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What is wrong with Poznan?

boletus 30 | 1,366
11 Jan 2012 #181
Actually this list is pretty accurate because it focuses on separate faculties ranking(medical schools).

The faculty ranking info must be written in some invisible ink, which my browser is not able to detect.:-) What the heck are you talking about?

What I see here instead is that their ranking is based on the number of web based publications, both formal and informal, and - more likely than not - not peer-viewed.

So, I agree with Sidliste_Chodov: this is a general university ranking, solely based on the web traffic. Although interesting as a method, the validity of such ranking could be easily questioned. For example, what conclusion could you draw from the following table, taken from the same website,

It displays number of pages, in millions, country by country, published in specific domains, but also in all domains altogether. Below are some results in this simplified format: (rank, country, millions-of-pages-from-all-domains)

(1 USA 33807)
(2 China 9764)
(3 Japan 7919)
(4 Germany 6544)
(5 UK 4238)
(6 Russia 3567)
(7 S.Korea 3244)
(8 Poland 3111)

and there are 42 more countries trailing Poland, including (9 France 2954), (14 Canada 1946), etc. At the first glance this is stupefying, isn't it? But if you know a little about Poland you can easily recall that there is a lot of universities/colleges in Poland - both public and private - of various qualities, which publish a lot of internal scientific, or quasi scientific, papers. This is why this statistic is obviously screwed.

Secondly, this page is self-promoting. For example, here is their advice given to academic institutions, currently ranked low:

We intend to motivate both institutions and scholars to have a web presence that reflect accurately their activities. If the web performance of an institution is below the expected position according to their academic excellence, university authorities should reconsider their web policy, promoting substantial increases of the volume and quality of their electronic publications.

But let us assume for a moment, that their statistics makes more sense when broken into individual domains, such as (A Mickiewicz University, Poznań) or (Poznań University of Medical Sciences). If you care to follow a self deprecating

Balkan shepherd :-)

and have some fun, try to extract the world rank of the first five best schools, country by country. I checked data from some former communist countries - Central and Eastern Europe - plus Russia and Greece for a good measure. Suddenly the 2675 rank of Medical School in Poznań does not look that bad at all!

Obviously, most of these schools should really work hard to catch up with the well established Western European schools. But here are some observations nevertheless:

1. The Czech Republic universities have the best ranking in average (of five best schools), in the group I have chosen, but Poland is not that much behind.

2. The well established Greece is more or less at the same level as Poland, so Greeks have nothing to be overly proud of.
3. Russia - surprise, surprise - is not even close to Poland.
4. Some Balkan countries, such as Serbia, do not even register on the basic scale. No data available.
5. Most Balkan countries are ranked at the 2000-4000 level, way, way behind Poland - (300-600)

So, girls and boys, take it easy when reading and interpreting various university rankings.
11 Jan 2012 #182
Actually this list is pretty accurate because it focuses on separate faculties ranking(medical schools).It is the kind of information noone wants to see published and this ranking is caused by a lot of factors.

You think web rankings are indicative of a university's value?? You think maybe the Greek education isn't also ridiculed as much as Greeks themselves. Stick to your other fantasies, greasymalaka.
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Jan 2012 #183
It is quite simple.All the pupils who cannot get decent grades to pass into their local western medical school(where they apply numerus clausus for medical students in order to increase quality) resorts to third grade universitities trying to pay for a degree.Why noone tries tostudy in establisshed medical schools of Germany France?Because they simply are not accepted or fail later in exams due to their lower academic performances.(basically exam performances).

Since the lower perdormance students are accepted in a school its value and ranking lowers accordingly.Schools with lower standards of admission have lower rankings and that is why Poznan is probably in 2600th position.

They will use the common argument of ignorance eg we do not really know what ranking the medical school of Poznan has exactly.But ignoratia non jest argumentum.I refuse to accept the right to ignorance if sb chooses a certain university.However the university of Poznan as a whole is at the 600-700 rankings and probably this is uplifted by faculties different than medicine(which probably drag it down).

So it is a vicious circle.The elites in western Europe etc press so their academically incompetent offsprings gain position in competitive faculties in university.since law in their respective countries forbids that by applying numerus clausus in their respective schools in order to guarantee their quality and the quality of their graduates the elites promote the grounding of English speaking classes in easy to bribe countries like in EE which do not apply any transparent quality criteria.In the same time they press locally for the recognition of the diploms of their offsprings as equal.

In order to manage that they allow the same process being made by some other parts of society posessing the respective money in order to make it become more socially accepted.In this way they achieve position of their offsprings and a decline of quality in doctors in general.

These are sensitive issues but I make them mine because it is as I like as superior Balkan shepherd.My only goal comes from my very closed mindness and complex.In this way I am completely not dangerous.

I know about the situation in Greece and this has also to do with importing of such incompetent individuals from such schools by magnitude of ways and putting them to high academic positions as result of corruption.It is one of the crisis causes since the competent refuse to cooperate with the incompetent(also local mentality here).

As expected in these rankings polish choold fare better than ukrainian schools(which achive position in 4500th place for example for the university of Lugansk where no suprise the worst of the worst offsprings of the West study-they can bribe there each lesson for 50$.)

If anyone has any problem with the kind of information I present,the style etc I politely connect him to my penis before resorting to any personal insults.
boletus 30 | 1,366
11 Jan 2012 #184
I refuse to accept the right to ignorance

But you also refuse to see the obvious that this ranking method is screwed, as this page demonstrates:

Garbage in ==> garbage out
Olaf 6 | 956
11 Jan 2012 #185
I see Delph and others already commented but I'll ad mine too.

undeserved pride in their city

Careful here, you're walking on thin ice;)

Why do pedestrians need to press a button in order to get a signal allowing them to cross the road?

I reckon you're not a driver in Poznan, are you?

On a related note, why does the traffic light for a car turn green seconds before the pedestrian signal? Does nobody understand how dangerous and stupid this is? Every day I see cars that start to make right hand turns having to slam on their brakes as pedestrians step right in front of them because of their delayed signal. Stupid stupid stupid.

With that I agree with this 100% - but that's not unique to Poznan, it's all over Poland and is stupid and very dangerous. We have this in Krakow and everywhere else too.

I can’t think of a city in Poland (including Warsaw) that has ruder and angrier citizens than Poznan. Why this is I would love somebody to please explain.

I'd say that you just had a bad experience, mine is quite the opposite.

This is a city that only now is starting to put ticket dispensers on their trams and buses. Come into the city on a Sunday? Good luck finding a place to purchase a billet and then risk getting caught by the conductors if you take a tram or bus – very fair system for citizens and tourists alike.

Because you can buy a ticket from a bus driver if there is no other way. It works in the UK, it can work in Poznan, right?

So there is it, what is wrong with Poznan and why doesn’t anything get done about it???

It seems like you have just arrived to Poland and Poznan because you are wondering about obvious things.
boletus 30 | 1,366
11 Jan 2012 #186
However the university of Poznan as a whole is at the 600-700 rankings and probably this is uplifted by faculties different than medicine(which probably drag it down).

Since you said it again I suddenly realized that you do not understand what is a structure of universities in Poland. For example, the School of Medicine has nothing to do with Poznań University of Technology. They are completely separate entities: administration-wise, academically, and so on. And they are rated separately, by whatever method. If I remember well, there are about six state universities in Poznań. There are probably some private ones as well.

Each school, in turn, has bunch of faculties. Here are, for example, the faculties of Poznań University of Technology:
Architecture, Chemical Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computing and Information Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Engineering Management, Machines and Transportation, Mechanical Engineering and Management, Technical Physics.

By contrast, Adam Mickiewicz University, has the following faculties: Biology, Chemistry, Educational Studies, Geographical and Geological Science, History, Law and Administration, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages and Literature, Physics, Polish and Classical Philology, Political Science and Journalism, Social Sciences and Philosophy, Theology, Pedagogy and Fine Arts ( Kalisz).

One could argue for combining resources of at least these two.
Olaf 6 | 956
11 Jan 2012 #187
If I remember well, there are about six state universities in Poznań. There are probably some private ones as well.

You remember well, there's something about that number of state ones (or more?) and dozens of private ones.

this ranking method is screwed

also true

Perhaps it'd be best to compare even separate faculties. Then AMU would have some top European place in some and way lower places in other.
caminoreal - | 10
12 Jan 2012 #188
In Poznań, you cannot buy a ticket from the driver.
ColdSteel - | 20
13 Jan 2012 #189
So there is it, what is wrong with Poznan and why doesn't anything get done about it???

Oh LOL, I just have to answer this.

Undeserved pride - I think you nailed it. However, when the pride is deserved? hard to tell. Anyway, I know that Posnanians usually think of their city as a very clean and well-organised place which I don't think has much to do with reality :D But well, people on many places are very proud of their cities, town etc. and for a newcomer this pride may seem totally undeserved, so I wouldn't get so excited about it.

About your other questions - it's clear you're rather ignorant, it would be best to try and gather some information first, then accuse the whole city of sheer stupidity.

-Buttons on street light - a rather old invention, I believe and a popular one. I've seen it in soem other places, too - UK, Japan, so I think there is a reason behind it, frankly I don't give a damn, if there's a button, I just press it and wait.

-Traffic light - I don't drive but I think you're mistaken, it's not the matter of light change but traffic rules. Anyway, you just have to get used to it. Nobody will change the rules so you feel safer, everybody here knows that a car may turn when you're crossing the street. I usually just step right in front of them as you put it because I'm that badass. :)

-Simultaneous road works - well, if you like fast construction and good organisation I must worry you - you probably chose the wrong city, lol. The reason they do it all at once is Euro 2012. Actually some other cities are doing their train stations etc. last minute, too.

-Tickets - yeah, it was a nuisance for years, actually it's much, much better now. I advise you memorise where you can buy tickets (dispensers, night shops), and try to buy some in advance if you don't have a transport card.

About your last question - you should know it by now. Because of the pride, of course! And yeah, most people seem to not be very bothered. Apparently you chose the wrong city. I wonder why? Probably the med school, eh? :D
patrick 6 | 113
13 Jan 2012 #190
-Tickets - I advise you memorise where you can buy tickets (dispensers, night shops).

What a Polish thing to say. Sounds like the system of education.
Ironside 49 | 10,342
13 Jan 2012 #191
What a Polish thing to say

you mean practical ?
Olaf 6 | 956
13 Jan 2012 #192
Sigh, your assumptions and angry tone in your response proves my point and shows that I struck a nerve in a Poznan citizen with much undeserved city pride who also has much anger and rudeness within haha. Also you can talk as much smack about the school as you want, but my post has to do with the dumbness of the city of Poznan and not the University.

please don't even try to compare the competence of Polish vs. American doctors.

That's a good one! I've talked to one student like that on an American med course. I would rather bleed to death than let him do surgery on me - once I got to know his attitude and knowledge (5th year student, not a doctor yet, but he knew little of what I believe is common knowledge in medicine) - or rather lack of competences. That is scary, he will be a doctor in some time, but I'm only glad that he won't be curing me as he'll go back and "treat" other people somewhere else.
ColdSteel - | 20
14 Jan 2012 #193
-Tickets - I advise you memorise where you can buy tickets (dispensers, night shops).

What a Polish thing to say. Sounds like the system of education.

Like a whole system? Really? I meant it as a useful tip. But maybe it's out of place? Impolite maybe? More than ranting on a public forum how things in a foreign city are not how you're used to and how they should be instead? And how local people are awful? :D Oh, and then being surprised by negative response of the locals.

I allow myself to give another piece of unwanted advice: nobody likes it, no matter what place one goes to.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,268
14 Jan 2012 #194
What a Polish thing to say.

Applies to every single "open access" public transport system in the world.

Try finding a place to buy tickets for Berlin trams - far more difficult in the depths of East Berlin than it is in Poznan.

I stumbled across this interesting news story -

There definitely will be Canadian students who will not get back into Canada

Confirms what I was saying in this thread - and it's even better knowing that our little friend here certainly won't be a doctor back home, too.
antheads 13 | 368
2 Feb 2012 #195
I like Poznan, its the most westernised city in poland, the average income is higher than most polish cities, Its not overun by drunk pommy tourists. i feel safe walking around, the kids are allright and its fun! plus its beutifull, poznan ftw
Gustav 1 | 50
2 Feb 2012 #196
I stumbled across this interesting news story -

Let's be honest you were desperately searching for it!
delphiandomine 85 | 18,268
2 Feb 2012 #197
If by "desperately searching", you mean "looking for something totally unconnected with Poznan", then yes.

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