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I am attracted by a polish guy. But it seems he has a girl friend.

Youlyq 1 | 4
27 Mar 2010 #1
He visited sb every friday night. Looks like he spend all weekend in somewhere. Because he bring a bag with him every friday when he left the company. But he is not wearing the ring.

I am Asia girl working in NYC. And he is my co-worker. We talk a lot. But mostly are about the job. We have met for less than two monthes. But i like to see him every day. He sit next to me. How can I to know whether he has a girlfriend?
Rolg - | 1
27 Mar 2010 #2
You both have been talking for two months and you don't know if he's in a relationship or not? Well, you better get talking. Ask him if he has a girlfriend, if he says no, then ask if he'd like to be friends with you.
OP Youlyq 1 | 4
27 Mar 2010 #3
Because he is my supervisor. Even I the am more experienced and senior one. I don't want to be non-professional. We uasually talk about all kind of questions more than ten times a day which is more than others. When we had lunch together, we talked about something private, such as my aparment, my last company and my homeland. But he uausally eat alone, so I don't have more chance to talk more about him. My speaking english is not good.
skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
27 Mar 2010 #4
Youlyq - I don't know how well he speaks English but maybe tell him you'd like a partner to practice English with? That way you have an "official" excuse to get to know him. ;)
plk123 8 | 4,138
27 Mar 2010 #5
yeah, you just have to find out more..
OP Youlyq 1 | 4
27 Mar 2010 #6
Thank you for your suggestion. His English is very good. Because he has been NYC for more than 10 years. But he is really a busy guy. He always arrived office early than me and left later than me. I am worried that I ask for a personal favor is not suitable. He said he don't want do anything every day he back to home.

Maybe i just scare to know the bad answer. Actually there are still three weeks to two months.

I am going to ask him directly at most in two weeks!!
skysoulmate 13 | 1,276
27 Mar 2010 #7
You'll never know until you ask. Yeah, I too get shy around women BUT I also know that women don't mind feeling attractive and attention from others usually brings that feeling.

The same applies to us, guys. At the very least he will take it as a compliment someone was interested in him... I know I would.

As far as his work habits - pretty common, many immigrants tend to be workoholics...

Next time you see him say "dzien dobry" (good day, hello). It'll make him smile...
OP Youlyq 1 | 4
27 Mar 2010 #8
OK. This is very helpful.
I will find a chance to say something.

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