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Polish girl "loves" me, despite not meeting in real life first

AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #1
So I have recently struck up quite a relationship with a Polish girl who I met through a Polish mate of mine who lives in Australia. My Polish mate has a girlfriend in Poland and her best friend 'N' saw me when we were skyping with my mate's girlfriend and apparently she was attracted to me. So she started talking to me on fb and I flirted a bit and 6 months later, she confessed her love for me. She sends me nudes quite frequently and is always trying to get me to show my feelings and gets jealous when I mention other girls. What I'm trying to ask is... is this girl legit keen on me or is this some thing that a lot of Polish girls do to try and get citizenship in 1st world countries?

I really like her and I don't want her to **** me around. I've been ****** around enough by aussie chicks so I don't need a Polish chick ruining my trust too.
skubus 7 | 42
18 Apr 2017 #2
Careful mate. I'm suspicious of the type of "intimate" photos being sent to you. Firstly any Polish girls I know would never take let alone send these kind of pics. Secondly this could be an attempt to entice you into doing something similar and then try and blackmail you at a later date. From what I know about Polish girls you have to earn their trust and then their love. It's not just offered on a plate!!
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #3
Believe me there is a lot of trust between us, we skype all the time and she is always texting me first. She was very hesitant to send these kind of photos but I guess she trusts me not to show anyone. If she were to blackmail, she'd be stupid, because I also have her photos, I know her mother's facebook and her father's and I know all of her friends, also... I have nothing to hide.. I'm not ashamed of my cock.

On a side note: I said that if I won the lottery, I would pay for her to come over here but she refused and said that she'd rather pay her own way.
Veles - | 201
18 Apr 2017 #4
Yes, she certainly wants to escape Poland where KGB stalks the opposition, people disappear in mysterious circumstances, everyone here is drunk and the Internet she has is probably somewhat stolen. Help her, man! She wants to escape to "1st world country". Make her life safe and pleasant so she can be grateful to her hero. Otherwise she may be kidnapped by Black Volga driver and her organs sold on black market, you know, it's Eastern Europe afterall.
mafketis 35 | 11,727
18 Apr 2017 #5
If she were to blackmail, she'd be stupid, because I also have her photos

Are you sure she's not a minor? Because if she is..... then having her pictures would not really be a. very. good. thing. tooo. haaave.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #6
She's allegedly 22 and goes to university. If she was actually a minor, I had absolutely no knowledge of it, nor did I ask for nudes.
spiritus 69 | 666
18 Apr 2017 #7
Have you sent her any intimate photos of yourself ? Be careful as there are reports of online blackmail scams
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #8
I'll cut her off immediately and notify my friends in Italy. Next time she goes anywhere in Calabria, she's ******.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Apr 2017 #9

There's more red flags here than at a Communist Party rally. This is not normal behavior for a 22-year-old Polish woman. Something is very fishy, and blackmail is what entered my head as well on first reading. Run, don't walk, away. Get your computer deep cleaned so there is no recoverable trace of deleted images on it. God I hope you weren't stupid enough to send here any compromising pictures of yourself that can be used against you. I mean, you can't be that stupid, can you?
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #10

Yes but what would be the point in her blackmailing me? Spending 6 months and not getting a single thing out of me.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Apr 2017 #11

Well, the whole point of blackmail would be to extort cash, most likely. The other possibility is that she is a psycho nutter, which can be even more destructive. You've let this go on for six months? You sure do like playing with fire.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #12

Hmm, we'll see. What's the worst that couldd happen? I string a scammer along for years until they get fed up and move onto a new target. I certainly don't reciprocate the feelings, although I am fond of her.
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
18 Apr 2017 #13
I should just clarify that she sent me her first nude (tasteful) this week after nearly 6 months of interactions via skype and text. It's not like she was sending me nudes within the first week...
mafketis 35 | 11,727
18 Apr 2017 #14
I am fond of her

You don't know her, you know a part she's playing.

She sends me nudes quite frequently

she sent me her first nude (tasteful) this week

Which statement is true? How can something that's been going on for less than a week be described as happening "quite frequently"?
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Apr 2017 #15

Is your life so pathetically empty that you have to fill the void with childish trolling? Might as well put your head in the oven already and save your mom the shame of having spawned a hopeless loser.
Atch 17 | 3,808
18 Apr 2017 #16
is this some thing that a lot of Polish girls do to try and get citizenship in 1st world countries?

Poland is not a third world country. She's an EU citizen with the right to live in any country of the 27 EU member states or the EEA countries so she's in a better position than you, as an Australian who have to jump through hoops to do that.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
18 Apr 2017 #17
I'll cut her off immediately and notify my friends in Italy. Next time she goes anywhere in Calabria, she's ******.

Not quite sure how your friends in the deep south of Italy (where most Europeans simply don't venture) are going to help you with a Polish girl, to be honest.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Apr 2017 #18

They could put her in one of those tomato concentration camps.
jon357 72 | 21,302
18 Apr 2017 #19
Which statement is true? How can something that's been going on for less than a week be described as happening "quite frequently"?

I thought the same. It seems like trolling.

notify my friends in Italy. Next time she goes anywhere in Calabria, she's ******.

Yep, definitely trolling.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
18 Apr 2017 #20

Without a doubt. Not even very good trolling, as anyone with any knowledge whatsoever would know that most Europeans go nowhere near the mafia-infested hole that is Southern Italy.
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
18 Apr 2017 #21
There's a sucker born every minute (and two to take him)!
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
19 Apr 2017 #23
Think you mean La Camora:-)
Anyway, same difference.
19 Apr 2017 #24
I would echo the sentiments harboured above.

If this isn't a blackmail scam, she's clearly not right in the head.

This happened to me once or twice when two Polish girls were sending me images on FB. Firstly, never ever respond by actually sending pictures. This was easy for me as I don't even own a smartphone lol. In one case it was some creepy gay barman acting the maggot with the girl's phone, in the other case the girl was a complete lunatic who I had only met once and just wanted my photos to show her friends(was not actually interested in meeting up) and when I asked why she had a big hissy fit and was promptly blocked.

If you come to Poland you will quickly learn women in their twenties are not at all like in other countries, and unless you have some ******** stories, a rich Saudi family, are exotic enough to **** off their family and friends, or a rich family background, you will not get obvious attention from women, and you will, like most men, have to date many many girls and a lot of it will be a waste of time as they quickly get bored and move on before anything actually develops, or if like me you come from a country where there is no Dating culture, you will just realise dating is a big waste of money and time and stop bothering. Literally the only men I know with 'regular success rates' wer ein the above groups who fed the shallow young ladies' materialistic and attention needs with ********, money and ignorance of their mates to pull all the girls in the room. I know one Saudi student in particular who has lived here for 6 years, is always stabbing his mates in the back to get women, and will behave this way to embarrass everyone in the pub so he can look like the 'Alpha' male. Many young women are only attracted to ******** artists who have no brains, cannot speak a word of Polish nor talk about anything of substance but who throw money and compliments at them to buy their attention.

Trust me this is never genuine if it happens early on/before you even meet. The only thing you will learn here is how impossible it is to be a perfect man and how every woman spends every date psychoanalysing you and would never behave like this hardly at all, let alone early on.

In this country the most successful(if defined by having no mates and multiple f*** buddies) are the ******** artists, the most exotic who usually have money to burn and no end of childish lies to feed the young woman-child in her twenties with, those who revel in ignorance and can only speak English(the loud types) and the scumbags who the woman feels sorry for. You will actually not feel like dating or asking any woman under 30 out after a while for these reasons.

Polish women in their twenties are the biggest waste of time going and anyone who behaves like this before you even meet her is the worst of the worst. They expect everything in men but then choose the violent scumbag or the rich ignorant prick.
19 Apr 2017 #25
*Apart from those(the majority) who are already married by the time they are 25 of course :)

They generally pretend they like to live very sheltered lives too, at least when they are in Poland, so for many reasons what you say is completely weird.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
20 Apr 2017 #26
My ex GF (Polish) was sending me sexual pictures and being frisky over Skype but we were already dating and had met.

Pre-dating though, she was reluctant to send even selfies and my flirtatious comments over Skype were quickly shut down as she preferred "live".

For relevance she had over 25 sexual partners and was 28, so a) even "rambunctious" Polish girls are reluctant to engage in nudes culture and b) you still have to be dating them on a beyond virtual basis.

Any who aren't are extremely westernised and should be kept at a wide birth, AFAIC.

Compare to England and if girls aren't sending you naughty selfies you haven't got a chance in hell. I'm glad Poland helped me grow out of needing them to be assured of a romantic opportunity in that respect.

So in essence stay away from Polish girls who send you nudes in general.
Buggsy 8 | 98
21 Apr 2017 #27
saw me when we were skyping with my mate's girlfriend and apparently she was attracted to me

First of all, don't be put off by some of the comments on here. This is quite normal. She is probably a girl who's had enough of the local mummy's boys around and looking for someone different and believe me there are plenty of girls like that once you get to know them. Depending on where she comes from, she probabaly feels that those nudes are the only way you can appreciate her considering the long distance.

You mention, quite clearly, that she saw you while skyping with your mate's girlfriend and most people on here are missing that point. You didn't meet her on some random dating website. I have a mate who met his wife in almost similar situation. After 2 months of dating she sent tasteful semi naked photos and when she went over to visit, she paid for her own air ticket by the way, he found out she was a normal girl. She was still at Uni

fast forward 10 years to now- they have 2 beautiful daughters and still together. Whenever we meet we always say how brave she was to do such but when she tells us of her ex's you begin to understand why she had to look elsewhere...
OP AussieAusBorn 1 | 18
21 Apr 2017 #28
Cheers, Bugsy, I've been waiting for a rational post for a while. After reading various other posts in other threads, I realized that most people who were negative in my thread were negative in others, which lead me to believe that they were (for the most part) bitter men who have only ever had bad experiences with foreign women.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
21 Apr 2017 #29

So essentially you wrote a thread simply to validate your (clearly already made) decision to pursue this girl, and any dissenting observations are "irrational"?
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
21 Apr 2017 #30
Anyone who seriously seeks a long-term relationship, even a short term fling by relying on selfies over the Internet and "sex-chat" or the like, ought respectfully to have his head examined:-)

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