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Warsaw or Wroclaw - for better cost of living?

14 Jan 2015 #1
Which city is better in terms of cost of living?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
14 Jan 2015 #3
According to Numbeo and everybody else Warsaw is the most expensive city in Poland. Especially in terms of apartment buying prices.

Consumer Prices in Wroclaw are 7.94% lower than in Warsaw
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Wroclaw are 10.00% lower than in Warsaw
Rent Prices in Wroclaw are 15.20% lower than in Warsaw
Restaurant Prices in Wroclaw are 16.05% lower than in Warsaw
Groceries Prices in Wroclaw are 7.59% lower than in Warsaw

pigsy 7 | 305
14 Jan 2015 #4
I meant what you pay for and what quality you get>
JollyRomek 7 | 481
14 Jan 2015 #5 why recommend Warsaw? :)
pigsy 7 | 305
14 Jan 2015 #6
sorry went off topic then what OP question was.
shineney - | 2
31 Mar 2015 #7
Merged: Warsaw vs. Wroclaw

Hello Polish Forumers,
single, banking professional, in the 40s, driver/biker, normal lifestyle i.e. still like to eat out and party every now and then.

From both social and economic perspectives, I am just curious to know Which city you Would choose on a gross salary of 22k or 16k PLN gross per month, respectively. Obviously, I would expect Warsaw to be the more expensive one.

I would appreciate if you, locals or experienced expats in Poland, could share your point of view.

Many thanks.
BR, Brad
1 Apr 2015 #8
As Pole I'd much prefer to live in Wroclaw (preferably) or Poznan than in Warsaw.
Warsaw is seen by Poles as "career place" and is not all that nice. You can get better salary there but cost of living is also higher. Also probably the best of the three culture wise.

Wrocław is beautiful city with a lot of old buildings and many bridges - unique atmosphere. Similar to Cracow in that regard.
Poznan is also nice, just not that nice :)
You can hardly blame Warsaw for the lack of old buildings though - it has been destroyed during WW2.

Cracow is also a place one can recommend.
shineney - | 2
2 Apr 2015 #9
Hi Majkel,

thank you. The feedback from an insider like you is very much appreciated indeed.

What you say makes full sense as the same happens in many countries. I just made comparisons on Numbeo and results show that "You would need around 8,072.10zł in Warsaw to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 7,300.00zł in Cracow/Wroclaw (assuming you rent in both cities).".

Actually, I thought the difference was more than that.

However I do not know whether Numbeo prices are reliable, sometimes they aren't.

Now I know two place I should pay visit: Cracow and Poznan! :)

And wish you and your dears a Happy Easter.

Sadaf Mirza
12 Jul 2016 #10
Hi there
We are moving to Wroclaw in near future. Net has provided me a lot of info about the place. Having said that the main worry is finding the right school. I have two kids aged 7 and 8 fluent in English but have no clue about Polish language as of now and I plan to train them in it at the earliest. But during their settling stage I would like them to continue their studies in English language. The schools I have checked online are totally beyond our reach at the moment. Can someone here help me point some schools that has English as their language of instruction and is not too heavy on pocket!

Thank you
terri 1 | 1,664
17 Jul 2016 #12
Warsaw. There is more of a chance finding a good English school in Warsaw.
KE2016 - | 2
8 Sep 2016 #13
Merged: Wroclaw or Warsaw?


I have two offers to work in Poland from next October like Accountant.

5500 gross Wroclaw or 7000 gross in Warsaw?

Thank you!
terri 1 | 1,664
9 Sep 2016 #14
Depends what YOU yourself want. If you just want to live, then Wroclaw, if you want to make a career, maybe Warsaw.
cms 9 | 1,255
9 Sep 2016 #15
You will get some answers here but that's a very lazy question :( - what is more important as terri says - career or cash ? as an accountant you can surely find out the gross/net info on your own ? how old are you ? are you coming here on your own with family ? which company will look better on your CV ? what are the other benefits like ?

with no other info I would say you would have a more comfy life in Wroclaw - its a great town and quite a lot cheaper than Warsaw. Also gives you good access to other cities for weekend trips and mountains for fun.
DominicB - | 2,709
9 Sep 2016 #16
you would have a more comfy life in Wroclaw

Agree. "Comfy" is a good choice of words.

quite a lot cheaper than Warsaw

Now that's a poor choice of words. It's slightly cheaper than Warsaw, but not a whole lot. The biggest difference would be rent, and that's about 90-95% of that in Warsaw. Wrocław ain't cheap by a long shot.
KE2016 - | 2
10 Sep 2016 #17
Cash for me is not important. 250 euros difference netto? we can say 50 or 100 eur more in Warsaw to rent a flat so 100-150 EUR more.....I will have normal life in both cities: work-home-home-work during the week + gym + cinema 1 day per week or study....weekends 1 or 2 times to restaurant, or cultural event. I am going with girlfriend but I think that She can not get more than 5000 gross in Wroclaw or 6000 in Warsaw. So 1700 netto difference

In Warsaw is impossible to buy a flat, in Wroclaw can be it maybe. I am asking like foreigner, because I think that in Warsaw I can know more people and I will have more possibilities but Wroclaw looks really nice to have a quite life :)

The best for me is 6500 in Wroclaw but I did not find this amount in 5 interviews....
11 Sep 2016 #18
Give me a ******* break. You're earning several times a local salary and are asking where life would be better for you? I doubt you'd feel much of a difference. Maybe one less baggie of coke, ***** or tin of sturgeon caviar a week in Warsaw to account for the difference in housing prices. You people have to be trolls.
andrea17 - | 2
20 Jun 2017 #19
wroclaw is still less expansive, but request to find flats is very strong
very basic flat with low renovation : lower than 1000pln for small flat out of the city

from 1300 pln there is new concept of co-living residence : good design & nice life (inspired from co-working space WeWork in New York)
have a look
This is the new trend
- to live in a very design place,
- well renovated,
- in the center,
- with a group of person with similar center of interest
- for an average price (comparing of lof of low quality)

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