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Experience of Irish-Polish wedding in Warsaw?

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18 Dec 2011 #1
hi , just looking for advice and experiences on wedding venues in warsaw . music to suit both familys . ideally in city center but would travel with party outside warsaw if the venue was right . cheers in advance
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20 Dec 2011 #2
You want cheap or nice?

Here is the place we hosted our wedding reception in 1994.

PAN CLUB Krystyna Stoczkowska
Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, kod 00-330 Ulica: Nowy Świat 72

Telefon: 228269944
Fax: 226572824

Great building fantastic location and wonderful terrace.
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26 Dec 2011 #3
hi thank you for ur reply ,
looking for nice venue in warsaw, prob 120 guest 50 or so traveling from ireland. ideally in city centre as we would have to entertain guest for 2 days , not sure if takin them out to country would suit. think the whole logistics side of it would be difficult. coaches to and from church and venue . i know it would be ok for polish family an guests but well i would be hard for travelling family members and friends .

tried looking at pan club couldnt find any photos or website ?
the whole set up and organising is quite daunting , bands music ,english speaking priest ,
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27 Dec 2011 #4
tried looking at pan club couldnt find any photos or website ?

As far as I understand they do not have a website, its a place you know or you don't, if you are familiar with Warsaw. You will know the Copernicus monument, directly behind it is the Science academy, on the top floor is a place called the Pan Club, its a wonderful building and great setting. You are bang on the Royal route, Nowy swiat to the left of you, Stare Miasto to the right. There are also a few hotels within a short stroll, Harenda Hotel ( Budget) Sofitel ( middle) Bristol ( higher). We were married in the Vistek church, the church chopin would plan the organ on Sundays. Also the Visitek ( visitors) church have English speaking priests over the summer, we lucked out as there was a Polish canadian priest who conducted the wedding in both English/Polish. If you want a band who are invited to play at weddings all over Poland, I can send you the contact details they speak English as well.If you have got 50 guests from Ireland they need to be in a place they can wander around and see the sights.

If you want to hire a car go to this place it is a car museum, although they hire all the cars with a driver out for weddings

Good luck ' up and at them ' I am done with the free info.
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27 Dec 2011 #5
thanks very much for that, like the car hire website looks great, in your own good time there no rush you can pm me the band details . & happy new year
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27 Dec 2011 #6
h you can pm me the band details

I believe you have to sign up as a member before I can pm you
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27 Dec 2011 #7
that would be prob handy alright , im in the system now
, pm away thanks
11 Jan 2012 #8
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