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English Pre-marital courses in Krakow

22 Jan 2017 #1

I am getting married this summer with my Polish fiancee and I am still struggling to find info about the pre-marital courses I will need to attend. I live in Krakow and I would like to know if there are any in English. I have tried to contact the Dominican Church in the old centre, since I had heard that they used to deliver such classes, however I have not received any reply yet. I passed by as well and did not find anyone there who could help or any announcement on their board.

I would really appreciate any piece of information, thanks in advance for your interest to help.
forinfan - | 13
29 Jan 2017 #2
Do you want to do them? If you don't, especially if you're not Catholic, just find a friendly priest and ask them to exempt you. Speaking only English should do it. Definitely won't get much useful advice from them anyway.
30 Jan 2017 #3
Hi Forinfan,

thanks for the reply. I have thought already about this option but I cannot tell that I frequent churches so much to have a friendly priest, as well as I am not Catholic (I am Orthodox). I don't also expect amazing pieces of advice, just as a cultural experience and out of curiosity I would like to see what they tell people there.

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