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Filipina married a Polish man, need more advice

pgtx 30 | 3,156
12 Oct 2010 #31
you need a dictionary or a translator? :)
pgtx 30 | 3,156
12 Oct 2010 #33
aggrrr.... but you know what i meant! :)
convex 20 | 3,978
12 Oct 2010 #34
Because everyone already has him pegged as an idiotic *******.
shewolf 5 | 1,077
12 Oct 2010 #35
will have early next year... not out yet.

Does his wife know about you and your baby?
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
13 Oct 2010 #36
Yes she knows about me already and her kids too but not about the the baby..
trener zolwia 1 | 939
13 Oct 2010 #37
Yes she knows about me already and her kids too

His kids too?? How do they know about you? How do you know they know about you? Your lying guy tell you he told them?
shewolf 5 | 1,077
13 Oct 2010 #38
So true. What proof is there that they know?
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
13 Oct 2010 #39
hi guys, waaah now i feel like crying, ok ok yah i am not 100% sure that his family knew about me already as I only spoke to him but not his kids and wife.. but guys he seems so real and true of what he is telling me.. everytime he will share with me about his family situation and he is crying it makes my heart brake as it really seems they dont care about him... truth will alwasy come out. . . sure i wanted to talk to his wife and really wants to know the truth but I have no right to do that. but if i will find out that he is just making up stories then he will loose someone who truly loves him. he knows i am real and honest with him even though we are apart i am faithful to him.
14 Oct 2010 #40
yes, same guy been for almost 3 years now ...

kumusta ka na, how did you meet him ?
monika87 - | 55
14 Oct 2010 #41
my Polish bf lie to me, he told me that he was divorced and no kids but turns up he has kids and wife and living in the same house and not divorce. Does he has any reason to lie to me because I told him that I prefer to meet someone with no kids? Please advice

probably his divorce too is a lie

no, he had no reason to lie to you, and his wife and kids are simply a bad dream, wake up!

Yes, wake up girl, wake up and leave. What is he thinking? He can have two wives? Then he should find another country where it is allowed. Cheer up you deserve a better
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
14 Oct 2010 #42
hello again guys.. thanks again for the responce.. I meet him online..after four months of talking online he decided to come and visit me.. so that how it started and from that day we talked everyday calls, chat online or sms messaging..I am awake but the hard thing is it is not easy to forget someone you really care and love and so important to you. I tried it many times but he is always there. I wish it is eays and start again and just move on.
monika87 - | 55
14 Oct 2010 #43
You will soon meet an unmarried man without children, just relax a little, enjoy your single life and be patient. He not loved you really, you can not live with one-sided love. I understand you, if you've loved someone it will take a long time, but you will forget him, as soon as you meet someone better.
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
16 Oct 2010 #44
thank you guys for your opinion and advices...
czbi - | 2
16 Oct 2010 #45
Hi, Sana ok ka na. Well, I am so new in this site and forum. I admit I am going crazy as well now. But, always I have But. You will see what I mean. In my case I had an ex polish. We never had an official break up, never even said goodbyes. We just let our lives go on. It was late 1999 when we last stayed together. Our realtionships was fantastic as a general discriptions of many about being with polish man. But our realtionships was not always in near distance instead very far. We met in the Cruise lines him as a contractor and me as a Casino bar waitress. I saw how he work hard everyday, punctual and devoted employee. The problem with him was cannot so much english that's why he cannot be ever be the person in my criteria. But I loved him with all my heart. I know he could be the perfect husband and father though. But We we're still young then, we're 26 both and now were late 30's. We never think of anything just be together and happy. Many were so envious of us. Many really likes him. But I found out that he is very choosy. He don't like girls on the go. You got what I mean? He noticed me first and asked who I am to many collueges in the whole ships. I found out that someone likes me but I did not care. I think I gave him a hardtime though and that's why he treasured me when we we're together. He is an every woman's dream, to describe him in one word.

We separated without any official word or things happened. I just let things, time gone. I know that both of us is struggling for our future life. And he knew that I am a hard working person and he sees himself with me. But I am a person who will reach high! So when we never had any contact anymore( I understand bec. he cannot speak so much english) I decided to move on. Incase we meet again, we are mature enough and life is even more serious as ever now. Life is so unpredictable and has many surprises. So try to go ahead. Only destiny will tell if you will meet again.

I can afford to meet him anywhere he is now. And that is the difference before and now. But still it is better to wait for the right moment. Build up yourself first if you can. Because polish is just now progressing. Life there would not be the same as to one's expectaions. Common people there have hardlife. So try to think and decide for youself. Hope it'll help.
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
16 Oct 2010 #46
Hi czbi, thank you for sharing your story it is a sad story but yes you are right who knows one day you guys will meet again and hopely you guys are still available for eachother and I hope too that this time he knows more english so you guys can communicate with each other. He and I got engaged like 2 years ago but I told him I discard that as it was not right coz at that time he was still married to his ex the last time he came back her just a couplke month ago he wanted to get engaged again or get married that I did not agree with him as it was still shocking for me and hurting me of what happen. We have no problem with communicating with each other as I understand english a bit. everyday we do not miss a day of talking or sending offlines on YM, will see how it goes between him and me. I just want to make sure that his family knows everything about us specially his kids and he is divroce then I can be with him for good. Yes I love him so much but I am willing to give up for the sake of his family if its not true that he is not divorce. I will not give up and stop loving him until I will find out. thats how much i love him. sure sounds crazt for other peolpe but guys common love is blind.
shewolf 5 | 1,077
16 Oct 2010 #47
sure sounds crazt for other peolpe but guys common love is blind.

Your situation is different, though, because you're going to have his baby. You can't just forget him and move on that easily. And also, your child is going to want to know his or her father and it would be wrong not to allow that. He created a mess.
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
16 Oct 2010 #48
the child has the right to know who is his/her father and i will deprieved that from my child. all i want to know is if everything his telling is true specially the divorce and i know truth will come out. if his still lying he will never see me or the child.
18 Oct 2010 #49
Were in the Philiphines you from ? you live in philliphina yes ?
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
18 Oct 2010 #50
I am from Leyte, yes i live in the Philippines. (correction from my previous message) what I mean is i will not deprived my child to know who is his/her father.
18 Oct 2010 #51
I am from Leyte, yes i live in the Philippines

Ok I know, I have visited Boracay many times, which is also in Visayas. Your bf is divorced, are yo divorced as well?
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
18 Oct 2010 #52
Boracay is far from where i live never been there but i have heard it is a very nice place one of the tourist spot in the Philippines....yes thats what he said that they got divorced early this year.. I was never married and i dont know if i ever get married as of now i am really broken hearted about this issue. but i will be a mother soon early next year.
xyla - | 5
20 Oct 2010 #53
deeply inluv!!,

Where did you meet your polish Boyfriend?
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
20 Oct 2010 #54
Hello xyla, i met him on a dating website. are you filipina?
xyla - | 5
21 Oct 2010 #55
yeah, I am a filipina like you but not in our country.I'm working in a foreign land for

3 years now,I left the Country since June 12,2007.Before,I had a

Polish Collegue and my first time to work with a Polish guy.I observed he is a nice guy

and gentleman...and different from other collegues who are Americans,English and

Australians.He speaks Engish well,but He doesn't mingle in our group.He makes friend only

to two or three people. I observed he is a nice guy,gentleman,etc...since then,

I fall in love with Him.He is the only guy whom admired the most.

Dunno anything about him now 'coz im in a new worksite now and lives in another city.

Meeting him before makes me feel that Polish are good people.

Deeply-inluv,would you mind to share the exact dating site

where you met your polish bf....

About your situation,let it be born.Your baby is a BLESSING from UP ABOVE.

Who knows,siya ang magiging presidente ng Pilipinas paglaki niya...
Atosha 3 | 42
21 Oct 2010 #56
the child has the right to know who is his/her father

Doesn't the baby have a right to know there brothers and sisters too?

The sweetest thing a man can offer us women is there mouth, they can sweet talk us out of our underwear quicker then we realise.

Once that baby is born you may never here from him again. His family knows nothing about you and never will if he has his way. I know I may sound harsh but he has never loved you he just wanted to get his leg over and stay somewhere for free. If he truelly loved you he would be living with you right now. He more than likely has other women too, he will never leave his wife and family for you or any other women why should he? he can have his cake and eat it. Oh and don't think that his wife doesn't know whats going on she does, maybe not with you but with other women he has met on the internet.
OP deeply_inluv 1 | 28
22 Oct 2010 #57
Hi Atosha, yes ofcourse the baby has the right to know about his/her siblings. i want my baby to grow up with love and not hate, make friends. If he and I will not be together I will make sure that my child has respect, love and care for his father even if his father and i are not together. Sooner or later truth will come out if he is telling the truth or not. All I know now is I love him and I know he loves me too. And i will be faithful and wait until I can and still have this feelings for him. It is not easy but I choose and gave my love to him. I just need to hold on until he will finish his study i have waited for 3 years so i guess i can wait for another year. Time will tell!
Atosha 3 | 42
22 Oct 2010 #58
i have waited for 3 years so i guess i can wait for another year. Time will tell!

deeply_inluv, I am speaking to you as a women that also went through something similar. My so called ex lied to me about his situation, he kept making excuses saying the women would kill herself if he left her he has to do it slowly and even when I fell pregnant with his twins he was still messing me around.

I lost the children in the 7th month and it was so hard as I had to go through giving birth to dead children. He never came to the hospital or called and when I went to the house where he lived they had moved. I was so low I thought about ending it all. Then a week later he contacted me again and all of a sudden I was back to square one. I stayed faithful, honest and true to him and I even gave him a promisment that I would blind my eyes to all men and wait for him.

14 years later nothing had changed and I by chance found a photo of him on the net married to a different woman and also living with the first woman. I asked god to give me strength to forget him as he meant me no good. I was his little secret and that was never going to change.

It took me 1 year to sort myself out and now I am ready to move on. I have met the best man in the world now and he happens to be polish. He doesn't know that I love him but I am going to tell him when he comes over tonight. If he only wants to be friends then fine I will have to settle for that as his friendship means a lot to me.

I hope when you read what I went through will help you see that there are many fish in the sea and you will find the one for you, don't end up waiting 14 years for nothing like me.
meagan - | 18
22 Oct 2010 #59

She's so stupid asking an advice in this forum and now that u gave her an advice
she doesn't want to listen to it.She keep on insisting that the Polish Guy loves her so much!!
Leaving her in her sitaution isn't love,right???what a thinking is that!!!
Maybe she is still dreaming and didn't wake up!!!
Come on deeply-inluv keep on fantasizing!!!!!wake up,accept the truth that he has
a family,a married man and won't leave her wife in Poland just for you!Who u anyway!!!
YOu're just a mistress!!!He won't and will never divorce her loving wife.
Accept the fact,the reality that u just opened your legs so easily to a family man.
Is that how you behave as a Filipina!!!Shame on your part posting here!Don't bring shame
to other fellow Fiipinas...and stop arguing with other people that he loves you so much,that
he will soon divorce her wife just for you...that's a big lie!!!Do you understand????

deeply -inluv,

Why wont you stop dreaming of other's husband.He has kids and wife to stay with.
Your dream is as bad as your attitude,you know now that he is a married man,and now
you are still fantasizing him!?If you were the wife with thier kids,what would be your
feeling to discover that your husband commits adultery?
IN your messages here,it shows you are praying hardly that the polish man will
divorce his wife ASAP so he could be yours.Where is your conscience as a girl/woman!?
It shows u are a slut! A destroyer of family!! You are wishing he will choose you out of
wedluck than his family!?
you should conclude to stay where you are and not aspiring him to divorce his wife
coz they have suffers too much because of divorces happening.Maybe you will say
again,he loves me so much!! yeah he loves you so much when in bed!when legs are widely
open!Or will he say that he loves you infront of his wife?i bet NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
The time you discovered that he is a married man,you should stop fantasizing with him and
stop running after him,for when he is really serious with you he got divorce 1st before
going out with you so thta there would be no hassle.He just like what u did...
accept the reality!accept the fact,understand?
Atosha 3 | 42
23 Oct 2010 #60
accept the reality!accept the fact,understand?

deeply_inluv, what Megan is saying is right, stop making a fool out of yourself. He will never be yours and can I just ask as I am a little confused. How the hell did you marry a man that is already married or are you lying?

If you are telling the truth go to the police and get this matter sorted or you will or might find that you will be the one in lots of trouble in relation to this matter as you know he is married to someone else.

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