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'Urząd' - Is anyone Polish old enough to remember this?

magpie 6 | 133
18 Oct 2011 #1
A friend sent me a link to this five minute film by Krzysztof Kieślowski from 1966. I wonder how he got it made? He probably said it was about the hard working office staff. Anyway, it made Polish mrs m laugh. The aged mother in law couldn't see what was funny about it.

BTW, If it's been on the forum already, then apologies, but I couldn't find it.
catsoldier 60 | 590
19 Oct 2011 #2
Thanks for the film, I don't think that those people were actors, were they?

I couldn't laugh at the film though because the bureacracy of it all is so hard on people who need help. It isn't dignified to have to fight so hard for some money to provide food for yourself. What I mean is that the bureacracy of it all humiliates people etc.

I think that this still happens today and not only in Poland but many european countries. Sick/dying people have to fill out a lot of paperwork to be able to get medical treatment and pay for health care bills. When people are at their weakest they need to be their strongest to be able to fight their way through the red tape.
pawian 225 | 24,601
19 Oct 2011 #3 U

Do you mean this?:

OP magpie 6 | 133
19 Oct 2011 #4
No, I don't think that they were actors. I don't think it would be easy to fake the despondency on their faces.

Yes, I should have said mrs m laughed in a 'Oh my god! I remember that drudgery' kind of way. She gave me some examples that matched the video, especially the bit about providing a third bit of paper to annul the second one you showed me. :(

Yes Pawian, that's it. Not sure why the link didn't work. Me, no doubt.

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