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Polish dating tips

quentin - | 5
19 Nov 2011 #31
Hi riki_rwanda, its great news that you're getting along well with your polish girl. Polish girls truly are one of a kind.

PS, I found a great site with tips on Polish Dating Advice. This is a particularly good post, basically I've read it in many places, don't date around, and don't try to buy her!

polish dating

Just curious to find out what you thought about that site?
27 Jun 2012 #32
Don't talk about your previous relationships... This is the number one mistake people make on a first date - talking about your ex is such a turn off , she'll feel like you're comparing them two.

Pay for the dinner, movies, whatever you planned out - even the slightest hesitation will be like a red flag; she'll probably think you're cheap.

Don't talk about yourself all the time, you don't want her to think you're selfish.
You should know that polish people are super judgmental, the first impression is the most important one, make sure ur fingernails are trimmed (LOL) u got a nice haircut and use a nice cologne.

Dress casual but not too casual - flip flops and shorts are fine if you're in florida, u probablyy wanna wear slacks and some kind of a t-shirt or go for a buttoned down shirt.

Someone mentioned "cukiernia" (a bakery), i'd just do a restaurant and take her out to the movies. If you two hit it off, you might offer to take her out for drinks on a second date or ask her to show you some nightclubs in the area.

If I were you, I'd make it sound like you're very family oriented and you have lots of friends
bring a flower only if there's a second date. Whenever I get a huge bouquet on a first date I feel like guy is trying too hard unless we've known each other for long and its not a blind date.

Generally speaking, be charming, funny and spontaneous. Even tho polish girls have a lot in common regardless of age, we're all different, but regular dating rules apply everywhere.

good luck!!!
rybnik 18 | 1,461
27 Jun 2012 #33
Wow! That's a lot to digest and commit to memory. You're not taking an exam. Listen, take it from this wapniak (old geezer) who's done the Polish-dating-ritual-thing a time or two. Be yourself!!!! Be respectful. Be generous especially with your attention to your date. LISTEN to her. And if you guys get along I find these rules hold true for the rest of your lives. Don't stress it. Be cool; be you.
OP riki_rwanda 3 | 23
5 Sep 2012 #34
I want to thank everybody for the good advice.

The good news is that we are living together now and next year we are planning to get MARRIED, so everybody is welcome to join us

Thanks guys

catsoldier 62 | 595
5 Sep 2012 #35
Especially what do Polish girls like to do on the first date.So would like to know some DO's and DONT's

I am no expert on women or Polish women, but there probably isn't a big difference, maybe there might be some cultural differences.

You are not a Polish man though so maybe it wouldn't be in your best interest to copy them or treat her like she would expect a Polish man to treat her. Maybe you can adopt some of their habits and add a few of your own. There may be a thing about holding her coat for her so that she can put her arms into it, her friends or family may think badly of you if you don't do this, if she doesn't like it maybe you could just do it in front of her family and friends so that they won't give you or her a hard time about it.

She may expect something better or different as you are not Polish. Who knows, this is a judgement thing for you to sort out.

At the end of the day you should treat her as good as you can and care for her like you love her until you do. Use your own judgement, but don't do stuff without good reason, don't follow advise blindly.
fez0130 1 | 48
6 Sep 2012 #36
Reading all this is quite funny. Shorley you should just be yourself? shouldn't try to be something your not lol
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
9 Sep 2012 #37
riki did you just invite some strangers on the internet to your wedding?

if so

when and where?
East is Best - | 1
5 Sep 2015 #38
Merged: Dating

Hi there everyone, I am new all things Polish and have just started dating a polish girl on Monday. Any advice and help would go a long way. I have started learning some Polish as I like languages already. There are polish shops near me but I wouldn't have a clue what to pick up. Lol help
Warnick - | 4
13 Jul 2018 #39
The main difference between Polish dating and that of USA or Germany is that Polish dating takes a more traditional approach. You are expected to arrive on time for a date with a small gift of maybe flowers or a box of chocolate. As the man, you should be gentle and chivalrous. You're expected to pay for the first date, open doors for her, and pull out her chair for her to sit. If she carries a heavy bag, it is expected that you carry for her. Don't make ignorant comments, especially about Poland, and don't talk too much about material things. You can read more about Polish dating at Date Polish Singles.
America First
15 Jul 2018 #40
The main difference between Polish dating and that of USA

There is no difference except that a small gift is not expected in the USA. In the USA the girl is generally given a couple of choices to where she would prefer to dine.

Besides that it is the same as Poland.
Speaking for the gentlemen that is.

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