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Watching a movie in cinema (Łodź), without Polish dubbing?

8 Oct 2014 #1

Do you know if it's possible to watch in any cinema in £odź the movie:"Guardians of the Galaxy" without Polish dubbing? Thank you very much in advance!
9 Oct 2014 #2
I think that Kino Bałtyk gives an opportunity to watch it in English, but with Polish subtitles, but I'm not sure about it, even though I live in £ódź. And also I think that this cinema has quite a small screen, but the atmosphere there is really nice.
9 Oct 2014 #3
Thanks so much, I will check it:)
smurf 39 | 1,981
9 Oct 2014 #4
You might be too late, Guardian of the Galaxy came out a good while ago, it's possibly gone from cinemas already.

I checked £ódź Manufaktura here:

And it's only showing once and in 3D (with dubbing) which should in itself always be avoided IMO.

I think you're too late, sorry.
kpc21 1 | 763
10 Oct 2014 #5
Practically each bigger cinema gives such an opportunity, or rather was giving it when the movie had just come out. Now it's rather impossible, it's seems to be played by only one cinema in £ódź, only in a dubbed version (which is IMO quite sensible in case of this picture, which is also watched by children that cannot read yet). As the film was new, it was possible to watch it in diffrent version: with dubbing and subtitles; 2D, 3D and IMAX. Now there's only 3D (not IMAX) dubbed available.

Either wait for DVD edition and watch it on DVD (where you can choose the version that you want), or watch another movie in cinema. No other options in £ódź.

According to here: the subtitles version was played by Cinema City (IMAX) till September 18th, by Bałtyk till September 4th and by Silver Screen till September 11th (2D version). You're late by 1 month.
11 Oct 2014 #6
Probably you are right, I'm late:( anyway thank you!
11 Oct 2014 #7
From my experience the cross-over films will appear with sub titles but only in the bigger cinemas and then only for the first month or so. They're also often showing quite late in the evening.
kpc21 1 | 763
11 Oct 2014 #8
Yes, you're right, but in this case this period has finished.

After few months films sometimes appear in small town cinemas. But not many of these cinemas still exist. And this rule worked till, I think, 2 years ago. Most of such (still existing) cinemas has been modernised to digital distribution (since many of new films don't appear in analog version for cinemas) and now they get films together with big ones (they no longer use second-hand film tapes, but digital copies).
irishlodz 1 | 135
12 Oct 2014 #9
Most adult films here are shown in the original language here with subtitles in the cinema. Only the kids movies get dubbed.

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