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Asian guy in love with Polish girl (any chance?)

OP osirion 1 | 34
1 Jul 2008 #91
just dinner. really.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
2 Jul 2008 #92
AND... how did i do that? by thinking of asking her out???

settle down....if you were quick to being ballsy and asking her out as you are to anger then things may be different.
OP osirion 1 | 34
3 Jul 2008 #93
freak her out. anger. yeah. uh ok. me angry. me smash things!

most helpful, your comments are. *rolls eyes*
3 Jul 2008 #94
most helpful, your comments are. *rolls eyes*

this forum is the last place to get contructive advice, parhaps with some exception to the rule.

Do what you think is thr best for you and good luck.:)
King Sobieski 2 | 716
3 Jul 2008 #95
freak her out. anger. yeah. uh ok. me angry. me smash things!

most helpful, your comments are. *rolls eyes*

it was just a throwaway comment with nothing intended...its the internerd, constructive comments were left behind.

why dont you do something constructive and just ask her out!!!!
southern 75 | 7,096
3 Jul 2008 #96
Tell her:Hi kochanie,I am osirion,new kid on the block.From the first time I saw you my eyes became dizzly,I culd not stand from amazement.I brought new cup to keep my salivating.But now after some injections and some good booze consume I can stand on your face and tell you:Kocham cie kochanie.Kocham cie to the end.

Will you marry me?I will play piano for you all day long.I will clean your legs and cook for you,clean your bra and do for you special foot massage.

Because I am the asian boy osirion.A boy without common eyes.
gardengirl23 - | 1
24 Dec 2009 #97
just curious
in the end did you ask her out??
Hyacinthus 1 | 20
28 Dec 2009 #98
Hey,come on guy,just do it.
Arien 3 | 721
28 Dec 2009 #99
Do I have a shot at all if I ask her out?

You're asking me? You know, you should ask her this exact same question, (And replace the ''she'' with you ofcourse!) I bet she'll smile and think you're original!

What do Polish girls think of Asian guys?

I don't know, there are an awful lot of Polish girls, with an awful lot of opinions!

I don't know any Asian guys who are dating Polish girls.


Oh gosh her!

Normally I charge a decent sum of money for my infinite wisdom and priceless advices, but we've just had Christmas, and New Year's Eve is almost there, so I figured, let's be a nice guy for a change..

My advice:

You should ask her.. *someone turns the radio on and you can't understand a word of what I'm telling you* and.. *heavy metal* but if she thinks that you will be.. *pizza delivery girl interruption* Now where was I? Oh yes, you should then ask her if she would like to.. *kung-fu guy storms into the room, shouting and screaming whilst showing off his whirlwind kicks* and ofcourse you should just be yourself and ask her about the things she might like.


Good luck, osirion-san.
BrutalButcher - | 391
28 Dec 2009 #100
Dude, if German girls dig vietnamese and other Asian guys, you can surely date a Polish girl. It's IN ,it's multiculturalism, it's evolution, it's the end!
27 May 2010 #101
Of course there's chance! I'm a Korean guy but, holding Thai passport. I'm dating a Polish girl now. She loves Thailand and Thai culture a lot. We live in China now though we both don't really like it here, moving to Thailand soon :)
rathnayaka - | 2
13 Jun 2010 #102
hi iam from sri lanka.iam looking for a girl from poland
pgtx 30 | 3,156
13 Jun 2010 #103
iam looking for a girl from poland

why? you just stated in the other thread that:

is it a difficult task making a polish girl happy

27 Jun 2010 #105
Thanks a lot.
I am going to try out your advice and see how far it works though I have with natural instinct already done through first four
27 Jun 2010 #106
Ok, this might seem really stupid, but I am an Asian (Thai) guy living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There are always many beautiful Polish girls around. However, I've lately been struck by a girl who works part time at this deli that I sometimes drop by for some food.

What do Polish girls think of Asian guys? I don't know any Asian guys who are dating Polish girls

I know some Asian guys dating Polish girls (or girls of other races). I am an example. There're different opinions about it. Most people say if there's no chemistry/physical attractiveness, it's nonsense, and that you should not try on. This is more likely happen to Asians for their humble physical appearance. However, there're some women (not many) believe in other factors besides that. The fact that she smiles at you as a customer doesn't mean anything. You may need to find an environment where you can communicate with her more effectively. Where is she studying? You may be in the same school. Or are you willing to work part time in that same food store, for a chance to talk to her? Have you seen the movies "coming to America", starring Eddie Murphy? He's an African Prince, coming to America and worked as a waiter, there he met his love and fought for it. You're not a prince, yet you may have the characters of him, except his money.
Ogien 6 | 245
7 Jul 2010 #107
Asian men have small packages which is exactly why white girls don't typically date them.
alicia458 - | 1
7 Jul 2010 #109
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7 Jul 2010 #110
I go out with a Polish girl. British born chinese guy. No probs dating other ethnic women, gone out with English, Germans, Brasilians, Indians as well as other asian folk.

Good luck, stop using the race card and man up.

As for the small dick asian stereo type. I guess I dont conform, just your average sized joe =D
zancia01 - | 2
5 Feb 2011 #111
Ask her out! :)

I've been dating an asian guy for over a year now, and he's the love of my life =D
kookiexo - | 3
2 Apr 2011 #112
your post is from 08' now is 11' hah did you ask her out :)?!
19 Apr 2011 #113
Seriously! What happened??????!!! I can't believe I'm asking this after 3 years!
9 Mar 2015 #114
Damn it. I need an end to this story.
11 Mar 2015 #115
jimmyjames - | 1
27 Mar 2015 #116
Merged: How an Asian guy can ask a Polish girl if he is sincere in marrying her?


I am an Asian (Pakistani) guy, I am very shy at talking to girls and can not make an eye contact. I have feeling that one polish girl in my class likes me but because I can not start the talk due to shyness so still have not much discussion more than greetings due to shyness. When even she wants to talk then I left out of words/topic to continue discussion.

I am sincere and wants to talk to her and wants to know if she likes me or not and if she does not then I will leave because after getting deep into emotions its hard to come out in one sided love as I have never dated any girl throughout my life so I do not know how to say this to her or do the conversation.

I respect women but I do not know what she thinks about me. Can anyone give me sincere suggestion/advice what to do.

27 Mar 2015 #117
write her a brief letter?
11 Jun 2016 #118
Merged: Chasing a Polish girl ( I am Asian)

I met a polish girl (age 22) and I am same age with her.
She is a exchange student in Korea for few month and I met her during my vacation.

I am so into her and I like her so much.
So I asked if she will come to my country for travel and I will show her around. But she said no cuz she doesn't have enough money.

I told her I will pay the air tickets and hotel and quickly she said yes she will come.

When she were in my country, I paid for all her expenses. (I am happy to pay if I can draw her attention ,make her happy and appreciate).

She never say should she pay for it or treat me for one meal, I feel like she doesn't appreciate that much and paying all expenses just normal to her.

When there was crowd in some places and I tried to my hand behind her backpack and should to avoid people to push her. And she doesn't like it. I asked why afterward and she said polish people does not like people to touch them. It is her culture.

I am not rich but I am willing to take care of spend for the one I love. But seems she's not appreciate. I would like know about the polish culture and also you guys suggestions.
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
11 Jun 2016 #119
I don't want to be rude, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't into you.

She saw an opportunity to travel for free, so she did take that opportunity. You should move on, and you shouldn't expect that someone will love you if you pay for them.

I am willing to take care of spend for the one I love.

That's ok, if you're 100% sure that they love you back.
11 Jun 2016 #120

We had a very nice conversation, she told me lots of her stuffs like her family, her experience from child and exs.
And she told me she cannot love a person fast cuz she is different.
So i cannot judge if she want to reject me nicely or she really tell me to wait.

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