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Vinyl record stores in Warsaw.

Mahacaine 1 | -
26 Jul 2013 #1
Hello everyone, I'm visiting Warsaw in a month or so, I'm looking for vinyl players and vinyl records stores in Warsaw, I like rock the most. (Indie rock, classic rock, post-rock) can you recommend some good stores with reasonable prices please?

Thank you very much!
jon357 74 | 22,054
26 Jul 2013 #2
It may have closed, but there was one in the passage behind Empik, ul. Marszalkowska and another edgier one in the tiny passage behind that one, reachable through the alleyway next to the old Relax cinema, basically going from ul Zlota, just after the pedestrianised bit near the fancy shops, down the back of the cinema and leading to the corner of ul. Zgoda and ul. Sienkiewicza.

Sorry it's a bit vague, and that part of town is changing fast, but the vinyl shop was definitely there in the spring.
26 Jul 2013 #3
can you recommend some good stores with reasonable prices please?

There's one on Nowogrodzka, between Marszalkowska and Krucza. Not sure how good it is, never been inside (I don't have a record player).
mark007 - | 58
26 Jul 2013 #4
Try, its in
ul. Chmielna 21 00-021 Warszawa PL

tel.: +48/22/8260269
fax: +48/22/8588187
godziny otwarcia:
pon. - pt.: 13.00-19.00
sob.: 12.00-16.00

They have a few records in may genres
Marius 1 | 33
27 Jul 2013 #5
Vinyl Tamka, ul. Tamka 38.

They have a selection of LP's and 7" of all kinds of music. Not very extensive collection though. Mostly from 60's to 80's.

Shop assistent was quite helpful and kind when I visited.

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