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Getting married - registry office in Gdansk - any experiences?

Trixity 8 | 30
25 Jan 2010 #1
Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of getting all the paperwork sorted for my upcoming wedding here in Gdansk.

I've got more or less everything ready - basically the certificate of no impediment and birth certificate ready to be translated.

I had understood that all I need was these two documents translated into Polish by a sworn translater + my passport. I also understood that the translator DOES NOT need to be present at the registry office when we go to get whatever piece of paper we need from them.

Then I made the mistake of calling the local register office in Gdansk to double check...

In a nutshell the lady there seemed to think it was a lot more involved than just the three documents I mentioned and involved more paperwork than it is realistically possible for one human being ever to complete in his or her lifetime.

I've already got everything sorted with the church and they're happy with everything, it's just this last and apparently spectacularly high hurdle of the registry office that I have to negotiate now.

So my question is does anyone have experience of doing the paperwork for marriage here in Gdansk and how did it go?

For my sanity I hope that someone has a nice experience to share.


Oh and one more thing. Does the copy of the birth certificate need to have an apostille stamp?

Many Thanks!
caprice49 4 | 224
25 Jan 2010 #2
marriage here in Gdansk

Don't forget to register with the consul of your country of origin to validate your marriage in that country too.
al111 13 | 89
25 Jan 2010 #3
you're pretty much sorted out mate. i think you have all the paper work sorted out.
Town offices can be a hassle sometimes but depends mainly on whether the people there have dealt with such cases before. And if not they tend to take you down that bureaucractic route we're all too familiar with. Besides that u're almost there matie..

All the best for the Future.
OP Trixity 8 | 30
25 Jan 2010 #4
Thanks Al.

I read your other post on this subject and it gave me a glimmer of hope!

I'll let you know how I got on! :-)
cjj - | 281
25 Jan 2010 #5
good luck and apologies for the wrong title !

28 Jan 2015 #6

me and my boyfriend would like to have wedding in Gdansk, can you recommend somebody u will marry us,please?I am surprised how experienced you are.

Many thanks for your help:)

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