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Warsaw M2 line? Will it ever run?

Lonman 4 | 109
10 Feb 2015 #1
Can anyone tell me if the Warsaw M2 line will ever open. They are already talking of extending the line yet the line is a year over due. Nice bright colored entrances dot the city center.

I searched the news and on here but see no answer. My Polish friends dont even ask about it... maybe they just know Poland better than I do.

Love to know if can expect to see this running in my lifetime.
Looker - | 1129
10 Feb 2015 #2
According to Wikipedia it should be ready in the first quarter of 2015.

This may take until the end of March, or even longer. They have problem with M2 Centrum Nauki Kopernik Station. There are water leaks into the metro tunnel from a nearby underground lake.
10 Feb 2015 #3
yet the line is a year over due.

Wasn't it originally supposed to be open for the Euro 2012 championships? :D
Monitor 13 | 1810
10 Feb 2015 #4
It was supposed to be ready and opened few months ago, so it will be probably ready in this year, maximum few years later, because I haven't heard about any serious problems. Your colleges know that dates of finishing major constructions are rarely kept.
kpc21 1 | 746
10 Feb 2015 #5
It's rare for ifrastructure investments in Poland to be finished on time.
pigsy 7 | 304
10 Feb 2015 #6
or honestly anywhere in world MOSTLY.
OP Lonman 4 | 109
30 Apr 2015 #7
Happy to say a few weeks after my post the M2 was open. I think pushed along by the Valentines Day / evening bridge fire I think.

I have ridden the short metro lines several times now.

Anyone have a link to the master plan for the compete line? ie More than just the 7 stops currently.
jon357 73 | 22840
30 Apr 2015 #8
Nice stations. Heavily criticised by some however I really like the bright colour schemes.

Here's a link to the route it should eventually take:
It's a great shame there doesn't seem to be a stop at the sidings by Kozia Gorka (an estate where the city house families who've been evicted from council flats elsewhere due to unpaid rent - a kind of 'Dodge City'). Communications are very poor there anyway and a station would be good.

Plus of course there's the projected 3rd line, however that's a long, long way off.

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