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Different relationship... can it work with Pakistani girl and Polish guy?

OP sweet_g 4 | 79
2 Nov 2008 #91
muslim is nt a culture. Its a religion.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
2 Nov 2008 #92
Comfort urself with the fact that it's not just in Pakistan sweet_g. Men use and abuse the world over, women too of course.

There aren't many better things than a relationship that works out
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Nov 2008 #93
muslim is nt a culture. Its a religion.

A religion which includes cultural elements.Anyway I don't know the difference between Arab and paki mentality in depth,however I can suppose they do not differ much in their view of women etc.
OP sweet_g 4 | 79
2 Nov 2008 #94
i know that ive just said before feel sorry for those girls.
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Nov 2008 #95
feel sorry for those girls.

What girls?The paki conquests?
OP sweet_g 4 | 79
2 Nov 2008 #96
all girls who get used n abused. Not just paki girls
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Nov 2008 #97
I think polish girls abuse the men.They leave them exhausted.
osiol 55 | 3,922
2 Nov 2008 #98
all girls who get used n abused

Then don't let yourself be one of them. It involves a huge, brave and difficult decision. But you know that.
OP sweet_g 4 | 79
2 Nov 2008 #99
yeh i do know that. Thanks
Filios1 8 | 1,336
2 Nov 2008 #100
think your traditions keep them constantly horny and miserable.You have to change that becoming a pioneer of paki freedom.

Some of them also have pre-conceived notions of how 'easy' western women are, and there are more underlying problems of culture and not being able to bring a white woman back home to the family. They would be looked down upon and bring shame to their radical fathers.

While they are still young, they venture out into Europe and look for a good lay with white women, and then settle down with a more acceptable Muslim woman.

Yeah unlike Greek and Polish men who are only looking for long and loyal relationships and would never think of using a girl for sex. Give me a break....

I did not say that Greek or Polish men are any different.... Although, their aim for sex and marriage are not as restricted by religion. A good **** is a good ****.

Greek girls did the same till the fortunate arrival of euro traditions.

To a certain degree, yeah. A quite unfortunate time in Greek history, for Greek men. It was hard time, and good thing we were exposed to a lot of Western pûrn and decent amounts of western women at the resorts.

Pakistani culture maybe teaches them to be that way tho Filios. Maybe they like the wham, bang, thank u mam approach.

No. They are told that screwing a devil white woman before marriage is o.k, but never a Muslim.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
2 Nov 2008 #101
Well, if girls here fall for that, it's their loss.
azar - | 1
16 Jul 2010 #102
i would like to know about your story what happened did you move to poland? get married with your bf?(like to know because i am in a similar situatuion).Sorry i didn' mentionned who i am talking to.well i want to know about sweet_q please reply
18 Sep 2010 #103
hey, just to highlight that even in central Asia, Asia, Indian subcontinent it is hard to variety of cultures and languages, like Caspian’s, central Asians are totally different from Asians, Pakistanis, and Indians and rest, (in the west it is thought that everything is the same but no it is not even there are lots of differences.)

current case is few degrees more twisted with Pakistani girl and polish guy (but let’s not forget the sexual nature of it, most Indians and southern Pakistanis (people from Punjab) like white women, while similarly girls have craze of pink genital of western men…….this reveled on me when I was with an Indian girls, a southern Pakistani girl and then I had a gf from pacific, because I have reddish/sometimes pinkish rod and pink nipples……which was amazing for girls from those places that even if this is possible for an afghan guy …..and girls never fed up with it……..but once one of my girl lowered my underwear she suddenly said oh you have pink…., oh its pink…….although she used to call one another girl racist who didn’t want to hang out with black guys……so who was racist……my gf’s hypocrisy disgusted me always………..once a girl was not hanging out with me and rest of black fellows or sort of racist towards me/dark haired in a language class (my face looks like Indian for some reason, very different in our family and face color is brownish-dark due to working in oil fields in middleeast my face color changed very dark due to sun exposure while my body is white/pinkish ) while one time we had a picnic by the teacher and we went to a river side, all guys were jumping into the river and few of my friends pushed me in to river while I was taking a leak near the river in order to enjoy them and my knickers strangled in the bushes while I slipped naked in river and every girl saw my privates, and then this girl started to chat with me, and I had her one time and her head was for one hour between my legs….she even used chocolate on “it”, it was not just this picnic since we had more than many occasions like this before but I was never got exposed)

so let’s not forget this fact, and many will say what’s wrong with it that a girl likes pink rod, then let not forget that she has a chance on a pink rod with this guy and she is not marrying a polish guy but only to his pink rod, (let’s not forget many of my polish friends tells me when they see brown girls that….. hey man…..I want to eat chocolate…its good for a change sometimes……

So let’s hope all this relationship is not about pink rod and chocolate,
and if it true love I think it happens like this as well (if emotions are true from both sides then family will feel it and succumb to it) , my sister was engaged to our cousin, she and we (2 of her brothers) after 3 years of suffering decided to dissolve it(engagement), she afterwards fell in love with a guy from other culture and tradition (of dark color...yah yah think whatever u want), we brothers supported her (except elder brother and father) to our pressure others also agreed and she got married with both families (funny during ceremony seldom someone understood another...due to language barrier), and now they have a son, and she has pretty influence in family decisions.

(btw, we are afghans of major political tribes and family members are in parliament and bureaucrats as well, while the sister husband family are from Punjab part of Pakistan very near India, the guy is in Pakistan army)
12 Jan 2011 #104
pakistani men being best husbands in the world........if any one have DISAGREE;;;

PLS ask ur sister to marry them and u will have a result......

its very easy to believe on media ******** about pakistanis and muslims...educated buys u refer to documenties and media reports...non sense or not.. see the reality around u ...

best husband..............pakistanis cos we have less than 1% divorce rate and u guys have less than 1% marriage rate........funny..or not.........

hope u read my post.........u will be proud to be pakistani like all of us........let the shi... ppl say after then come line being drunk and say what ever..........

be flag and loving nation...............we are
Albanaich 2 | 31
18 Jan 2011 #105
Sweet G - are you mad?????

Your family will try and kill you. At minimum they will bury your coffin and count you as dead.

If the Polish guy you are interested in is a good, church going Catholic (which is unlikely) he will appreciate the difficulties.

If he is not religous, I see different problems
rybnik 18 | 1,461
19 Jan 2011 #106
when its a Polish BOY... or a EUROPEAN man...and the girl is asian... the tide turns!... the planet gets split... and everyone open their books to explain the rules.

I do not agree! I'm polish my wife is filipina. Our union was received very well by her family. In fact, I was repeatedly told that I'm helping to improve the race! How about that for forward thinking.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
19 Jan 2011 #108
I do not agree! I'm polish my wife is filipina. Our union was received very well by her family. In fact, I was repeatedly told that I'm helping to improve the race! How about that for forward thinking.

I would say "how is that for backward thinking?" ...

I am married to an Asian girl myself (a Korean), and no I am not told that I'm improving the race or she is degrading hers.

All I meant that its generally our women who get all the options to marry either in Europe or abroad ... fall in love where the heart takes. Or atleast take those decisions, and they definitely get better results. While the men end up getting much more of a difficult time. Some of the conservative cultures in the East restrict their women like crazy, and its not a hidden thing...
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Jan 2011 #109
Slavic genes are a double sword.You gain in appearance but you lose in speed,roughness and effectivity.On the other hand mediteranean genes predispose to laziness amd slyness so to achieve balance is a difficult thing.
rybnik 18 | 1,461
20 Jan 2011 #110
pakistani men being best husbands in the world

true. if you like living in the DARK AGES!

Muslim Filipina from Mindanao

Nope! RC from Negros.

I would say "how is that for backward thinking?"

You're right. That was a very arogant statement. What I meant to say, what I should have said is that the Filipinos, generally speaking, favor inter-racial marriage. They embrace them.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
17 Mar 2011 #111
It is not a problem that you are in love with a Polish man. You should talk with your parents in a sincere and understanding manner. Introduce him to them ... go meet his parents. Try to handle this with maturity and a calm head.

No need to defame your own kind, or glorify his kind. There is no such statistic. Its all on individual basis.
valy - | 1
28 Apr 2011 #112
im afghani and i have polis wife her name is karina. im s
ooo happy i love her more then my life she is the love of my life
ikay avila
2 Jan 2012 #113
you are definitely right., the filipina are the best wife in the whole world and the most hospitable family too

oh wow., i think to be in love is the beats thing
bobbysingh 1 | 16
2 Jan 2012 #114
Relationships work as long as YOU want them to work. I don't think asking others would do any justification :). Mine is working, so yea!
29 Jul 2016 #115
my husband is polish (very good looking for a polish guy) and I am british pakistani. and we are really happy together. it doesnt matter what other people think or say, they are not you. as long as you know what you want, trust in god this world and the people it in shouldnt influence your decisions. I am not going to say it was all simple, it was hard, because there are so many different cultures languages and faith. it just depends on yourself as an individual. to me my faith is the most important thing in the world. my faith allows me to mix with people of different backgrounds and race and so on. you cannot help who you fall in love with. when we did see that it was not just about us, things got really difficult and so we finished. I have never felt so unhappy, sad and lost. we both felt exactly the same, we couldnt breath without eachother it was so hard. i kept telling myself that it would take time but we would come to terms with it, however that was not the case. we couldnt do it anymore and so decided to be together. eventually my husband reverted to islam as it made alot more sense to him and i wanted him to decide for himself (regardless of what the polish or pakistani communities thought) the most important thing is our creator and to please our creator. every morning we wake up and it is the most beautiful thing ever we cannot wait to see eachother when we come back from work. being in his arms makes me feel so safe and practicing islam worshiping god and being good people is what is most amazing to me. we maybe different and Alhamdulliah for that. so many people forget that being human first is what makes humanity work so well, not segregation. my husband has been in poland for 2 months now (he goes there on holiday) I will be visiting for the remaining days and so excited because well be flying back together :D since he left for poland, we have kept in touch through skype (he always wants to sleep with me every night even if it is just on skype) and he always wakes up before me, so he just watches me sleep AND giggles at all the facial expression i make when sleeping lol. when I see him everything fades out and all i see is his smile and beautiful blue eyes. I pray everyone finds the love me and my husband share. i thought i knew what love was until I met my man!
mafketis 24 | 9,143
29 Jul 2016 #116
eventually my husband reverted to islam

Converted, the term to use with non-muslims is "converted". Many non-muslims find the term "revert to Islam" highly offensive and supremist (except in the case of someone being muslim, leaving islam and then returning to it)
16 May 2017 #117

revert in the sense of coming back to god and gods original teachings whether that be original Christianity Judaism or islam. with all due respect islam is the only faith that has not changed or evolved its original scriptures regardless of so many muslims who come from different nations backgrounds cultures and so on. any one i know who has reverted to islam has never said to me its offensive. infact i never used revert until I met non muslims who reverted and actually labelled it as that. but everyone is different to I wouldnt say it to some one doesnt see it as they reverted. before anything we should be good humans whther that be a believer or a non believer if god. besides I dont want to side track this conversation into something else. the topic is about a pakistani girl being in a relationship with a polish guy. does it work... lets share experiences which embed cohesion and acceptance
mafketis 24 | 9,143
16 May 2017 #118
with all due respect islam is the only faith that has not changed or evolved its original scriptures

That is not a reccomendation.... (and is possibly why so much of the muslim world lags behind others in areas related to education, social and economic development).

before anything we should be good humans whther that be a believer or a non believer

that I can agree with
jon357 67 | 16,836
16 May 2017 #119
the only faith

The less religion in the world and the more logic the better.

does it work

Depends on the people.
Atch 16 | 3,255
16 May 2017 #120
islam is the only faith that has not changed or evolved its original scriptures

I don't think that's true actually. There have been many translations of the Bible but they remain essentially the same despite the different vocabulary used. I doubt the if the Jews have changed their sacred scriptures either or the Hindus. I think you're confusing scripture with doctrine.

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