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Polish girl after my husband

Kaz70 1 | 1
22 Sep 2018 #1
Can someone help a polish girl at my husbands work has been calling him peterku( his name is peter!)saying she dreams of him and he emailed her an called her gig( not her name!) am I goin mad are these plush words a real sign she's a threat do t know what todo

jon357 72 | 21,158
22 Sep 2018 #2

It's affectionate. It can be said tongue-in-cheek, however not usually.

saying she dreams of him

A bad sign. I would have some very strong words with him about her.
Lyzko 42 | 9,138
22 Sep 2018 #3
I've found Polish women in particular often to be aggressively, if playfully, flirtatious, frequently coming on way "too strong" for most Westerners' taste:-)
OP Kaz70 1 | 1
22 Sep 2018 #4
Thanks for replies so putting ku on end of his name is a bad sign also why would he call her gig her name is jolanta I have a bad feeling and I'm worried
jon357 72 | 21,158
22 Sep 2018 #5
so putting ku on end of his name is a bad sign

It can be. Not always, but it can be. You shouldn't read that much into this alone.

also why would he call her gig

This is a mystery.
Sylvio 20 | 155
22 Sep 2018 #6
I think you should meet this woman face to face, and tell her that you find the way she carries on upsetting and tell your husband that he must come clean with his true intentions and warn him againt lying to you if your relationship is of any value to him. Then find yourself a mentor, a priest councelor or psychlogist,.or at least read up on how to deal with a flaky spouse.
24 Sep 2018 #7
why would he call her gig

It stands for "Girl I Groped"
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
25 Sep 2018 #8
The japanese believe that if a man cheats on a woman its the womans fault for not being a good wife/girlfriend and properly satisfying him. In other words, keep your man happy and if he is you should have no reason to worry.
Sylvio 20 | 155
26 Sep 2018 #9
what you are saying is, if your marriage looks weak on your man's side, you should jump ahead and bust it up for him. That's ok. assuming that you two had married with the idea that one day either side will do that.
lul bul - | 48
28 Sep 2018 #10
I would never approach the girl first,but would talk to hubby face to face and not look like a clown asking another woman.
22 Oct 2018 #11
I would not trust her, polish woman are homewreckers. My first husband had an affair with polish woman I divorced him they got engaged and about a year later she left him. I now just found out my current husband just cheated on me with another pollack. I am trying to track her down and ruin her life like she ruined mine. Don't get me wrong my husband is 100% in the wrong as she is it takes two to tango. She supposedly went back to Poland.
MoOli 9 | 480
22 Oct 2018 #12
How do you plan on doing that?
Crow 160 | 9,212
23 Oct 2018 #13
Your husband got himself lucky. Don`t ruin his moment, please. Have soul. Don`t be selfish.

Let it be. let it be.
23 Oct 2018 #14
She has family here and I am trying things like this site. The only reason my "husband" is lucky is because I 'm still around right now

, he would have been luckier if he didn't get caught in her web, he ruined a good thing. He was the selfish one, I now my worth.
Crow 160 | 9,212
24 Oct 2018 #15
What to tell you. This world is crazy. People just like to jump on each others. Sodoma and Gomora.

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