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Filipino guy with a Polish girl..

I like Pierogi!!
10 Aug 2006 #1
I am with my hot, intelligent, sexy Polish girlfriend for 3 years now. I have to say my relationship with her is with a lot of "fun" memories. I think Polish women are fun and interesting. Is there any other Filipino-Polish couple out there? becoz it seems that we are the only ones.

Why not many Polish girls date Asian guys? Is there any reason for that? huh? There are some Polish guys with Asian girls but not a lot of Polish girls with Asian guys..
rafik 18 | 589
11 Aug 2006 #2
Why not many Polish girls date Asian guys? Is there any reason for that? huh? There are some Polish guys with Asian girls but not a lot of Polish girls with Asian guys..

i think wujek was interested in such a relationship.he even send a picture of his girlfriend-to-be in this forum.u know the one with banana:)
11 Aug 2006 #3
: ) now now thats a bit naughty
oh hohoho
11 Aug 2006 #4
You lucky Bastard! =)
11 Aug 2006 #5
Filipino-Polish couple out there?

Well my Filipino friend is datin my polish guy friend so... yeah...!
21 Aug 2006 #6
I'm a Filipino guy and I seem to attract Polish girls more than any other ethnicity. Or vice versa? I just realized most of the girls I dated from HS thru college were usually Polish-American. Now more recently, Polish-born. And loving it! :)
joannejagiello - | 2
14 May 2008 #7
Im Filipina and I married a polish man. He is the sweetest ever!! :)
fishstick - | 10
19 May 2008 #8
Anything is possible, even a Polish - Filipino relationship... why shouldn't it be. My sister dated a Filipino for 3 years but it didn't work out. Dont know the details why.. they seemed to get along fine...
17 Jul 2009 #9
i'm a filipina and i have a polish gf
22 Jul 2009 #10
is she your gf now? :)
southern 73 | 7,071
22 Jul 2009 #11
Why not many Polish girls date Asian guys? Is there any reason for that? huh?

The usual 1 cm.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
22 Jul 2009 #12
You've studied that closely or what?
The Pope
21 Mar 2010 #13
both devoutly catholic nationalities...
23 Mar 2010 #14
I'm Indian and have a polish girlfriend :/ Do you count that as Asian?
13 Apr 2010 #15
I am am an americanized half filipino and half hawaiian girl from california. I moved to Florida for a travel rn job, only was supposed to stay there a year, but met this polish guy fell in love and got married!!! now i stay in florida permanently. I must say, he is the best out of all guys I have ever been with, he is so sweet to me!!!!!
13 Apr 2010 #16
that could work, at least she not with you for chances of better jobs, live, etc, so that could be true love man with genuine girl, well done
nymph888 2 | 31
15 Apr 2010 #17
I'd like to think that this will work out too... i, for one, have met a polish guy in one of our work programs... i like him though i can't tell whether he likes me too. I hope he does, or if not now, he will :)

i'm just not so familiar with how poles see having a filipina as a partner...

anyway, good luck to you! :)
diesel - | 2
3 Jan 2012 #18
Merged: Filipino Polish attraction

Hello! I come to you to clarify an observation of mine which I have been observing regularly since probably the mid 90's. And that is that whenever I (a Filipino man) am in a group where a Polish woman is present, that woman is very likely to find me attractive. Not all of them, but it just happens so often that I can't believe it's mere coincidence. The same works also, but not as often, with women from Slovakia.

So dear Polish women, do you find Filipino men attractive?
charmbracelet02 1 | 14
12 Feb 2012 #19
im a filipina girly who's dating a polish dude. yeah, it seems that polish people are attracted to asian. hehehe. whenever im my bf, i feel like im the most beautiful dudette in the
13 Feb 2012 #20
Filipino guy married with blonde polish women
Their children will be looks like asian people becaus the genetic facts
I mean asian physical gen is dominant than european
You know, black-haired is dominant than blonde
Dark-skinned dominant than white.
Thats just genetic science facts.
If it straight away, no more blondes in the world

No offense, but facts
13 Feb 2012 #21
Filipinoes/as are such great people. No wonder they get along with Poles. And the offspring, if they proceed to produce, will be way attractive!
rybnik 18 | 1,453
13 Feb 2012 #22
Why not many Polish girls date Asian guys? Is there any reason for that? huh? There are some Polish guys with Asian girls but not a lot of Polish girls with Asian guys..

Because you Filipino men are major mama's boys and are notoriously un-faithful. That's why the Filipinas in the States dread hooking up with you guys. They all hope and pray they'll meet some "American".
17 Sep 2012 #23
i don't knowabout you guys but im dating a polish girl who is 15. im very proud weve met in a chat-site. i hope we get more closer than we are right now. :) Polish women are the best, i mean im a little bit stupid and crazy and polish girls are very attractive to it. maybe im just a person with a humor. Wish me luck. XD and to those polish ladies out there, i hope you pick the right guy. God Bless.

P.S. pick filipinos, they are kind and gentleman.
whyikit 6 | 102
17 Sep 2012 #24
Can't believe you have posted at. Just for information a female who is 15 is not a women yet!!!
RevokeNice 15 | 1,854
17 Sep 2012 #25
i don't knowabout you guys but im dating a polish girl who is 15


i hope we get more closer


i mean im a little bit stupid and crazy


pick filipinos, they are kind and gentleman

And child groomers, evidently.
17 Sep 2012 #26
[quote]pick filipinos, they are kind and gentleman[/quote
There must be too many more filipino men compare to women as most of the filipino women are working as maid/sales in another country or they hook up some white grandpa.
22 Sep 2012 #27
Dude I'm filipino and all I've been chasing is Polish females. They are really fuckin good in bed and really attractive. If you are an attractive male regardless race/ethniticy polish girls are definitely fun to be with and go after. I have had nearly 7 polish girl friends. Some filipinos just need to adjust their image in America.. it isn't a third generation country. If that happens, we'd see a rise in statistics.
Polipino - | 1
7 Feb 2013 #28
Dating? Lol, I am a Polish girl married to the Filipino guy. He is loving and caring. We didn't wait 3 years though, after 8 months we knew we want to be together and he proposed to me :-D

We had a Catholic traditional wedding in Poland and now we have the cutest baby in the whole world. Love my Poli-pino family :-) wouldn't exchange it for anything else in the world! ...7 years later and still happily married. Btw, I can't believe how time flies...

I did notice the original question was published in 2006... However I am still replying in hopes that it will help some other couples ;-)
17 Jul 2013 #29
I had a ex girlfriend and she is a polish from Wroclaw, we just dating for 2 months only and we didn't work out, because this girl is just using me or taking me for granted, she is sweet and very nice at the first time,but later own she shows me her real face, she is cheating me while I'm helping her in her life for living while I'm working abroad. But plenty polish women are very nice and goo person, I just hook a bad fish.

I'd like to meet again a polish women that is ready for a long relationship. Not for fun or play. I want to try again,maybe I had a luck for the 2nd time :-)
24 Aug 2013 #30
Hello MichaelC sorry to hear about your experience with a Polish lady. I too am trying to start a serious relationship with a Polish lady. I met her online and after chatting with her for maybe 2 months I went to see her in Poland and fell in love with her straighaway. I have been to see her on a number of occassions and like you I am am also helping her. She says that she likes me and I told her that I love her but latelty somehow I feel that she maybe using me as well. Please let me know how exactly you knew she was not genuine. What are the signs? It would be highly appreciated to hear what you think of my situation. Dzienkuje and salamat po

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