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Polish girlfriends testing guys with "Are you Angry with me" texts

Pinching Pete - | 558
27 Jan 2011 #31

Whatever.. the strategy works. Probaby you've been treated like a queen fairly often. :-D
7 Feb 2011 #32
southern has much more better strategies, he knows the psychology of polish girls, while you pinching pete, dont seem like,...
Ashleys mind 3 | 455
7 Feb 2011 #33
What would you answer to that?

You need to work out if they're being kind or respectful... cause being gracious on it's own ain't worth sh1t.

How would a strong man reply to that, to spark more attraction?

Text her a picture of your d1ck and ask her when she's coming over...?

I know this is extreme mind-playing from their part,

Oh yeah...? It sounds like grade school infatuation... In *real* games the punishment tends to be a *bit* more prolonged... ;)
I mean do you want childish texts or do you want to get busy...? Treat them like a princess and that's what you'll get. You ain't making anyone weak in the knees with your level of creativity.

SOUTHERN actually is a great smart guy

I don't think even *he'd* respond too kindly to that accusation...

Huge thank you guys!

And a *big* thank you to you... ;)
southern 75 | 7,096
20 Feb 2011 #34
Generally there are two types of game with women:Low game and high game.Example of low game:What did you eat today?How was your day? etc.

It makes her talk.Example of high game:Have you tasted mediteranean fish?It is the best in the world.Or talking about a goalkeeper and his ability knowing that she does not like sports at all.In this way she gets impressed that you have the guts to talk about subjects she has no interest in.

For example with polish girls.Open question:What music do you like?Closed question:Do you like Doda?Statement:I like Doda.You have to enclose all three types(open,closed,statement) otherwise she gets bored.

So when you run low game there is no problem at all.The reason is that most guys do the same you don't bother anyone.Everyone can ask ''what did you eat today?'' and other simple questions.Things are quite different when you run high game.In this case guys get pretty annoyed.The reason is that you put the bar too high for them and they cannot participate.So they will try to intervene,belittle or even use punches if they realize that sb runs high game.

Also greek girls usually cut you off when you try high game because you are supposed to surpass the limits they set to you that is you will make their guy friends appear stupid if you continue.So in mediteranean societies social control does not permit you to advance.Things are quite different with western and slavic girls who do not block the high game.Of course western ones need a higher level of stimulation since they have experienced a whole more things.So you calibrate according to the girl.(for example sth interesting for a polish girls is extremely boring for a western one and sth interesting for a western will put you in weirdo category in slavic world).

So how to avoid being blocked when you run high game?There are many ways for that.One is to talk to the girl in her language which cannot be understood by the other guys.In this way you disorientate them because they do not know if you knew her from before so they can approach.Another way is to talk close to her ear which is very irritating for others and girls do it quite often.

With high game you may increase her temperature very quickly and it is likely that some guy comes after and takes advantage of her high temperature.So it is advisable to look for other guys in the environment and open even girls you have no interest with for them to follow and be occupied with them instead of your targets.This is proven technique who knows who interests you and who not?

Generally with polish girls things are quite easy due to lack of competition.However if competition exists it usually takes a violent form because slavic are considered easy and many guys think the one who will win them is the one who either comes first or beats physically all the competition.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
20 Feb 2011 #35
they all write the same thing:
"I hope you are not angry. Have a nice night, Kisses"or "Are you angry with me?"

Your reply should be something like this:
I'm not angry with you because I don't know you well enough to care to be angry.
When you stop testing me and other men with your juvenile female games and grow up then, just possibly then will I care enough to respond to your SHT tests.
Joanna_Warsaw - | 6
20 Feb 2011 #36
Wow.. that is amazing :D Soooo big discussion about "what he should write in SMS to Polish girl", amazing... really :) A thought only girls analyse that kind of things :)
No Nonsense 6 | 68
20 Feb 2011 #37
Lol I do this all the time, I don't know why though. I guess its sort of a way of making yourself look innocent and being able to do what you want.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
21 Feb 2011 #38
Lol I do this all the time, I don't know why though.

It's because you're a female.

I guess its sort of a way of making yourself look innocent and being able to do what you want.

The female mind at work. The difference with you is that you are honest about it. :)
rybnik 18 | 1,461
21 Feb 2011 #39

Yes,they like weak machos.

HUH?????? I'm sorry. I'm new to PF and not feeling this psychobabble. LOL
Ashleys mind 3 | 455
21 Feb 2011 #40
Waht! You disagree with southern??? He's losing his touch... ;)
Kiltmaker 3 | 20
26 Feb 2011 #41
Bravo, Southern.

My several years of personal experience and observations make me agree with the "week macho" point.
Poland is a matriarchal country, where women tend to dominate in relationships and guys tend to submit themselves.
That might be the partial reason for so many Polish guys 30+ to have a moustache (any psychologist would tell you that moustache is a symbol of a compensation for a lack of masculinity, i.e. men wearing moustache want to and try to look stronger, "like real man").

If you are a strong man (especially from another culture) and do not submit yourself in the relationships, there will be psychological fight between two alphas and it might end up in balance or not).

No offence to Polish guys on this forum, just a cultural observation of a close outsider.

The simple advice to the SMS guy: the less you love her the more she wants you. But don't forget to throw some candies in :)
southern 75 | 7,096
26 Feb 2011 #42
I didn't know there is such an interest in polish women psychology.I regard them as a branch in the general slavic tree which displays similar characteristics.Only czech girls are more stable in this regard due to the high germanic mix.(30%).
Crow 146 | 9,106
26 Feb 2011 #43
germanic mix.(30%).

shell i remind you that germanic mix in Czechs coming from the western Slavs who were previously germanized. Germanization didn`t come with penis. Germanization is ideology that was imposed on some Slavs.
mario22 - | 4
26 Feb 2011 #44
if he is great guy not just lookin for sex with the girlshe willbe stand with him love him hahaha
southern 75 | 7,096
27 Feb 2011 #45
This question is similar to the czech girls question zlobis na me? which means are you angry at me and usually follows a refusal of sex.(usually by one route).Zlobis?-Ne milacku,nezlobim jsi zlaticko.

-Ty zlobis!
-Ale ne.Nevadi.(it doesn't matter).Generally the most important expressions with slavic girls are yes and no.(ano-ne,tak-nie).Are you angry at me?-No.Do you want sex?Yes.-I want kisses.Yes.Did you see any other women?No.May I bring my girlfriend?Yes.

I was also suprised to find out when first time in CR that Czechs looks like Slavs and not like Germans.The same in Poland it came as a surprise how slavic they looked.

Especially in the '90s these looks were connected here with Russian women offering their services in a variety of manners.So when looking at czech female students studying books the natural reaction was to wonder ''why are these young prostitutes studying books?Amazing.''Or ''this clerk here looks like pro.Damn many females here are hos.Is this a heaven?''

It takes a time to dissociate looks from stereotypes.
19 Apr 2011 #46
I live in UK and have been seeing a 27yr old Polish girl for around 6 months. We have had several fallouts and its always about the same thing - COMMUNICATION.

I can text her and there's a 50/50 chance of getting a reply. I can phone her and sometimes she doesn't even pick up the phone. She says she'll call back later that day - doesn't. She'll arrange to come and stay at my place (she lives 75 miles away) and won't show up, and might just text in the afternoon to say she's decided to stay at home. Or she got hammered the night before and can't make it cos she feels too hungover.

When I ask why she doesn't reply for a couple of days, she might say something like "I was angry", or "I was not in the mood for talking". "I wanted to be on my own"

Then, after all this, she'll show up another day (usually 2 or 3 hours late) as if nothing has happened, and arrives happy and smiling!

It's hard to arrange anything because you never know if she'll arrive for it.

Anybody experienced similar traits?
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Apr 2011 #47
I can phone her and sometimes she doesn't even pick up the phone. She says she'll call back later that day - doesn't. She

It is quite obvious.She has another bf as well or more.If she does not answer inside one hour of your sms it is obvious she is with another bf and simply she cannot.Just pretend everything is OK since you still bang her.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
19 Apr 2011 #48
.Just pretend everything is OK since you still bang her.

yes, but he still needs her to stick to the appointment. pointless setting the mood lighting and ordering the pizza, if she doesn't turn up on time.
A J 4 | 1,088
20 Apr 2011 #49
"I hope you are not angry. Have a nice night, Kisses"

''Enjoy yourself baby girl..''

or "Are you angry with me?"

''Why? You think I should be?''

"Hey I should call you Mr. Angry or Mr. Huffish ?''

''Nah, you should call me Mr. Crazy-about-you!''

I was hoping you are not so angry with me :P Enjoy today "

''Hey, don't worry about it? If I ever *was* angry with you sweetheart, it probably wouldn't last for much longer than a second anyway! (Because you're too damn cute?)''

I know this is extreme mind-playing from their part, but what is actual a good nonchalant action to do?

I'm not saying it's any good, because if she insists it *obviously* won't matter how good you think you are. (Sad but true!)

Or I should ignore more days?

If you feel like she's seriously doing you wrong then you should ignore until she calls or texts you back, and *if* she doesn't, you should probably ignore her for life.

wildrover 98 | 4,451
20 Apr 2011 #50
Anybody experienced similar traits?

I think its a Polish thing....not just women...

I have had friends say they will visit me , on a certain day , at a certain time...and they just don,t show up...

Later they will arrive on another day , no apolagy for not showing up , or phoning to say they can,t make it , nothing...

You just have to get used to it...
20 Apr 2011 #51
Later they will arrive on another day , no apolagy for not showing up , or phoning to say they can,t make it , nothing...

Yeh, one time we spoke on the Monday about the following weekend when she was supposed to be coming down, then no contact after I'd texted & phoned several times and sent one final ****** text on the Friday afternoon around 3pm. She then calls me around 6pm saying she's at the airport and going to France for the weekend to see her brother!! She reckoned that we hadn't made any definite plans for the weekend! Bit late for me to make plans at that stage! Bearing in mind we have a holiday in Florida booked in the near future, it's beyond comprehension! (she probably won't show up!)

It's amazing how I can then send an e mail pointing out all the letdowns, being quite blunt about how this isn't the way to behave, and she'll come round with a big smile on here face, talk about it for 5 minutes then move on as if nothing's happened! (her English is virtually perfect and understands the humour etc.). Despite all this, nothing seems to get through and there's no effort to improve communication/change for the better!

One thing in her defense - she's not long (6 months) out of a relationship that turned abusive, with an English guy who was a bit of a control freak by all accounts
A J 4 | 1,088
20 Apr 2011 #52
it was actually a very normal question, the guy was just surprised at the high level of mindgames playing that polish girls do usually

You call a few silly texts a mindgame over there? Wow. (I need to spend some time in Poland and fast!!)


french one
27 Oct 2012 #53
My Polish girl always put her priority on her family not on me, she was extremely egoistic, without heart, but sometimes soft as well, but her b/f is absolutely not the first priority, ( I am french), on the top, they are emotional, they explode, they attack you physically, they insult you in Polish (son of kurwa), They disappear, they ignore you, ....and they are not home when they pretend to be home...they lie so much and they pretend to be Catholic, they even treat their own Polish men as ****, reason these poor guys drink so much vodka to forget their problems with their *******.... I was talking with US guy and Irish guy, and Ecuador, all our experiences were more than similar. Keep in mind that a Polish girl always come back on her land (poland), and you can not follow her because there is no jobs for you there. Better to focus and to put your love guys on a decent guys who will respect you!
lilsun - | 1
24 Dec 2012 #54
"I hope you are not angry. Have a nice night, Kisses"

why won't you just tell her the truth?? she's asking you that because she really wants to know if you're ok with that or not - if not , probably she won't do it again and she will care more but if you're making her think that it's fine with you so next time she will be like 'oh, he doesn't mind so i don't need to rush /care that much or whatever - because he won't be mad at me anyway'

polish girls like honesty, if you're gonna be honest with her - she's gonna treat you the same way and she will care about you more

another thing is that people in Poland don't say 'sorry' for every little sht they do (it doesn't mean that they are not polite though) it's because they are not used to it

and hmm, saying 'i love you'? feels like it doesn't have the same value as saying 'kocham cie' because let's admit it - for english people telling someone 'ti amo' means less than actual 'i love you', am i right? or it could be just me, oops
mmille24 3 | 6
27 Dec 2012 #55
If she asks 'Are you angry', just respond not at all and tell her you are out and will talk tomorrow.

Most important thing with women is to let them know they aren't the most important thing in your world.
TheLox - | 50
27 Dec 2012 #56
Or you can tell her, "Yes, my d*** is angry with you!". "But me, not so much".
9 Jan 2013 #57
Yes that, and also everything that SOUTHERN wrote, is just PURE GOLD.

Unfortunately polish girls keep tricking and using men over and over again :)
10 Jan 2013 #58
Thank you for sharing, it seems for you and all of your friends it was also the same...

so surprising that everyone says the same: polish girls are hysterical and OVER OVER EMOTIONAL and cheating a lot
Based Nibba
12 Nov 2019 #59
"Get my ck in your throat, kurva!", would be the sensible reply.

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