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Arabs: "Polish women are easy and stupid"

NomadatNet 1 | 457
9 Feb 2011 #91
There is a sweety confectionery here, cotton candy called "pismaniye" that literally means "regret." It is difficult to eat it, looks like this in picture.

People joke about it, "yiyende pisman, yemeyende", translation, "you are regretful whether you eat it or not." Marriage is like that? I am already regretful for not marrying yet.

10 Feb 2011 #92
this thread needs to stay up. too many nice blondes I saw with ugly arabian gypsies
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
10 Feb 2011 #93
nice blondes I saw with ugly arabian gypsies

Yeah sure.... you came, you saw a stupid "one liner" ... left this comment without reading the article of looking at the other posts which tried to seriously analyze the matter. Go ahead look through page 1 and 2 before coming up with this crazy idea of yours.

See this is the problem with the ignorant and the painful. They scream and they jump alot. With less ideas, but alot of madness. This is not the 1900s that the grumpy old men and women will decide what todays men and women would like to do. By the way, stupid and sick women from Europe or hell going for young and poor boys turning to gigolos for survival doesn't make the entire "Polish women" or "European women" easy and stupid. It only makes clear that the brains who cannot think beyond such stereotypes are "easy and stupid".
southern 75 | 7,096
10 Feb 2011 #94
There is even a site dedicated to arabeski and polish sekstouristky.
28 Feb 2011 #95
Everyone knows that going to Egipt as a single woman is just going for sex . I am sure that no one expect real love from arab waiter or any other met at the beach . Don`t you think ( Arabs) that all these women come back to Poland and love is over . Some of you who post ofensive comments here have something or expect something more from these hollyday flirts. My opinion is that Arab men are so fraudulent , unhonest and all they say is just a lie like any other nation and expect that anyone can believe in this balloney they say . You Arab guys are so pathetic , sorry.
Daisy 3 | 1,227
28 Feb 2011 #96
Everyone knows that going to Egipt as a single woman is just going for sex

Really?! It may surprise you to know that many women are educated and go to Egypt because they are interested in archaeology and Egyptian history, but then I doubt you ever meet many women like that
Stu 12 | 522
28 Feb 2011 #97
Everyone knows that going to Egipt as a single woman is just going for sex

Really ... ? Everyone ... ? My God, you are a simple-mind, aren't you? If you keep on spouting these "wisdoms", you shouldn't be surprised if your brain files for divorce ... :S.
grubas 12 | 1,390
28 Feb 2011 #98
Today there is a pic of one of these dumb broads on went to Turkey to visit her nigerian "bf" which she "met" on Facebook.She was arrested at the airport while leaving Turkey because they found some drugs in her luggage.Acctually they found the stuff in a suitcase she borrowed from this nigerian after the zippers on her luggage were mysteriously broken.Now the broad is facing 15 years in turkish prison.
George8600 10 | 636
28 Feb 2011 #99
Now the broad is facing 15 years in turkish prison.

Yea, Turks are really hard against drugs, here in America you probably wouldn't get that much for attempted murder.
grubas 12 | 1,390
28 Feb 2011 #100
I decided to delete her image,it's on if you want to see.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
28 Feb 2011 #101
Article about movie "Darling I Lowe Ju" depicting Polish women's naivete on Egyptian holiday.

why post trailers you can watch the whole HBO documentary.
southern 75 | 7,096
28 Feb 2011 #102
These Arabs are ridiculous.Very primitive and simple.Here in Balkans there is fear.Girls get attracted to fear.We don't let them relax.

I noticed though that Polki do not like the threatening style of Serbs and some Greeks.They are not geared so well to handle that.Probably they find Arabs,Turks easier to manipulate.
George8600 10 | 636
28 Feb 2011 #103
Girls get attracted to fear.

This isn't James Bond....

why post trailers you can watch the whole HBO documentary.

PennBoy wtf was that....I want 50 minutes of my life back...
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
28 Feb 2011 #104
PennBoy wtf was that....I want 50 minutes of my life back...

Sorry George I didn't think it was that bad maybe my post in rozmowy po polsku HBO " Czekając na sobotę" About Polish villagers basically living to have some thrills on Satuday nights will be better.
George8600 10 | 636
2 Mar 2011 #105
Sorry George

lol no need to apologize, I said it in a joking manner.
jarnowa 4 | 499
6 Mar 2011 #106
SNow the broad is facing 15 years in turkish prison.

Thanks for reminding us that it's not just Arabs that shouldn't be trusted.

Basically it's better that Polish girls don't trust any non-Caucasian guy. If it's a bad guy, it saves them a lot of trouble. If it's not a bad guy then he still should be second choice so in this case it's also better if Caucasian girls don't trust them and favour a Caucasian bf instead.
southern 75 | 7,096
6 Mar 2011 #107
Polki usually have inferiority complex and think the best they can attract is a low profile man.Their behavior is also difficult to swallow and seems disgusting to local males that is why many of them end up with third world minorities.I do my duty enlightening Polki about their possibility to attract Balkan power.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
6 Mar 2011 #108
Just a comment on how Polish men treat Arab women...,90712,9143822,Co_zszokowalo_saudyjs kie_studentki_w_Olsztynie.html
8 May 2011 #109
I agree Polish women and men smell badly. And it is not just the vodka smell. It goes beyond that.
I once dated mediocre looking Bosnian guy, and he smelled like s@#$#$#. No kidding. Bad bad...
After that I have dated Polish dude and it was so bad that I was dreaming of my Bosnian guy lol
hahahahahaha, i am sticking with my Canadians now.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
8 May 2011 #110
Maybe your nose is too close to your ass....?
OP Malopolanin 3 | 133
8 May 2011 #111

How about Poles with canadian citizenship?
rtz - | 46
14 May 2011 #112
Women can love only one thing ... no qualification needed.
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
15 May 2011 #113
We all know how well Arabs treat women.

I think most people want Polish women to be easy. Because they think they are hot.
They wish they were easy.

My friends came to America from Poland & Said American women are much more easy. I agree.

Just Polish women look alot better so guys start "Fantasizing" about them being easy.
trust - | 1
26 May 2011 #114
love does not look at age but rather feeling from heart .if truly it is love let it be
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
26 May 2011 #115
Beautiful...I love it.

Pusher 3: Milo the Serb and his buddy get ready to chop up the body of a Polish pimp that Milo shot, and also that of an Albanian heroin dealer.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
26 May 2011 #116
Just a comment on how Polish men treat Arab women...

First, we don't know if this describes a Pole or not. The man used English. Could have been Bratwurstboy or Crow.

Second, compared to Saudi Arabia, Poland is a paradise of freedom. Try to tour Saudi Arabia with your a girl friend, or just another female who is not your sister or wife. Nothing kinky, just a short tour to see what's baking in the oil country. Wear shorts and a t-shirt. Ask her to wear that too. Then report here how you guys did. We'll wait for the entire length of the prison terms you get.

Good luck.
pierogi2000 4 | 229
4 Sep 2013 #117
A peculiar look in the eyes like they are in the sky and a muslim philosophy summarizaing in:We are all human species we are all the same I love you you love me.

This has been my experience as well. The same BS ideology "We are all humans etc". Just something that other races don't feel they need to preach.

I also have found them to be very grabby and touchy.
4 Sep 2013 #118
Its the same everywhere they do this because it works i worked in ibiza for a season then greece then turkey and the ammount of slutty tarts slipping hotel keys to you or just following you home is unreal but now after 20 years of slags the girls who dont ***** themselves out for sunbeds get the ****
Crow 146 | 9,116
6 May 2015 #119
Probably they find Arabs,Turks easier to manipulate.

basically, most Slavic girls (Polish included) don`t even differ Arabs and Turks. So, there goes same tactics for them. Yes, manipulation.
24 Apr 2016 #120
Nice words only work on ugly women with low self esteem. The reason it works on them is because they dont hear them on daily basis and know that other more attractive women do hear them. So its their chance to show or tell their more attractive friends see I get attention too.If you try to use these words on attractive women it will backfire.these women hear it on daily basis and are bored with it.they are looking for fact being arrogant with attractive woman will give you more chance than sweet way of course is a combination of some humour mixed with arrogance and high self esteem.

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