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Advice on polish girl, I'm not really getting it.

30 Oct 2013 #1
Hi people,

Im new to the forum. Through my life I've got to know quiet much polish people, and was nice. And like much times also this time I have a polish friend, a girl. She had some problems and I tried to help her a bit because i thougt she deserved it, and she had no other friends to help. But for me she was really jus a friend, and I told her that also before, and she agreed also. So through these 2 months, we are talking, and sometimes going places, and she even joking that people around ask her are you sure youjust friends? and I was like no were friends, and it was realy like that. We even talked and joked about each others guys and girl we liking or not. Sow no from 1 week I just cant stop thinking about her, and she invited me a few times for a drink or a bit and vice versa, and now Im falling for this girl, I dont know why because she totaly not my type, but I like her very much, and I think she sexty, but anyways. And yesterday she still saying these things about that many people ask if we really just friends, and she said like, Yeah I told my sister, who probably liked me very much, that I dont fit her code, that we just friends, it disspaointed me a bit, but still she invited me for in the weekend to go out. So im asking is this polish way of doing things? Or do i need to be patient or just ask her? how they do this in poland., whats all these read between the lines things :-) I had much polish friends, but I hadnt fallen for 1 yet :-) they are teaser :-p

greetings, and any tips welcome
ZIMMY 6 | 1,602
30 Oct 2013 #2
If she was an American woman you can act like a thug and she'd go for you. Since she is Polish, tell her you are thinking of becoming a priest and she'll probably try to talk you out of it by becoming romantic.Whatever happens, remind her that she has to pay 1/2 the entertainment, bar and restaurant bills.
OP Rafacon
30 Oct 2013 #3
nice answer thanks! I liked your answer,. It had info and made me laugh too. ANd yeah about the 1/2 thing, its true..i've seen it, so i let her pay 1/2 to, even i think it not nesesary
Wulkan - | 3,243
30 Oct 2013 #4
remind her that she has to pay 1/2 the entertainment, bar and restaurant bills.

and 1/2 for condoms too
pgtx 30 | 3,156
30 Oct 2013 #5
or other birth control

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