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What should I do for my polish boyfriend? We met in China.

Acho 1 | -
21 May 2013 #1
We met each other at China when he was at business trip at last year July.I am 28 years Chinese and he is 5 years old than me.We had been together at China for about 3 month.After that He back to Poland.but We are continued to contact each day by Phone or via skype.Anything seems happy.and he send me invitation letter to travel poland.So I have been travelled to Poland this January.We also travelled around the Czech Republic,Austria.But when I back to China.I got his information about his healthy.A Few years ago.He got car accident.Even go through successful surgery.But his legs become shaking for half of hours sometimes.and Doctor said that he could lost walking ability in the next few years.So he don't want to be my burden in the future,he want to broke up with me now.So Each day I tried to give him encouragement and hope by phone.and sometimes He cried so loudly in the phone.He cut his mobile contaction with his friends.So I have to call him via office phone.Each day I want to give him valid hope.That's I want to being with him for my rest of life.but he always choose refuse to accept my love.I tried to book flowers from shop to delivery to his office and express my feeling.and ask his polish collegue who is at China for business trip take some gifts from China to him.I got crazy about this recently.I don't know whatelse should I can do to retrieve his love.
phtoa 9 | 236
22 May 2013 #2
If the story is true (from his side) then he's a very noble man, and showing you the out most respect by declining having a life long relationship with you, when he know's that he'll soon become a burden for you.

But continue to give him encouragement, it might help him. Yet do not try to force him.
candyfloss - | 3
24 May 2013 #3
I know it has been difficult for you to make him understand that you still love him no matter what. The best thing i can advice you is to go to Poland again and stay with him for few days and give him the support he boy is also from Poland,and sometimes its very difficult to make him understand when we have fights.

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