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Where to watch Premier League games in Gdansk, Warsaw?

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7 Sep 2015  #1

I am going to Gdansk at the weekend to meet people who will be flying in from England. We will be staying in an apartment in Old Town, and I will be arriving in the mid-afternoon, but they won't arrive until late evening, which should give me enough time to watch the Manchester United vs Liverpool game (kick-off 18:30 Polish time).

There should be about two hours between the end of the match and the time they will arrive at the flat; however, it is possible that they might arrive a bit early, plus, if I get the chance, I want cook something for them, as I am guessing they'll be hungry, and I'm guessing that most restaurants will be closed/closing at that time. Therefore, ideally I am looking for a place that is in Old Town or is relatively close.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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7 Sep 2015  #2
Hi, check this out here:
12 Sep 2017  #3

Recommendations for decent places to watch English football in Warsaw

Yes, I know the usual ex-pat bars but does anyone have any suggestions for any other interesting/pleasant bars (don't necessarily have to be in the centre) where they show English footy..could be typical Polish bars showing Canal+

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