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Walentynki and March 8th?

Polonius3 994 | 12,367
12 Feb 2011 #1
One of my Polish e-pals has remarked: Walenynki to czyta komercja, aby podnieść obroty między Gwiazdką a Wielkanocą, a Dzień Kobiet był czystą ideologią. (Valentine's Day is pure commercialism designed to perk up business between Christmas and Easter, whlst Women's Day [8th March] was pure ideology.)

Agree? Disagree? Comments?
JaneDoe 5 | 114
12 Feb 2011 #2
Agree? Disagree? Comments?

internaldialog 4 | 144
12 Feb 2011 #3
Valentines day is more of a big thing for the hospitality industry as it helps boost their revenues during the quieter periods between Christmas and Easter in terms of hotels, restaurants etc plus it's an un-necessary expense, like most things you either celebrate or you dont.

8th March i tend to focus on the fact it is my daughter's birthday than International Women's Day to be honest.
blargh 1 | 5
12 Feb 2011 #4
Hah, also born on March 8th. Interesting.
And yes, I agree with your friend's comments. Maybe some people take advantage of the pure commercialism or idealism, but it's still ridiculous.

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