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Need some advice on Polish wedding (after our baby is born?)

nicdad 1 | 1
27 Nov 2012 #1
Hi all,
I am a foreigner and my fiancee is polish and we got married in court (civil marriage) a couple of months ago and we were planning to make a church wedding in the coming year.

accidentally but very fortunate my wife is pregnant and we have come short of ideas of what to do next since we did not plan to have baby before our wedding.

I would like to know if it is possible to make wedding after our baby is born in Poland. and does the polish culture accept this or not and would be grateful for ideas on how to come up with the wedding after birth. my wife is an orthodox christian and would be glad for advice if they also agree on this issue that birth before wedding is accepted

thank you

smurf 39 | 1,971
27 Nov 2012 #2
Look at it like this, is you have the wedding while she's pregger she'll have no banter and won't be able to have a drink, she'll have no fun man. Wait till the baby's born, even wait a few months until the breast feeding has stopped and then have it. What's the rush, sure you're already married in a civil ceremony anyway.
pantsless 1 | 267
27 Nov 2012 #3
Who the hell cares, it's your life.
Dorota Gouveia - | 8
28 Nov 2012 #4
Congratulations! I would wait till the baby is born, but you should realise that Polish families are mostly very traditional about those things and you may feel some pressure from the society (parents, aunts and uncles, neighbours,) to marry in a church before the baby is born.. so the baby would be born in a "legitimate family", and thats what most of people do (stupid) , but you ARE married already :) So I would advise you to relax, enjoy your time together, use this special time to prepare yourself and your home for the new member of your family and minimalise stress (and there is a lot of it while preparing a wedding) OR get married fast (fastest is during the week - like wednesdays or mondays) make a really really small wedding party - more like a dinner just for parents, and make a proper party afterwards when you're ready. Make note that after the baby is born, there is no right time to do the party.. He/She will totaly fill your days. Anyway, Congratulations and good luck!

P.S. It is more likely to be socially accepted if you live in a bigger city.
OP nicdad 1 | 1
28 Nov 2012 #5
Thanks Dorotha for your response! my wife family are quiet traditional and specific about these things and that is where i found my self in a hike on this issue.

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