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Classic Car Rental in Sopot - for wedding

Chris Farr 1 | -
25 Sep 2016 #1
Good Evening, I'm getting married in Sopot, Poland next month and wanted to suprise the bride with a classic car for our wedding car. I'm struggling to find any suppliers online so would be very grateful if anyone knows of any or can help point me in the right direction towards websites/phone numbers of suppliers. Many Thanks Chris
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
25 Sep 2016 #2
Try this place in Gdynia (10 kms from Sopot)

They say at the link (in Polish) that they have classic Daimlers to rent.

Because it is probably a Polish-only company you might want to get a trusted relative of your fiancee to help arrange it - a good way to bond with one of her brothers / male cousins?

Also for what its worth my wife was offended when I suggested we hire a classic jag for our wedding ("why do you want to get an uncomfortable old car! You dont want to hire a new one for me?!") ;)

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