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I`m Polish bloke lookin`for an English girl. Is it gonna work out?

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
26 Nov 2009 #31
Have been reliabley informed that skin and bone weak looking women are NOT considered all that sexy, regardless of nationality..:)
jump_bunny 5 | 237
26 Nov 2009 #32
Polish or English women, they all need your respect and the same ways of showing them your attention :)
southern 75 | 7,096
26 Nov 2009 #33
Its a mine field for an English guy out of a weekend trying to speak to a large group of girls, this guy is Polish it's unchartered territory for him.

I noticed the same.English girls come out in big groups so in order to get their attention you have to be or offer sth exceptional.Basically it needs practice,going there being rejected going again etc till you manage to break the code.English guys also cockblock everyone else,so you need to be careful.

It is great to practice with english women.Balkan charm is not enough.
clerynka - | 45
18 Dec 2009 #34
My new guy is Polish, and I am very English ;)
So personally, I think there's something pretty endearning about Polish guys, and you are all such charmers!
Just be yourself, seriously, thats probably what most girls want...?
Good luck!
Nika 2 | 507
18 Dec 2009 #35
lets mix up the gene pool a little , its good for the human race....!

southern 75 | 7,096
18 Dec 2009 #36
Old or ugly english guys with beautiful polish girls and pakis and Arabs with beautiful polish girls while young polish guys get english cougars.What a nice mix!I am astonished.
BrutalButcher - | 391
18 Dec 2009 #37
You forgot "Poor desperate Polish girls with Greeks and turks (which is the same anyway"
nomaderol 5 | 726
18 Dec 2009 #38
indeed poor them. thats why they are trying to go to westernlands desperately.
they should do this of course. home is where you feed yourself.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
7 Jan 2010 #39
Why wouldn't it work out.Interracial lovers are the norm nowadays.It's "cool" now to be with someone different.
BevK 11 | 248
7 Jan 2010 #40
MOVE AWAY FROM YORKSHIRE!!! There are not many good women in Yorkshire left. The good ones are taken and the ones are left even the English Men wouldn't take.


Such maligning of Yorkshire women!

(Yeah move away from Yorkshire!!!! When I came back to see my mum before Xmas she asked me if it felt like being back home in Leeds and I had to say no ... cos it didn't! Plus the weather there is as bad as it is in Poland at the moment :) ).

Lots of English women with Polish men. My mum and my dad for example!
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Jan 2010 #41
ah, an English girl? A heart wants what heart wants... ;)
OP SebbyFowler9 1 | 14
18 Jan 2010 #42
The good ones are taken and the ones are left even the English Men wouldn't take.

That`s a gud1 m8 :-)

Don`t think u r wrong on that (especially in remote part of Yorkshire), but I do like Northern England: got used to it.

Which part of England would you recommend then (except London)?

Thanks for reply

espana 17 | 910
18 Jan 2010 #43
attract an English beauty to myself?

polish men express love with their fists and english women dont like that.
OP SebbyFowler9 1 | 14
18 Jan 2010 #44
As I can only speak for myself-don`t think so mate, however you`ll find some bastard doing so in every Country.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
18 Jan 2010 #45
Which part of England would you recommend then (except London)?

Percentage of attractive women Id say Manchester and Liverpool - the two Polish secondees from our Warsaw office thought the women were pretty nice in my city..One of their mates that lives here full time will only date English girls...So we must have something...Its a big city though..Im surprised you cant find a nice girl in Leeds though..its not a bad city (having said that not been out there for a few years)...
basia103 - | 2
19 Jan 2010 #46
My husband is American and I'm 100% Polish. International marriage is always more exciting. We learn about each other ever single day:))))))
Ogien 6 | 245
19 Jan 2010 #47
There is a universal law that you must learn my friend. Every woman is a fan of the kielbasa.

International marriage is always more exciting.

Um not always. Some people like to preserve their heritage and culture. That's what I will be doing for sure.
OP SebbyFowler9 1 | 14
3 Mar 2010 #48
I`ve noticed mixed opinions so far, but its alright as I like to read them all.
Quite interesting.
12 Jan 2012 #49
Very dissapointed to read a lot of information on the internet that suggests that English women are not very nice. Although, unfortunately I am not at all surprised with some of the fat slobby and rather orange sights that you see representing us in the City Centre on a Weekend.

However there are some nice, classy, intelligent ladies left in Yorkshire, I would like to think that I am one of them.

I have a Polish neighbour and I really like him and would hope that this mix could work.

After all we are all human, does it matter which Country we were born in?
Meathead 5 | 470
13 Jan 2012 #50
I've been to England many times and If I were to move to England at the top of my list would be Yorkshire, what a lovely place. I really like the Yorkshire coast, beautiful. And Katiet, if an Englishwoman is in need of a date all she has to do is spend some time in the States, she'll be appreciated.
donlou31 1 | 30
25 Jan 2012 #51
It most certainly can work, I'm English and have been with my Polish boyfriend for the last 2 and a half years. We met at work and at first it was just for fun, something casual/friends. He was sweet, shy and very polite (also tall, handsome, gorgeous, sexy i could continue but i think you get the message lol) I find him so different to english guys in so many ways but similar in others too. The biggest issues are Religion....he is catholic and is quite religious, not devout or anything... where i am not. It's not really a problem between us at the moment but it could be when we get married and have children. Also the language barrier is frustrating, more so for me. I really want to speak properly with his family,( his mum, his gran, most others speak English) I can speak a little at the moment but eventually would like to be fluent.

polish men express love with their fists and english women dont like that.

Bullsh*t ! mine doesn't. English women or Women from any other nationality don't like it. Hence why I removed myself from a long term relationship to a English guy previous to my current relationship. My Mr Polska never makes me feel frightened, never threatens me and never hurts me. Of course we fight and argue but if the truth be told I have more of a bad temper than him lol.

Every woman is a fan of the kielbasa

Ha ha I prefer parówką ;)

Its a mine field for an English guy out of a weekend trying to speak to a large group of girls,

Yeah because most girls know that the English guy hitting on you in a bar, wanting to buy you a drink or two is actually expecting access all area's and your knickers on his bedroom floor. In my single days no matter how pissed i was i always made it perfectly clear that there was nothing more going to happen and that a drink certainly did not = a quick BJ in the loo's.(how romantic lol) I can't catagorise all men in clubs, be it Polish or English because of course there are some nice decent ones. So Seb, I wouldn't bother trying to meet girls in bars as you will be eyed with suspicion :) Of course some women will more than happily go home with you, it just depends what you want.

I thought Polish guys liked stick thin woman???

Like English guys aged 17-21 they also like big boobed blonde hair barbies boyfriend included at that age until he grew up ;) now he appreciates a "real woman" with curves and particularly loves my Gruba dupa :) :) :)

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