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Polish girl "loves" me, despite not meeting in real life first

OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
22 Apr 2017 #31
Oh by the way, I met this girl's mum on skype last night, seems like a nice woman. I guess this Polish girl who's dad is quite wealthy and who goes on holidays with her family to Spain every year is still trying to scam money out of me.
Lyzko 25 | 7,016
22 Apr 2017 #32
You met Skype too? What was she like? Doesn't sound Polish:-))))
Lyzko 25 | 7,016
22 Apr 2017 #34
Couldn't resist, Aussie! It's the borscht belt on me......tightening around my comic's waisteline))
nothanks - | 640
22 Apr 2017 #35

Welcome to the forum. Please offer some insight to how you found this forum/what you initially thought and do you have any connection to Poland/Polish culture? I'm Polish born currently living in California.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
22 Apr 2017 #36

Absolutely no connection to Poland, apart from this girl I met and a few friends from Uni who are from Poland.. if that counts haha
22 Apr 2017 #37
Right, so you know nothing about Poland and it seems have never left your own country from the way you go on.

Can you just go back to your Skype fantasies then and stop spamming the forum?
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
22 Apr 2017 #38
I've been to Thailand if that counts... and yes, you are correct, I don't know **** about Poland... what is your point? Is there any substance to your comment or are you just commenting for the sake of being heard?
Ironside 49 | 10,626
22 Apr 2017 #39
What the hell n..? Are you bored out of your damn mind? You must be a lucky son of a gun to have this kind of problem. On the other hand its sad if you know want I mean dawg.
TheOther 6 | 3,818
22 Apr 2017 #40
n.., dawg

Are you living in the "hood" now, Iron? :)
Ironside 49 | 10,626
22 Apr 2017 #41
the "hood

What can I say? It is about the way they talk. I find it very entertaining.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
23 Apr 2017 #42
She said that she could loan ME money if I couldn't afford to fly to Poland.... Wow, she's such a scammer! Or maybe she's a loan shark. I'll let the pessimists run wild with their theories.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
23 Apr 2017 #43
Are you done with the validation seeking Aussie?

"Look what she did/said now! You guys are so wrong and this girl is great".

We get it. If (not when) your heart gets broken don't forget to learn from the experience and grow some humility.
Joker 1 | 1,681
23 Apr 2017 #44
Its like a soap opera, I don't believe a word of it.
Who comes on the internet, only if you can't get
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
23 Apr 2017 #45
Oh my Joker, you're such a player aren't you? Unfortunately being a "player" doesn't appeal to girls over the age of 16. Maybe you should go to Thailand as a sex tourist, I'm sure the 10 year old hookers would be impressed!
Joker 1 | 1,681
23 Apr 2017 #46
Oh my Joker, you're such a player aren't you? U

Im not the one whining on the internet about an imaginary lover.

Maybe you should go to Thailand as a sex tourist, I'm sure the 10 year old hookers would be impressed!

I never ever think about such things. Perhaps, your fantasy girl might want to know about these twisted thoughts?
Joker 1 | 1,681
23 Apr 2017 #47
She sends me nudes quite frequently

Right there should be your red flag dude!

She probably has 10 other guys that she is doing this to as well, it sounds like a scam.

Do you really want a girl with such low class that sends nudies to ppl over the internet?

Lets see what she looks like, she wont


An Aussie, are you friends with kangaroo boy?
23 Apr 2017 #48
What are you doing on Polish Forums if you know nothing about Poland/your only experience of the culture is some Skype exchange?

My bad, you went on a lads trip to Thailand once.

Let's get back to the Thread of enlightenment and forget I questioned your whole purpose here. If you think you have found your perfect match on Skype, fire away.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
23 Apr 2017 #49
I think buggzy had the most realistic assessment of the situation (He summed up my experience well) The rest of the people assume that because she's from a 2nd world country that she's automatically out to get my money when in reality... her family have more wealth than mine. She doesn't send nudes "frequently"... in the last 2 weeks she has but it's taken months for her to be comfortable enough to do so. She's also seen me in my birthday suit through skype and I have yet to be "blackmailed". I do appreciate the feedback, be it good or bad and I apologize if I've offended anyone during my brief time on these forums.

Why should I know anything about Poland? I'm sure Polish people don't actively try to research the history of Australia. If there was an 'Australian forums' and you came there... I certainly wouldn't be giving you a hard time about not having any connection to Australia. I guess the Polish are less accepting of other cultures.
Atch 17 | 3,309
24 Apr 2017 #50
God Almighty, you really are a bunch of unmitigated eejits. It's hard to believe you're grown men. Imagine believing any of this rubbish.What sort of a half-wit Skypes with someone for six months and then feels the sudden need to unburden himself on forum like this one, seeking the guidance of the justified ancients of long distance 'lerv'. As he's named himself after a performer - I would hesitate to call him a singer (you all got the Ozzie Osborne thing didn't you?) I'm re-christening our Aussie friend as Nellie, after Nellie Melba, a fine Australian diva.

Now Nellie, you're the one who suggested in the first place that she's trying to scam you in some way. You did that on purpose to try to annoy people. This is a so-called Polish forum and you confidently expected that they'd all turn on you with pikes and pitchforks. After all as you yourself said elsewhere, the purpose of trolling is to make people angry. That didn't quite work because most people here aren't Polish. However a troll can only work with the tools he has.

As to why you should know anything about Poland, if you were really involved with a Polish girl for six months you would have learned quite a bit about it by now without even having to make an effort. And if you were such close friends with a Polish guy that you were hanging out with him when he was chatting with his girlfriend, then you'd already know something of Polish culture, unless of course you're a completely thick, ignorant lump. Oh wait a minute...........
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
24 Apr 2017 #51
Perhaps if a Polish person was falling in love with an Australian, they might have enough incentive to do some research into the culture. But that's just a theory. From my side my girlfriends have wanted to learn more about English culture because they were dating me but I told them not to bother - it will only lead to frustration.

If you want to impress this girl, I'm sure that some research is warranted. Otherwise you will just be pigeonholed with all the other ignorant civilians of English speaking countries, as you being now and as I am trying to avoid myself.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
24 Apr 2017 #52
Atch is wrong on all counts but I applaud the effort he put into his comment that was obviously designed to be defamatory. This is actually the first time I've been accused of trolling.... when I actually haven't been trolling... I gave that **** up when I was in my teens.

I hope this forum isn't indicative of the nature of Polish people. If it is, I'll stay well away from that narrow-minded "country".
Atch 17 | 3,309
24 Apr 2017 #53
But Nellie dear you have firsthand experience of Poles from your many friends in university who are from Poland, so why would you base your views of Polish people on a Polish-American forum where many members are not Polish at all? Get away outta that you big old tin-roofer!
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
24 Apr 2017 #54
There's no need to be salty, Atch. We can't all have a terrible economy, a manchild of a president and over 4 million people incarcerated. The land of the free baby.
Atch 17 | 3,309
24 Apr 2017 #55
No indeed, but I'm not American, I'm happy to say - is it only four million, I thought it was more.
24 Apr 2017 #56

Sorry I am new to this forum and am not Polish but I live in Poland for close to 2 years, speak reasonable Polish for an English speaker(even slightly better than 1 or 2 foreign slavs I know but they don't drink as much as me when I go out...) and we have so many threads on here about whatever irrelevant nonsense that I find this thread to be the most ridiculous example of X from Y can solve my problem.

Generally everything online is fake. Online dating, Online advertising, online business, online socialising. Forums are the one place I hope to actually get some fun debate but this one is a bit of a squib

Anyways we are too far in now so let's get on with it.

As an Irishman moving around Europe, if I can make just one observation, why doesn't a single Ozzie I have ever met speak even one other language even a little bit? When I think of typical anglophone I think of an Aussie backpacker.

You make a fair point but in fairness this whole thread is a joke.

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