I met through work as well, one way or another. Hmm.

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