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Arabs: "Polish women are easy and stupid"

terri 1 | 1,664
24 Apr 2016 #121
Best way to get a woman is...take her on your private jet to your private island and show her your own private bank balance. Nothing else. This is guaranteed to work.
Levi 12 | 450
24 Apr 2016 #122
I also saw plenty of arab man stating that.

Among other things, that polish woman are easy to make then fools promising love and an apparent "modern and non-religious" relation.

They say that they believe that so easily, and then after having kids (those arabs that i know would do anything to be able to have kids with european passport), they beat the **** out of woman and show their real face with spanking sessions and forced conversion to Islam.
25 Apr 2016 #123
Arabs think everyone is stupid! As they think they are the smartest race on earth! All woman in the west are sluts for them it's that simple!
Levi 12 | 450
25 May 2016 #125
"All woman in the west are sluts for them it's that simple!"
Most of them in fact think that.

Unfortunately this kind of think is growing in Middle East that Poles (and European) woman are sluts because the Imans, at their mosques, spread the tought that any woman that doesnt cover the hair with Hijab is a prostitute.
26 May 2016 #126
with all respect but this is becaus european woman behave like prostitutes asleeping with all man.

muslima are respectful. if european woman learned they wouls not be so used by man.
Mr Wiech 2 | 38
26 May 2016 #127
becaus european woman behave like prostitutes asleeping with all man.

Not all european women, not with all men, and prostitutes are getting paid for sex, and that is all you can hope for.

muslima are respectful.

No mate, they're not respectfull, not all of them.
johnny reb 37 | 7,652
26 May 2016 #128
muslima are respectful

Is that before they beat their women and poison dogs or after ?
Hells bells Muslim men treat their goats better then they do their women.

if european woman learned they wouls not be so used by man.

If Muslim men would learn how to act they would not be using women.
Muslim men are infatuated having sex with white women for some reason.
They are the ones that should practice some self control.
I won't even bring up the fact that they enjoy having sex with goats too which is beyond stupid. (sick)
peaceforce 2 | 12
26 May 2016 #129
I'm an Arab, I think salvic women are so smart, honest, funny and sexy, though some are arogant, stubborn and snobby specially the ones in countires that currently enjoy a state of prosperity after decades of war and oppression.

On the other hand modern arabs come from different countries with different economical and educational levels and I do not expect any educated gentleman to make such obscured remarks.

Personally I prefer American women, I find them to be educated, smart and have strong character, they are also so funny and easy going.
AdrianK9 6 | 368
26 May 2016 #130
Saudi clerics released a how to video for husbands on how to properly beat their wives... if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million..

I have mentioned this a few times also and still no response defending the Muslim practice.

That's because it doesn't reflect 'moderate Muslims' according to the multi kulti lovers.

However, Pew research did an extensive study which showed that the majority of citizens of Arab countries support Sharia law. Many support terrorist organizations, killing infidels, and other 'moderate' actions.

Islam is an aggressive political religion - much like Zionism... There's a reason why Saudi Arabia won't take in refugees, won't give financial aid, but has no problem spending hundreds of millions of dollars solely for the purpose of building mosques in Europe. The Saudi government use to fund terrorist groups in Bosnia during the 90's and 2000's as well.

The worst thing is there's so much Muslim influence on western nations. Even Common Core textbooks are sponsored by Arab countries like Qatar (a big Hillary donor by the way).
dolnoslask 6 | 3,076
26 May 2016 #131
Women are suffering in the UK lets hope this never happens in Poland.

Theresa May launches review into the 'harm' caused by dozens of Sharia law courts operating in Britain

Read more:
Balkan Dictator
24 Nov 2019 #132
Love the strong Serbian/Balkan men talk whose women have been ****** (for lack of better words) for 400 years by the Ottomans :))))))

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