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British girl only interested in Polish guys...

redpyramidthing 1 | 1
28 Jun 2017 #1
Hello all,

I think I have a Polish fever. And by this, I mean I only find myself fancying Polish guys. Now, as you may think, this is random. It hasn't sprung from nowhere. I studied and lived in Krakow for a year, and after falling in love with the country, its history, cuisine and its culture, I found myself really attracted to Polish men. Now that I have returned to the UK (where I am from) and although the UK is in abundance of Polish people in general, I just think it's unrealistic to find a potential match. To be honest, I would just really love a group of Polish friends to practice my pathetic and hilarious attempts at speaking Polish on. I have never really had any experiences with Polish men - well, I dated a couple whilst in Poland (but obviously that wouldn't have gone anywhere given that I sadly wasn't going to live there long term), so I don't know how to approach the matter. There is just something about the Polish accent that makes me wetter than an otters pocket. I'm not very experienced in general and I am pretty shy and quiet, which oftentimes doesn't do me any favours. I have tried online dating in general - not specifically looking for Polish men - and I haven't had much luck in meeting anyone. Maybe my interest in Poland would go in my favour, but I'd be lucky to even start a conversation with someone.

Any ideas? Dangling pierogi on a stick? I look forward to replies, even if they are as silly as me. Or am I just being unrealistic?
Lyzko 29 | 7,262
28 Jun 2017 #2
I've heard that men find particularly the North Country accent when spoken by a woman especially sexy in Polish:-) Evidently, you reside in Derbyshire, but I just thought I'd lay that one on you (no pun intended, of course)!

By "North Country", I mean around Yorkshire and that area, rather like in that old classic "Calender Girls".
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
28 Jun 2017 #3
You need to get a job in an abbatoir, there will be loads of Polish guys there.
OP redpyramidthing 1 | 1
28 Jun 2017 #4
Even if I did work with some Polish guys, I would just get embarrassed if I tried to talk to one and go red like a burak.
Atch 16 | 3,267
29 Jun 2017 #5
I am pretty shy

But have no problem discussing your genitals on a public forum.

I just think it's unrealistic to find a potential match.

How right you are. That's the end of that then. Bye.
johnny reb 29 | 5,117
29 Jun 2017 #6
Awe come on Ms. Atch, nothing wrong with having a thread of soft porn by a plump girl troll.
I mean if she/he was fit and good looking she would have confidence in herself so obviously she is a plumper and doesn't get much attention from guys but when she does she gets so excited to think one would talk to her that she becomes

wetter than an otters pocket.

stick to the topic please

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