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How to date a Polish woman?

1 Sep 2019 #1
How do you meet and date a Polka? I met some on pen website but people on those sites seem introverted, stay-at-home types.

Also, is it common for different social class people to date each other in Poland, or do they date only within their social class (e.g. middle class with middle class)?
cms neuf 2 | 1,805
1 Sep 2019 #2
You can meet in the normal way - in a bar a disco or if you are feeling confident in the street or a coffee shop. Or you can meet at work or through friends - the same like everywhere else. I guess the internet also gives you plenty of possibilities.

Poles will date a cross classes, which are much less clearly defined than in some countries. However it is quite rare for a girl to date someone with poor prospects - they would soon be dropped.
OP Zlatko
2 Sep 2019 #3
Thank you, I will try the Internet as we don't have much Polish women coming here.

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